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DMM Rhino Carabiner

$16.95 - $25.95

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  • Screw Gate, One Size
  • Quicklock, One Size
  • Locksafe, One Size

Rhino Carabiner

The DMM Rhino Carabiner provides a cleaner, simpler solution to prevent cross-loading than those clunky biners with rubber bungs. The horn on the spine prevents most locking belay devices from rotating off the top bar in order to reduce the risk of cross-loading. An I-Beam construction makes the Rhino incredibly strong for how little it weighs, and a full cross-section at the top bar gives greater wear resistance for smooth belays. A clean nose lets you take the belay off without any snags. The Rhino comes in the classic screwgate design for old-school climbers, a quicklock design that twists to unlock, or a locksafe design that offers the most secure locking mechanism out of the three.

  • I-Beam construction
  • Full cross-section top bar
  • Clean nose
  • Horn on spine
  • Screwgate, quicklock, and locksafe options
  • Item #DMM000G

hot-forged aluminum
Gate Type
Major Axis Strength
27 kN
Minor Axis Strength
9 kN
Open Gate Strength
7 kN
Gate Opening
[screwgate] 20 mm, [quicklock, locksafe] 19 mm
75 x 100mm
Claimed Weight
[screwgate] 2.5oz, [quicklock, locksafe] 2.8oz
Recommended Use
rock climbing
Manufacturer Warranty

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Great product!

I've used it several times
True to size

Self locking is a feature I really like! Easy to use, and well made. Handsome also.

>Rating: 5

Perfect match to my Grigri!

I've put it through the wringer

I'm a newer climber, and after purchasing my Grigri, I was overwhelmed by my carabiner options. I ended up choosing this one after way more time than anyone should spend researching carabiners. I'm very happy with my decision and absolutely love the size and the way it clips in smoothly. If you're anything like me, debating 3 different carabiners that are barely different, just pick this one!


Introducing the Rhino Carabiner

The Rhino's horn prevents belay devices from working their way round the top bar and onto the spine, minimising the chance of cross-loading. The round top bar gives smooth and predictable rope control, while the flat bottom sits well in belay loops, encouraging the Rhino to load in its strongest orientation.

>Rating: 5

Love it

I've put it through the wringer

Works great with the Grigri. Quicklock action is smooth and overall feels well made. I've noticed it tends to flip upside down with using it with an ATC for some reason. I'd definitely buy another if I ever needed one.

>Rating: 5

Favorite Belay 'biner

This is by far my favorite carabiner to use to prevent cross-loading, especially with a GriGri. But I use it with all types of belay and rappel devices and it's fantastic.

>Rating: 3

10/10 on single pitch, 5/10 multi-pitch

I've put it through the wringer

When I first got this carabiner, I was in love with the way the simple and innovative horn construction prevented crossloading when belaying with a grigri. Unfortunately, as Pell mentions in their review, this design feature does come at a price: since the belay device can only move along the top bar of the carabiner, there's a greater risk of dropping it when clipping it on and off your harness. While I've managed to avoid doing this, it has given me pause, especially when clipping and unclipping from a crowded harness. More often than not, on multi-pitch I now just use a D-shape carabiner per Petzl's recommendation (https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/Choice-of-carabiner-for-attaching-a-GRIGRI-to-the-harness).

>Rating: 5

Works great with Trango Cinch

I've put it through the wringer

I've been using this beaner for belaying with a Trango Cinch and it works great! It keeps the cinch limited to the end of the beaner and the round design also works great for minimizing rope drag if using it on an anchor.

>Rating: 5

Clippin and not slippin

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Such a light weight carabiner!! Bought it for the GF. That was the first thing she mentioned when she picked it up. It is great for hooking on to an ATC. The bar on the side keeps your biner in line and stops it from slipping and cross loading. Overall worth the money you spend on it.

>Rating: 5

Does What It Says On The Tin

I've put it through the wringer

This is another well designed DMM product. It makes it more difficult to cross load, has a nice rounded edge for where the rope will regularly run, and has a smooth gate action. I could not be happier with this belay carabiner.

>Rating: 5

Does the Job

I've put it through the wringer

This carabiner works great for belay! Its extremely sturdy an does the job intended, couldn't be happier

>Rating: 5

Fantastic belay biner

Since acquiring one of these and using it for a weekend, I've added 2 more. Best belay biner I've owned and the rhino spine does a good job in holding the device and minimizing cross loading. Beefy biner, nicely done like many DMM biners

>Rating: 4

great carabiner

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is the first product I've bought of DMM. I used few times, and I can say the shape and functionality it's incredible. I really recommend this carabiner


DMM Rhino Low-Down

The Rhino is a solution to the locking 'biner cross-loading issue when using a device like the GriGri or pulley. Hear about its design and features via the video.

>Rating: 4

A perfect indoors/cragging belay binner

I've used it several times

I love the simple idea behind this Rhino binner. It solves the cross loading problem. But nothing comes for free - the price is a bit awkward clipping and/or unclipping your Rhino binner with Cinch (or GriGri) on it to/from your harness. When you have an empty gear loop on your harness this is not a problem at all, but on a long trad or bigwall climb it would be a pain. Personally I've found this binner (with a Quicklock or a Locksafe gate) to be the perfect Cinch (or GriGri) match for indoors training sessions or cragging. But on a long climbs I still use my big bad old oval screw gate.


DMM informational video

>Rating: 5

Great for Grigris and ascenders

I like this device as a crossload-safe carabiner for use with devices like a Grigri 2 or ascenders. For the Grigri I also like the Petzl Freino, which also prevents crossloading in the same way, except instead of just a horn it has a friction spur which works with the Grigri to aid in lowering. Since that feature is useless with ascenders this carabiner is a more elegant solution. I've tested it with my Petzl Ascension and Microcenders, which I use for toprope soloing and it works with both. When using two of them it also prevents crossloading with a Silent Partner.


Thanks for an idea to check it out as a jug companion. Seems to be a cool idea - it won't rotate and got stuck. I'm gonna check it out this weekend.