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Keep on Climbing: Winter Bouldering Destinations

Get beta on six bouldering areas that you should visit when the rest of America is covered in snow.

How to Care for Your Down Jacket

Wondering how to clean and repair your down jacket? Here are some tips on maintaining your puffy.

A Guide to Insulated Jackets

Learn about the key differences between synthetic and down insulation, and compare different kinds of insulated jackets.

How to Choose a Daypack

Learn how to choose a daypack for school, commuting, hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing.

How to Clean Your Climbing Rope

Should you clean your climbing rope? Absolutely. Learn why, and how to go about getting your ropes clean safely.

Long Weekend: Climbing in City of Rocks, ID

Learn how to get to City of Rocks, Idaho, where to stay, and what to bring for a long weekend of climbing on excellent granite in a remote location.

Are your Climbing Shoes too Tight?

Your climbing shoes are probably too tight, too stiff, too painful, and they're holding you back. Find out what's fact and what's myth about...

Climbing 101: Getting into Rock Climbing

Learn about bouldering, top rope, trad, sport, aid, ice, mixed, and alpine climbing.

When to Replace Your Climbing Rope

Your life depends on the health of your climbing rope. After heavy use you might start to consider retiring it, but knowing exactly when that time...

How to Build Your Own Basement Bouldering Wall in 10 Steps

When you can't get to the crag, the climbing gym is great. When you can't get to the gym, a home bouldering wall is awesome. Here are the tools,...

How to Choose Sunglasses

How to choose the right sunglasses for you -- sport or lifestyle, for around town, the beach, or for skiing and mountaineering at high altitudes....

Intro to Campus Board Training

Tips for getting the most out of campus boards, which are simpler versions of training fingerboards.