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Dynafit Beast 108 Alpine Touring Ski

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Beast 108 Ski

Keeping the Dynafit Beast 108 Ski on groomers in the resort would be like keeping a majestic polar bear in a zoo. With a full rocker profile and backcountry-focused dimensions, the Beast 108 belongs where the snow is deep and the terrain is limitless. Now, if you're thinking a Dynafit ski with freeride dimensions and a full rocker profile sounds familiar, then you've probably heard of the Chugach and Hokkaido skis. Built on the same platform as these skis, the Beast 108 employs the Double Elipse Rocker profile that matches the sidecut and rocker profile to allow the effective edge to either shorten or lengthen as you roll the skis on edge. This gives the ski a predictable, hook-free feel whether you're edging down variable conditions in the alpine or arcing wide-open turns down a big apron. Where the Beast really differentiates itself from its predecessors, though, is with a lighter construction that trims just under nine ounces from the original Chugach.

  • Backcountry-focused ski designed for skiing creative lines
  • Versatile 108mm waist for powder and bouts of variable snow
  • Sidecut and rocker profile match for a predictable feel
  • Full sidewalls increase durability and stability at speed
  • Carbon and fiberglass stringers add torsional rigidity
  • Notched tip is compatible with Dynafit skins
  • Item #DNF00CP

173cm, 181cm, 188cm, 194cm
[173cm] 134 / 106 / 124mm, [181cm] 135 / 107 / 125mm, [188cm] 136 / 108 / 126mm, [194cm] 137 / 109 / 127mm
Turn Radius
[173cm] 20m, [181cm] 22m, [188cm] 24m, [194cm] 26m
Double Elipse Rocker (full rocker)
ash, poplar
Claimed Weight
[173cm] 7lb 4oz, [181cm] 7lb 11oz, [188cm] 8lb 2.5oz, [194cm] 8lb 9.5oz
Recommended Use
backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Touring Charger

I've used it several times

I love skiing fast and hard but I also love touring, the challenge is the skis you want to charge with in good snow are not usually the skis your going to use for 6000 feet up uphill travel. I was blown away after I had my Beasts mounted up and threw them on my shoulder, they did not feel like a big 195cm ski and I didn't even put light bindings on them I went with the ST Rotation. They are exactly what I'm going to bring up to Alaska in the spring. A place like Thompson Pass out side of Valdez is where they would really excel. Their previous incarnation was called the Chugach after all. There is nothing better than being at the top of a a big line you want to ski at 50mph and having the energy left to make the most of it.

>Rating: 5

Fat but light!

I've used it several times

The Beast 108 is an amazingly light ski for its width and gets you to the top of the mountain with plenty of energy left to enjoy the ride down. In fact, getting an extra lap on a powder day is a real possibility with this super lightweight ski. The Beast 108 loves the powder and ripping big, fast turns is a blast on these boards! For such a light ski, it handles variable snow conditions surprisingly well and if the snow gets a little funky it doesn’t get tossed around as much as some other skis I’ve been on this year. My other main pair of skis are a bit shorter and more nimble in tight trees or narrow chutes but when the terrain is open the Beast rules!

>Rating: 4

Beast 108

I've used it several times

The Beast 108 excels in deep powder and off piste skiing conditions. This ski loves to go fast and carve large arching turns. The super light weight and full rocker profile make the 108 a really fun big mountain ski that will leave a smile on your face and remind you why you fell in love with skiing in the first place. The only thing that this ski may be lacking is its control-ability in firm or icy skiing conditions. You may feel that these skis can get away from you fast in steep confined icy trail skiing. Overall I'm super psyched on the 108's and as a guide and sponsored athlete I love skiing the 108's and 98's.

>Rating: 5

The Chugach on a Diet

I've put it through the wringer

Full disclosure: I was involved in the design and development of these skis, but am my own harshest critic. The bottom line: The Chugach we all grew to know and love but +/_ 250g per ski lighter. The Beast 108 shares the same shape, rocker profile, and construction as the award winning Chugach, but in a lighter package. Nearly half the weight reduction was achieved with 0 performance loss. Simply by using a thinner top sheet (plastic layer that protects the cosmetics of the ski) and replacing the aluminum tip/skin fixation piece with ABS (same material as most sidewalls) we were able to loose over 100 grams. The remaining weight loss was achieved by using a slightly lighter weight fiberglass in our lay-up and reducing the dimensions of the ash stringers in our poplar/ash core. Edges and bases remain full thickness and materials remain the same. The result is a ski that retains 95% of the performance but is over a pound per pair lighter than the Chugach! Unless you were finding the upper limits of the Chugach, (I know I wasn't) most people will be hard pressed to notice a difference downhill. In fact, Powder Magazine gave the Beast 108 a Skiers Choice Award against a stacked field of much heavier alpine skis. Where you notice the difference is on the way up. You'll be hard pressed to find a better performance to weight ratio out there. They float, they carve, they slide and and they slarve. Note: the development of the Chugach and Hokkaido were a huge departure from Dynafit's past designs. We were primarily focused on getting the shapes and rocker profiles dialed. Happy with our shapes, our main focus with the Beast line was refining the construction and loosing as much weight as possible with minimal performance loss. I was extremely skeptical how much weight could be lost before there would be a noticeable difference in the downhill performance. I was amazed with the results and think you will be too. At least I hope so.....

I’ve got some Plum guide bindings mounted on these and I’ve had over 20 days touring on this set up Isouthern winter) and I can say that they have nailed the design of these skis. I loved the Chugach skis and still do (there my resort skis now), but the weight savings of this model without any down hill performance sacrifice are making them my favourite pair of skis. The rockered profile helps me get through some of the Aussie crap you have to ski to get to the better stuff, they’re great in pow, as you’d expect, but it’s their performance in dicey conditions and their weight that stand out for me. Super ski, great follow up to the Chugach