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Fly Fish

10 Reasons to Try Fly Fishing

Above Photo: Backcountry Employee Brandon Collett
Shot By: Re Wikstrom

In no particular order:

1. Bait stinks.

2. Tuna tacos (legal-sized trout and mahi mahi are tasty, too).

3. Striking out on the river is easier on the ego than striking out at the bar.

4. Saying, “Here, fishy, fishy, fishy” or talking sexy to your fly won’t attract odd looks.

 5. Fresh air, gorgeous scenery, and peace and quiet.

 6. It’s easy to start and hard to master. (You can fly fish for a lifetime.)

7. Looking at fish porn at work won’t get you fired.

8. Fins and flasks go hand in hand.

9. The thrill of the chase. (Unlike stalking an ex, stalking a fish is completely acceptable.)

10. Les Claypool does it.


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