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NNN (New Nordic Norm) bindings clamp onto a bar at the front of the boot, and feature two ridges running the length of the binding that correspond to the sole of NNN-compatible boots. NIS bindings have essentially the same design, but are also compatible with skis that have an NIS mounting plate. This allows for easy, screw-free mounting and adjustment.

SNS Pilot bindings differ from other cross-country bindings in that they have two points of contact with the boot. They are therefore only compatible with SNS Pilot boots that have the two bars embedded in the sole. This two-axle design is ideal for beginning classic skiers who will appreciate its stability and torsional stiffness.

SNS Profil and the more flexible, high-performance race Propulse bindings have the same single-bar attachment point as NNN bindings, but the binding plate has a single wider ridge running down the middle that interfaces with a depression on the sole of compatible boots.

This new binding features a design that is compatible with all SNS boots, from new Pilot models to older Profil models (which differ in design from the new Profil boots). This flexible design does not sacrifice performance but enables skiers to use new bindings with their well-worn, favorite boots.


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