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Edelweiss 6mm Precut Accessory Cord


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Use the Edelweiss Edel 6mm X 5m Precut Cord to tie down your tent at a windy camp or finish setting up a top-rope anchor. Rest assured knowing the tight braid is extra abrasion-resistant.
  • Conforms to EN 564
  • Item #EDL0034

5m (16.5ft)
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1 year

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>Rating: 5

Nice cord with lots of applications.

I've put it through the wringer

I have used this for Prusik cord, anchors, short haul line, emergency hand line... I can keep going. You should always have some sort of extra cord on you in most situations in the backcountry or on rock, It might as well be able to hold you if necessary. This 6mm cord has a strength rating of 7.2 KN or just over 1600 lbs. If you want something stronger in the same diameter, check out powercord by sterling.

>Rating: 5

Great for anchors

I've used it several times

This is pretty standard as far as accessory cord goes. I am currently using it with a double fisherman’s knot for training to set up a top rope anchor as well as cleaning a sport climb. I got it on sale and feel that the price was great for a piece of equipment that could be used to train others and keep them safe. Knots seem to hold up well and the cord is very easy to work with. I imagine given the length of the cord it could be used for any number of anchor designs. If color concerns you, mine came in green rather than the shown color.

>Rating: 5

Great for anchors or dog leashes

I've put it through the wringer

The Edelweiss Edel Cord makes is extremely versatile when climbing. Whether you need to build an anchor, clip to an anchor, or tie your dog to a tree, this cord is a solid choice. The only problem is that I had to buy a second one now that my dog has officially adopted the first one.


Is 7.2kN and 6mm suitable for a toprope...

Is 7.2kN and 6mm suitable for a toprope climbing anchor? Would it require that I always double up the cord?

I prefer slings when I build a toprope anchor, but the minimum amount of strength for a bombproof anchor is standardized no matter if you like cordelette or slings. 14kN (3,147 lb.) is the minimum strength that I feel comfortable with for any toprope anchor

Aaron, This cord is suitable for setting up anchors, and top ropes. However if you wish to use this cord repeatedly for toproping, and let's say that is how you primarily access your climbing routes I would suggest something in the 7-8mm range. This is strictly for the longevity of your cord. Should you use this 6mm repeatedly for an entire season of setting up TR's it will see significantly more wear and tear than something of a thicker diameter. I would push for the 7-8mm cord for setting up top ropes. If you're looking for something to use for multipitch climbing I would suggest something along the 6-7mm range. This size will pack small, be lighter, and be easier to handle. You don't put as much strain or work on a piece of cord when multipitch climbing as you do when soley top roping off an anchor.

I use 6mm for prussik / autoblock cords, and 7mm for cordelettes. This is fairly standard. You could use 6mm for cordelettes, but that's on the weak side. Some people use 5mm for prusik loops, but that's too weak in my opinion- sometimes you will want to use a prusik loop as a safety line, or to climb a rope etc, and 5mm is kinda weak to trust your life to (though if you use a very thin rope, 5mm will grip better and might make sense). I haven't used this cord specifically, but when comparing nylon cord across brands, the strength is close enough that the diameters are equivalent.