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A Life Outside

Some towns just do it better. Here’s our five best outdoor towns and cities that prioritize time in nature.

Gearhead Picks: Black Diamond Solution Harness

Looking for a climbing harness? A Backcountry Gearhead talks about why the Black Diamond Solution Harness is his favorite.

Mental Training for Rock Climbing

Climbing guide Adam Mitchell introduces the Warrior’s Way, mental training for rock climbing to improve your climbing performance.

Unexpected Austin

Austin, Texas, is an unexpected mecca for outdoor adventures. Get the rundown on Austin and the three best adventures to pursue.

Crag Etiquette

Climbing etiquette comes down to basic courtesy, safety, Leave No Trace principles, and keeping things in perspective. Check out these 6 specific...

Power to the People

Backcountry recently caught up with Alex Honnold’s solar charity to hear about its guiding principles, current work, and plans to help end energy...

Gearhead Picks: Ventrix Light Fleece Hoodie

What makes The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie so perfect for high-output adventures? This Backcountry Gearhead has the answer.

Gearhead Picks: All Chalk No Action Hangboard

This Backcountry Gearhead uses the Backcountry x So iLL All Chalk No Action Hangboard to train for climbing. Here’s why.

The Secret Ingredient in Backcountry’s Products

Discover how the expertise of our Gearheads contributes to the making of Backcountry’s collections.

The Ski Town With Something for Everyone

Is a trip to Park City on your list? Park City resident John Perry divulges the best things to do around town.

Hitting a High Note in Potrero Chico

We talked with snowboarder-turned-climber Aaron Biittner about his recent trip to rock climb in Potrero Chico.

5 Tips for Getting Started with Indoor Climbing

Whether you've climbed outside, tried your hands on some holds, or are just now beginning to think about chalking up and getting on the wall, be...