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Edelrid Swift Pro Dry Climbing Rope - 8.9mm


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Swift Pro Dry Climbing Rope

It doesn't matter if you're climbing ice, sport, trad, multipitch, big wall, or the highest peaks in the world. As long as you're going up, you're golden, and the Edelrid Swift Pro Dry Climbing Rope lets you do it all. Its 8.9mm diameter makes this rope one of the skinniest certified single ropes on the market, and you can still use it as a half rope for icy ascents, or pair it up with another rope for ultra-long multipitches. Edelrid equipped this versatile climbing rope with a Pro Shield for optimal performance, a Dry Shield to resist water and dirt, and a Thermo Shield treatment for enhanced handling. Despite its skinny diameter and light weight, the Swift still boasts a superb fall rating when you use it as a single rope for onsight attempts, and its fall rating for when you use it has a half or twin rope is simply exquisite. Get the 80 meter for long multipitch routes, the 70 for sport, or rock the standard 60 if you want the ideal all-arounder.

  • Pro Shield and Dry Shield finishes
  • Thermo Shield treatment
  • 5 fall rating as a single
  • 22 fall rating as a half or twin
  • 52 grams per meter
  • 8.9 mm diameter
  • Comes in 60, 70, and 80 meter lengths
  • Item #ELR0001

single, half, twin
8.9 mm
Dry Treatment
yes, Dry Shield
Static Elongation
[single] 9%, [half] 8.6%, [twin] 5.3%
Dynamic Elongation
[single] 31%, [half] 28%, [twin] 26%
Impact Force
[single] 8.8 kN, [half] 6.7 kN, [twin] 10.4 kN
UIAA Falls
[single] 5, [half] 22, [twin] 22
Sheath Mass
Claimed Weight
52 g/m
Recommended Use
trad, big wall, multipitch, sport, ice, mountaineering

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Awesome Rope!

I've put it through the wringer

My go to multipitch rope, but I also love the 80m for long pitches in Indian Creek.

>Rating: 5

Awesome ropes!

I've put it through the wringer

Check out this awesome video showing what goes into the production of Edelrid ropes!

>Rating: 4


I've used it several times

Super lightweight, flexible, and a nice long 80 m of skinny goodness. This is your sending rope. I'd be a little nervous on sharp rope. I also wouldn't recommend it as a work horse for projecting routes or top roping. But for long approaches or routes within your limit (or that you've already worked), it's great!

>Rating: 4

80 Meters of Awesome

I've put it through the wringer

My brother's review: This rope was awesome. Specifically purchased for a trip to Greece to help meet weight requirements for carry on and checked baggage. The 80 meters ended up being necessary for many of the routes we did. The 8.9 mm diameter paired well with the Edelrid Megajul. Super low friction during belay and after being used for a few days it no longer became tangled easily. After climbing some seriously sharp limestone, the sheath showed minimal wear, it seems to have a very durable protective coating. The smaller diameter does seem to get caught easier when pulling the rope but knowing this ahead of time allowed for caution and we were able to pull it every time without any real issues. It’s not the best rope to rappel on due to the dynamic properties and narrow diameter but it got the job done. We mostly topped out and hiked off all the multipitch climbs so it wasn’t a big deal. I’d definitely recommend this rope for sport, trad and alpine ascents. It’s easy to handle, durable and the size and weight minimize rope management difficulty.


Geoff, My question is what belay device did you use with this rope? Have you used it with a Mega Jul? Does it only work with a Micro? I have a 9.0 Semi Static and it has a hard time grabbing on my Mega Jul. But it isn't exactly a great handling rope either. Have you used this rope with a Gri Gri 2? - Matt

Matt...I've used it with a Gri Gri 2 and it was fine. Lowest end of the Gri Gri 2 rating. Gloves are helpful in lowering with it.


27,000 individual fibers

"What makes our production method so special is that every meter of rope we produce at our site runs through someone's hands... it ensures the highest quality"


Edelrid Rope Line


How well does the Reverso 4 work with this?

It will work just fine with a Reverso. It isnt until you get into the really skinny half/twin ropes where you run into issues using a standard tube style belay device. If you have anymore questions feel free to send me an email or call! Bill Porreca 801-736-6398

Let me update this to provide more accurate info. There are some specialized single ropes out there that are skinnier than 8.9mm. The Reverso will work with an 8.9mm rope but, thats the skinniest rope that it can safely use. The rope will slip through faster but, you can effectively arrest a fall with the Reverso on anything 8.9mm or thicker.