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Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock


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DoubleNest Hammock

With room for two, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is your own portable luxury lounger for the backyard, the beach, or the backcountry. The highly packable design stuffs down to the size of a softball, and the breathable woven nylon fabric supports up to 400 pounds. Tough carabiner attachments let you clip on to your anchor of choice, for a comfortable nap or for spending the night suspended. Eagles Nest Outfitters strives to create this hammock as responsibly as possible by using every bit of fabric available; because of this, every ENO hammock will have slightly different color patterns.

  • Hammock for camping or just hanging out
  • 2-person capacity means snuggles galore
  • 70D nylon resists abrasions
  • Triple-stitched seams enhance durability
  • Stuff sack included for travel convenience
  • Styles will look different than our image due to ENO's responsible construction practices
  • Item #EGN0002

70D nylon
Weight Limit
112 x 74in
Claimed Weight
1lb 4oz
Recommended Use
camping, backpacking, casual
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

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Relaxing family time.

Quality family time enjoy outdoors with kids. Easy to hang on any ENO pod as well. Love them relaxing just got better.. Material is breathable and easy to clean.

>Rating: 5

Love ENO hammocks

I've used it several times

I love my hammock. Comfortable and super easy to hang up. The colors are great as well!

>Rating: 5


I’ve always wanted a hammock and this is the first one I’ve bought for... my wife (the colors probably have it away). I think I use it more then her. It packs down nice. Pretty easy to hang up and glad it has a pocket I use all the time.

>Rating: 5

Hammock life

I've put it through the wringer

I use this with ENO’s solo hammock stand inside my apartment for 24/7 hammock life. The entire set up is just under 10 feet. Window on one side, 4K TV and video games on the other side. Great for naps and making your friends jealous.

>Rating: 4

Solid Hammock

I've used it several times

This was my first hammock that I used when trying out hammocking at the park, the mountains, and for camping. The first thing you notice are the many color options that ENO offers. It packs small and light compared to a tent. So if you are looking for a way to pack lighter in the summer I would recommend getting this hammock. Be aware that any hammock will let a breeze through the bottom, so if you are using it in cold weather look into getting an underquilt. Through my two years of use, I have not gotten any holes in the material. GREAT BUILD! I would highly recommend getting ENO hammock straps when getting this hammock. They cut set up time in half.

>Rating: 5

worth the money

I've used it several times

great addition to our camp gear for minimal $. has held up well so far, will probably get a second one.

>Rating: 5


Perfect addition to our camping gear! I spend a lot of time relaxing in this hammock reading books and winding down after a hike near the fire pit. Sturdy, good quality fabric and the colors are vibrant.

>Rating: 5

Chillax To The Max

Fun for every age and ideal for any occasion. I have a couple of Eagles Nest Outfitters SoloPod Hammock Stand that work hand in hand with this hammock. The material is extremely durable and we have tested the hammock with 2 adults, and two toddlers and the hammock held up fine. Get yourself one and enjoy the sun!

>Rating: 5

Amazing colors

Super comfortable and awesome colors

>Rating: 5

awesome for lounging or sleeping

Just brough this hammock to Moab and I have never been able to sleep in a hammock before trying this one out. I'm 6'3 and it was still roomy for me. Also love the compactness of it. Super easy to packl up and bring on any day hikes you might be going on!

>Rating: 5

Great for Lounge

I've put it through the wringer

I personally like sleeping in a tent or on the dirt (in Moab) and was never able to get a good sleep in a hammock, but hey i'm a renaissance man! I love hanging the hammock near my tent or dirt pile just to enjoy a nice book or lounge time. I was readin lord of the rings last time. Either way, i recommend this Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock to anyone who needs a little piece of relaxation time on the trail!

>Rating: 5

bring it everywhere

I've used it several times

i keep this bad larry packed away in my truck just in case I decide to lounge wherever whenever. convenient and small its no hassle to set up and take down in a few min.

>Rating: 5

Lazy Day

If you are just looking for something to just relax and take a nap this is it. I use this every time I go to the park it’s really comfortable and sometimes on hot summer camping trips I use it to sleep in.

>Rating: 5

Perfect Nap Solution

I've put it through the wringer

The hammock holds me while I sleep, like any good partner should.

>Rating: 5

This is my second

I love this hammock SO much. I had to get a second! Easily fits two people. I have slept in this overnight and I will say it is rather chilly if you don't have the right layers underneath you.

>Rating: 4

Durable and Lightweight

I've used it several times

Great hammock. Good for taking on trips and easily fits two people.

>Rating: 5

A great place to spend a day

I've used it several times

I can't say it better than everyone else here already, cause I'm just repeating! ITs great, easy to use, plenty of space. I take it hiking and mostly use it with a sleeping bag in it. Don't forget to get the straps!

>Rating: 5

ENO? ... E-YES!

Got my ENO hammock double nest as a gift about 4 years ago and still working out fantastic! I've put mine up in some strange places. Perfect size for two people, or one if you love your personal space. Ended up buying one for my sister to start venturing into the outdoors a bit more. If you're sometimes lacking a little motivation to do some big thing, or maybe just want to relax then throw your hammock down and have a nice relaxing day. NOTE: Make sure to do some research online about how to identify the health and size of a tree that should be hammocked on. You can damage or kill a tree that is undersized, unhealthy, or doesn't have the

>Rating: 5

Lets Hammock!

I've used it several times

I love this brand of hammock, not only can it fit two people, but the material is so durable as well! Plus with so many colors to choose from you're sure to find the one for you!

>Rating: 5

Awesome gift

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I bought this for someone who has been using a single hammock and they are over the moon for the double nest. They said it is perfect for camping and has enough room to fit a sleeping pad under neath for extra warmth during colder nights.


Does this come with any bug protection? What I mean is if you have 2 people, is there any extra material that can you fold over the outer end of it to protect against bugs?

This hammock does not have any kind of bug net that comes with it. This Grand Trunk hammock, however, does have a built in net with it:


Does this come with straps?

Hey Mescymess, This hammock does *not* come with straps. I recommend the ENO Slapstrap Pro (EGN0005)! Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you have any other questions! Ben 801-746-7564


Are these an eno? Not a knock off brand

Yep! This are genuine ENO products. Ben


When will you get more doublenest hammocks in?

Hey lin105412937, We have a HUGE vendor order coming in. I expect to see inventory back on the site within the month.


Does this hammock sleep two well or is it...

Does this hammock sleep two well or is it just comfy for one person? Would like to sleep in this with my girlfriend but don't want us to have to sleep on top of each other.

The hammock would most likely be fine, but I can't imagine you'd be very comfortable

Hey Quinn, Personally I think this works fine for two people but the girlfriend disagrees. I find stretching sideways rather than lengthwise works best so that the natural fold of the hammock doesn't role you on top of each other.

Though fine for midday cuddling, I do not enjoy sharing my hammock for any longer than the length of a nap. If you are looking to use the double as a nighttime home for you and your loved one, I would personally advise against it having tried this in the past. I would opt for two double nests, and hang yours above or below hers for overall comfort.


This or the Grand Trunk Double? They seem...

This or the Grand Trunk Double? They seem near identical.

Hey Timothy, Both of those hammocks are very similar, and speaking from personal experience I suggest this hammock, but only because I have used ENO hammocks before. They are extremely durable, pack away easily and come in a bunch of sweet colorways! If you are having a really hard time deciding, I suggest finding an outdoor retail store that carries them and checking them out in person before purchasing.

Hey Timothy, I already answered this question for you on the Grand Trunk Double Parachute Hammock and just wanted to reiterate here that the Grand Trunk is a little longer and this ENO is a little wider. Besides that you shouldn't notice any differences. I also wanted to back Carver up in that I have this ENO hammock and have had plenty of good nights sleep hanging between trees in this product. Whichever you decide to go with I think you would be happy with. This is one of the few times I will say there is no reason why you shouldn't go with the only you think looks better.

I definitely suggest ENO over Grand Trunk, Grand Trunks are cheaper than ENOs but seeing other people setting them up they don't seem nearly as easy and don't look nearly as comfortable, I vote ENO

My friend ripped his Grand Trunk. They also allow a lot of heat to escape through the fabric.


Does this come with a top for rainstorms...

Does this come with a top for rainstorms and such or is this just an open air hammock?

It's just open air.


Do the straps and carabiners come with the...

Do the straps and carabiners come with the hammock or do you have to buy them seperately?

the carabiners come with, but the straps are sold separately


Is there a no-see-um option for the double...

Is there a no-see-um option for the double nest?

ENO does have a mosquito net that you can set up with the hammock. I'm not sure if Backcountry sells it though. They also have a DoubleNest that is treated with an odorless insect repellent.


Who makes a hammock tent that allows you...

Who makes a hammock tent that allows you to lay more supine, with legs and back in a more horizontal position?

Most of that is just a hammock, how much you let it sag. Look for a hammock that shows less curvature along the bottom while retaining a strait line along the top.

All lot of hammocks are designed to be laid in diagonally, which straightens out your spine and gives you the horizontal position you're looking for.


Other than size and weight, what the...

Other than size and weight, what the difference between this and the pro nest?

They are the same materials and construction, but the Doublenest is a much larger version. Also, the pronest comes with Aluminum carabiners instead of Steel. That is all.


Does this hammock come with rope to hang...

Does this hammock come with rope to hang it with?

I see that you've asked this about all of the ENO hammocks, and the answer is that none of them do. From the FAQ page on the ENO site: "Your hammock will come with two 5/16'' carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, ect.) for the objects you are using as your mounting points." These carabiners are heavy, crappy steel. My recommendation would be to get 20ft of 3/4" tubular nylon climbing webbing, as well as 2 C.A.M.P. nano 23 carabiners. This will give you an easy to set up and take down system that is fairly cheap, fairly light, and has a very low impact on the bark of the trees you wrap the webbing around. Webbing can be easily tied with an overhand on a bight. ENO does make "slap straps" which work to quickly set up hammocks as well, but they are much more expensive and less versatile than making your own.


yeah i have the doublenest eno hammock how...

yeah i have the doublenest eno hammock how do it wash it

You can machine wash it. They do recommend using a mild detergent and that you just hang it up to dry. I always wash mine on delicate to by safe though too.

Straight from the source: "Our hammocks are machine washable. We suggest you use a mild detergent and just hang it up to dry. Treat all other ENO products like you would a tent or similar camping gear-wash only when absolutely necessary and by hand." found here:

I hand wash mine, fairly easy to clean.

Using Woolite detergent to hand wash or machine wash would probably be your best bet. It's a very gentle soap.