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5 Backcountry Cocktails: Where Sport Drinks Meet Spirits

What started as a way to make cheap tequila ever-so-slightly more palatable has evolved into an ongoing game of mixological one-upsmanship with no end in sight. Whether you’re headed to the desert to ring in the new year on ribbons of singletrack, diving deep into the woods for an avoid-the-crowds yurt trip, or taking in the closing-day shitshow at the resort, these five cocktails add a bit of celebratory spirit to your sport hydration drinks. That means they’re good for you, too.


The Skratcharita is a favorite, and for good reason. Pick your delight—lemon-lime, raspberry, or orange—and kick back as the -rita suffix joke gets funnier and funnier. Rum, gin, vodka, or tequila all mix equally well with your favorite Skratch Labs flavor. Bonus points: Salt the rim for extra sodium replenishment.

Flickr/Creative Commons

Nuuna Libre

The in-a-pinch take on a Caribbean classic. Drop a couple Kona Cola-flavored Nuun tablets into rum, squeeze a lime to ward off scurvy, and add water or ice to taste.


Flickr/Creative Commons

Skratcha Colada

If you’d prefer something a little sweeter than the –rita varieties, add a little rum to the pineapple Skratch Labs mix for a tropical refresher. Coconut cup optional.

Flickr/Creative Commons

Whey Russian

Grab your favorite vanilla-flavored protein, add a little vodka and Kahlua, and proceed to amaze everyone with the depth of your Big Lebowski references.

 Flickr/Creative Commons

Winter Warmer 

Both Skratch Labs Apples and Cinnamon, and Nuun Lemon Tea do well for cold-weather duty. Mix with hot water, add the liquor or liqueur of your choice, and be the envy of everyone on the lift or skin track.

Flickr/Creative Commons


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