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2015 Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Mountain Biker

Mountain bikers have a reputation for being a picky bunch. From trails to tires, there’s usually no shortage strongly held opinions, which can make buying the right gift for a biker a challenge.

If you haven’t been given a detailed wish list, and you really want to get the mountain biker in your life a gift he or she will actually use, read on. The following items stand a good chance of earning you some serious points this holiday season, with even the pickiest of riders.

Blackburn Wayside C02 Inflator


Simple, reliable, and absolutely indispensable, this C02 inflator makes a great stocking stuffer. It’s a perfect solution for quick on-trail flat repairs, and for those without a compressor, they’re handy for setting up tubeless tires as well. Get a few threaded C02 cartridges to go with it, and you’ll be an instant holiday MVP.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix


This drink mix consists entirely of natural ingredients you can pronounce, and it was developed for professional road racers, so you know it’ll do the trick. The individual sleeves are perfect for filling up a water bottle, and throwing one in with your riding gear is easier than dragging the full-sized tub of drink mix to the trailhead.

Sportlegs Capsules


Sportlegs makes some impressive claims about its lactic acid-blocking abilities, but what’s more impressive is how well these little capsules actually work. They’ll fend of lactic burn for an unnaturally long time, and the best part is that they’re WADA-approved, so even racers who are tested by doping control need not worry that they’re running afoul of the rules.

Abbey Bike Tools Stu Stick Rotor Truing Tool


Since the dawn of disc brakes, people have been truing bent disc rotors with adjustable wrenches, and frequently, contaminating them with grease or oil in the process. The Stu Stick eliminates the chance of contaminating a warped rotor, and the built-in bottle opener ensures that this little gem will see plenty of use.

TrackR StickR


Having a bike stolen, especially one with serious sentimental value, can be devastating. However, TrackR’s StickR significantly improves the odds of getting it back. And since they’re unobtrusive and simple to use, they’re equally appropriate for individuals prone to losing their keys, phone, or other easily misplaced items.

Pedro’s Burrito Tool Wrap


There’s a time and a place for your grandfather’s toolbox, but a traveling tool kit isn’t one of them. The Burrito tool wrap packs enough carrying capacity to transport a well-stocked tool kit, and it’s easy to throw in a gear bag on the way to the trail.

Finish Line Pro Care Bucket


Not only is a clean bike a sign of pride in ownership, it’s also less likely to leave its owner stranded on the trail with a mechanical problem. The Pro Care bucket comes with an assortment of cleaning and lubrication products, as well as some useful brushes, packed into a bucket that’s perfect for both cleaning and storage. This is one gift that will be appreciated by rank amateurs and seasoned professionals alike.

100% Speedcraft Sunglasses


There are a few factors that make for perfect riding glasses—namely full coverage, a wide field of vision, and crystal-clear optics. The Speedcraft glasses check all those boxes, and they look so over-the-top that they’ll appeal to both diehard racers and weekend warriors.

PRO Adjustable Torque Wrench


The widespread use of carbon fiber components has made bikes lighter and easier to ride than ever before, but they also require close attention to torque specs during installation—a fact that’s overlooked with alarming regularity. A torque wrench is something that every serious cyclist should own, but it’s something that’s often missing from riders’ tool kits. In other words, this is a gift that’s guaranteed to see plenty of use, and more than likely save a few headaches along the way.

Handpresso Outdoor Set


From the campground to the trailhead, there are times when a piping-hot espresso is exactly what the doctor ordered. Handpresso’s set is beautifully made, easy to transport, and is a classy way to endear yourself any outdoorsy caffeine aficionado.

GoPro HERO4 Session


The name GoPro is synonymous with the POV camera, and with good reason—GoPros are waterproof, easy to use, and shoot astonishingly high-quality footage. And while the HERO4 Black edition gets most of the attention, when it comes time to strap one to our helmet, we’re inclined to grab its lighter, more compact, and equally capable sibling.

Garmin Edge 520 Computer


Garmin is widely considered to be the leader in the consumer GPS market, and the Edge 520 packs the best of its technology into a super compact package. It has all the data-gathering capabilities you’d expect from a modern cycling computer, plus a heads-up GPS display that makes it easy to stay on track when riding in remote and unfamiliar areas. A perfect gift for those prone to getting lost, as well as the data obsessed.

Nervous Shopper?

If you’re still not sure what to do, or you’re dealing with someone who’s especially particular about their gear, you can always get them a Backcountry gift card. It’s not the most creative option, but at least you know they’ll get themselves exactly what they want. Best of luck on your search for a gift, and happy holidays!


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