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2015 Gift Guide: 10 Gifts You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

After 20 years of working with the best outdoor brands on the planet, we’ve forged relationships that allow us to collaborate with their design teams, bringing you unique and exclusive products you simply can’t find anywhere else.

ExclusiveFilson Down Cruiser Parka

The signature Filson heritage he’ll love in a versatile, go-anywhere flat black color—and you can only get it at Backcountry.


Filson was founded in 1897 to outfit northbound fortune-seekers with reliable clothing for the Great Klondike Gold Rush. Fast-forward 118 years and a lot of Filson’s apparel still bears a striking resemblance to the clothing of the past. Filson has stuck to its roots like glue, and we like that. But when your man is headed to work on a cold day or cruising around downtown, you don’t always want him to look like a tough-as-nails gold miner, and that’s where our exclusive Down Cruiser Parka comes in. We specifically requested the parka in a flat black color, and our friends at Filson obliged, stitching up a run of black Cruisers just for us. It’s still made with Filson’s ultra-classic and ultra-burly Tin Cloth fabric, is stuffed with lofty goose down, and has a hood lined with warm Mackinaw wool. In black, this jacket has enough versatility to be worn just about anywhere with confidence, whether that’s a night out in a frozen city or a cow pasture in Montana.

ExclusiveBurton Japan AK 457 Outerwear Collection

Burton designed the AK 457 line in collaboration with Japanese backcountry riders for Japanese backcountry riders. Want it stateside? Backcountry is the only place you’ll find it.


Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, has a reputation for snow—lots of it. It’s a place where ‘bottomless pow’ is a reality instead of a hyperbolic expression. The secret has been getting out, and more stateside skiers and snowboarders are making the pilgrimage every year. The AK 457 collection of outerwear is the result of design collaboration between Burton and a tight-knit group of Japanese backcountry snowboarders, creating a line of apparel perfectly suited to the Hokkaido powder experience. You won’t find the youthful, disruptive, fashion-first style you typically expect from snowboard brands. The AK 457 collection is built with the finest fabric tech (think 3L Gore-Tex Pro) and a streamlined, function-driven mentality. It’s snowboarding all grown up. If your man is more interested in boot-packing all day for a perfect powder turn instead of shotgunning cheap beers in the parking lot, this is his outerwear kit. But the catch is that there’s only two places you can get it: 1) Plan a trip to Hokkaido and buy it there. 2) Order it on Backcountry and have it show up at your doorstep. Both are good options.

ExclusiveFolsom Skis Primary Tour Ski

Dreamed up by our ski buyers and built to their specifications, the Primary Tour is the ideal ski for freeride touring in the West.


Folsom is different than other ski companies. Instead of mass-producing a line of skis, they only build custom boards, crafted to the exact specifications of the client. On top of that, all the skis are built by hand in Colorado. Every step in the process, from raw material to finished product, is done in-house with the utmost attention to detail. For this reason, you can’t walk into a ski shop and buy a pair; it just doesn’t work that way. But you can order a pair at Backcountry and be ripping turns a few days later, and here’s why: Every year our ski buyers sit down with our friends at Folsom and design half a dozen pairs of skis to their exact specifications. For example, the Primary Tour Ski was dreamed up to be the perfect ski for freeride touring in the West, with the ideal length, dimensions, and construction for the job. So, if you want to give the gift of custom-built Folsom skis but don’t want to wait for them to be made, Backcountry is the only way.

ExclusiveBackcountry Cottonwood Glove

If you’re looking to ensure the driveway stays shoveled this holiday season, no gift says “get out there and get to work” quite like a burly pair of goat-leather gloves.


Have an outdoor-type on your gift list but don’t know what to get? You can’t go wrong with a pair of burly leather gloves. It’s just one of those things that outside-minded people need, whether the person on your list is a ranch hand or a ski bum. That’s why we made the Cottonwood Glove, and we made sure to do it in a way that paid homage to the iconic Backcountry Goat. Made from supple goat leather with a merino fleece lining, they’ll handle the roughest jobs and keep mitts warm when the flakes are falling. If you’re looking to ensure the driveway stays shoveled this holiday season, no gift says “get out there and get to work” quite like a burly pair of goat leather gloves.

ExclusiveWhitedot Ranger R.108 Carbonlite Ski

Want to gift the flagship ski from Europe’s freshest independent ski maker? You’ve come to the right place; Backcountry is the exclusive stateside retailer.


Whitedot might be Europe’s new kid on the block when it comes to making skis, but it’s quickly becoming evident that it’s no rookie, especially when it comes to progressive freeride skis—competition podiums and a devoted following bearing witness. The company is focused on innovation, ranging from materials to construction techniques to progressive shaping. The Ranger R.108 Carbonlite is a good example of the ethos. Built on same platform as Whitedot’s most versatile all-mountain ski, it’s been lightened up with carbon to make it ideal for big days in the backcountry. But Whitedot also added flax to the layup, an innovative new material with impressive damping properties that smooths out the carbon’s pop. We’ll also add that the dimensions are damn near perfect for backcountry skiing in the western US. If you’re a serious backcountry skier, you might need to give yourself a gift and be the first of your friends to have a pair.

ExclusiveBasin and Range Evergreen Quilted Down Jacket

Meet her new best friend and old man winter’s worst enemy: The Evergreen Down Jacket. Get it while you can, these are going fast—and you’ll only find it at Backcountry.


Based in Park City, Utah, Basin and Range knows a thing or two about living life in a mountain town. For its debut line of clothing, Basin and Range boiled down the most essential mountain town styles—the jackets, shirts, and base layers you reach for day after day. It’s a smart blend of performance fabrics, essential features, and classic looks. The first thing she’ll notice about the Evergreen Quilted Down Jacket is the unique quilting pattern and flattering shape, but it’s what’s inside that really counts. The 550-fill down insulation locks in heat on the coldest days, and she’ll feel good knowing that all Basin and Range down is responsibly sourced. The shell fabric’s DWR treatment shrugs off the snowflakes and the long cut will keep her extra warm, especially when she takes a seat on a frosty bench or cold car seat.

ExclusiveBasin and Range Woodside Heavyweight Flannel

Classy solid colors, the feel of heavy wool, and the quick-dry performance of polyester—the other shirts in his closet are feeling inadequate.


It doesn’t matter how many shirts a guy has in his closet, there’s always one or two that get way more play than the others. The Basin and Range Woodside Flannel has all the makings of becoming that go-to shirt—especially when the temperature starts to dip. While most flannels are dominated by Paul Bunyan-like plaid prints, the Woodside comes in sharp, solid colors, allowing it to look great whether he is sitting at the dinner table or actually felling trees out in the woods. But the look is only half the story. The fabric has the feel and appearance of heavy wool, but it’s actually performance polyester, allowing it to dry quickly and manage moisture. If you’re tired of gifting clothes that inevitably end up in the back of his closet never to see the light of day, give him the Woodside.

ExclusiveMountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket

As the lightest full-featured down jacket on the planet, it’s no surprise the Ghost Whisperer is a perennial favorite. Want to gift it in a color no one else has? Backcountry secured an exclusive run in navy blue with a bright, poppy zipper.


In the pantheon of technical down jackets, the Ghost Whisperer is about as good as it gets. The 800-fill Q.Shield down insulation is treated to resist moisture, significantly enhancing the performance in damp, humid conditions. The Ghost Whisperer fabric is impressive in its own right. Developed in collaboration with world famous speed alpinist Ueli Steck, the ultra-light fabric is only produced in one mill on the planet. The super-tight weave prevents any down feathers from pushing through, is windproof, and water-repellent. The result is the lightest weight full-featured down jacket in existence: a mere eight ounces. That is equivalent to the weight of a cotton T-shirt, except it will keep you warm in freezing conditions. It’s like wearing a layer of warm air. Any Ghost Whisperer makes an amazing gift, but you can take it to the next level with a color no one else has. Backcountry secured an exclusive run of these in a classy dark navy blue color with a contrast zipper that really pops. It’s a great color, and you can only get it here.

ExclusiveMammut Hornli Ridge T-Shirt

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, Mammut crafted a line of clothing and outerwear inspired by the world famous peak. Backcountry is the exclusive stateside retailer for the collection.


Not only is the Matterhorn the most famous mountain in Switzerland, it’s one of the most famous mountains on the planet Earth. 2015 is a big year for the iconic peak because it marks the 150th anniversary of the legendary first ascent. First climbed in 1865 via a route up the Hornli Ridge, four of the seven climbers who made the summit fell to their deaths on the descent. It’s one of the most famous and controversial stories in the history of climbing. To pay homage to the climb, the Swiss based climbing brand Mammut designed a collection of clothing and outerwear inspired by the peak. The collection ranges from top-shelf Gore-Tex jackets to shirts like the Hornli Ridge tee, which outlines the route climbed by the first ascensionists. Looking for a unique gift for the mountain climbing enthusiast on your gift list? Anything from Mammut’s Matterhorn collection is certain to inspire adventure, and you can’t get it anywhere but Backcountry.

ExclusiveColumbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting

This bunting is essential baby gear for the winter months. Want it in an amazing peacock teal color? Backcountry is only place you’ll find it.


We’re sure that the newest member of your clan will have plenty of gifts under the tree, but make sure the Columbia Snuggly Bunting is among them. The water-resistant Omni-Shield fabric shrugs off snowflakes while your little guy explores the winter wonderland out back for the first time. It’s stuffed with 450-fill down insulation and lined with super-soft microfleece—the two essential components to cozy warmth. Backcountry was able to secure a run of these buntings in an exclusive color called Deep Wave—it’s a rich, peacock teal, and in our opinion, it’s hands down the best color you can get this bunting in. Get yours on order today, these are going to go quick.


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