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After years of looking in vain for style-conscious gloves that would meet his rigorous performance requirements, pro skier Simon Dumont founded Empire Attire in 2007 to make them himself. Empire is a skier-owned, skier-operated company based in Boulder, Colorado that creates its entire product line with direct input from a team of pros, including Simon, Sarah Burke, Jossi Wells, Peter Olenick, Candide Thovex, Gus Kenworthy, Henrik Harlaut, and Colby West. Everything a demanding athlete could need-protection, performance, and durability-is included in every glove, down to the smallest details. Whether you're a pro who is on the mountain pushing the limits all day, every day, a dedicated park rat who lives for the weekend, or a backcountry powder hound, Empire Attire has your digits covered in style.