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8 Ways to Get Outside This Weekend

While the coronavirus has put the world on high-alert, there are still safe and responsible methods to get your nature fix while flattening the curve.

The Flip Side

Our weekly roundup of the best outdoor stories capturing and inspiring the spirit of adventure during the days of social distancing.

5 Ways to Keep the Spirit of Adventure Going

Whether you’re social distancing or just stuck inside waiting for conditions to change, here are some ways to keep the spirit of adventure going...

Our Top 10 U.S. Destinations for the New Decade

Are you looking for more adventures to fill the new decade? Here are 10 U.S. travel destinations to visit in the 2020s.

Friends in High Places

Get the recap of an ascent of Nevado Sajama, the tallest mountain in Bolivia, by an all-female, unsupported team.

Outdoor Climbing Competitions

Outdoor rock climbing competitions allow you to express your competitive spirit, no matter your abilities.

How to Choose a Belay Device

Selecting the most appropriate belay device is one of easiest and most important ways to climb safely.

Don’t Miss These Ice Climbing Festivals

Ice climbing festivals around the country will help you boost your skills and meet new partners.

Gearhead Adventures: Skiing Denali

Backcountry Gearhead Mikell Bova set out to climb Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, and ski from the summit. This is his account.

9 Adventure Stories From Stoke Series Live

Discover 9 stories of adventure told on the Stoke Series Live stage about breaking down barriers between humans and nature.