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CeramicSpeed BB90 Trek Shimano


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  • Black, 24mm Spindle

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BB90 Trek Shimano

If you own a Trek and strive for the smoothest spinning drivetrain and want to reduce friction just like the majority of pro teams do, opt for a bottom bracket from CeramicSpeed. By reducing friction at the bottom bracket, you're nixing drivetrain drag at its origin. Some Trek frames use a specific BB90 shell and if you're running a crank with a 24mm Shimano style spindle, its BB90 Trek Shimano bottom bracket is the one you need. BB90 allows for a wider bottom bracket shell and downtube junction, boosting frame stiffness and without metal threads, the setup usually comes in quite a bit lighter too. Besides the added stiffness and gram dropping of the BB90 shell, by reducing bearing friction, you can ride longer and faster with less effort. CeramicSpeed is an industry-leader in silky-smooth rolling bearings and the BB90 Shimano bottom bracket allows you to take full advantage of the improved power transfer and lightweight design afforded by BB90 with the silky smooth spinning of those famous ceramic ball bearings.

Reducing friction not only saves watts, allowing you to ride faster with less effort, but it also helps the component last longer. The Danes at CeramicSpeed are downright obsessive in its quest to reduce friction which is why it offers bottom brackets for almost every standard on the market. And if you loathe friction as much as the crew at CeramicSpeed and want to go fast with fewer watts lost, upgrade your bike with one of its bottom brackets and enjoy reduced friction as well as better resistance against contamination and corrosion.

Compared to steel ball bearings, CeramicSpeed's balls resist corrosion, which is in part responsible for why bearings start to feel gritty as they age as well as causing the bearings to run hotter which reduces the lifespan of the component. CeramicSpeed balls are also much harder than standard steel balls. Apply enough pressure to a steel ball and it will crack under load while under that same load the CeramicSpeed ball won't flinch, maintaining the exact surface finish and roundness which could affect spinning smoothness. Meanwhile, these non-round and rough ball bearings create increased friction and begin to quickly wear down the steel bearing races.

CeramicSpeed is able to achieve such top marks because it uses the highest quality Grade 3 Silicon Nitride for its bearings. Don’t be fooled into thinking that all ceramic bottom brackets bearings on the market are the same. In testing, CeramicSpeed claims its balls are 15% harder, can take 99% higher loads, and are more than 100% smoother than other ceramic balls typically used on the market. Included with the bottom bracket are dustcovers, special grease for maintenance, and a sticker sheet.

  • Ceramic bottom bracket bearings helping to drop drivetrain friction
  • Fits 24mm Shimano spindles and 90.5mm wide Trek BB shells
  • Ceramic balls are harder, rounder, and resist corrosion vs. steel
  • Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic bearings offer smoother spinning
  • Steel bearing races ensure long-term durability
  • Enjoy the same friction fighting the pros count on
  • Item #CMD0017

[races] steel, [bearings] ceramic
Shell Type
Shell Width
Axle Type
24mm Shimano style
Recommended Use
cyclocross, gravel, road cycling, time trial, triathlon
Manufacturer Warranty
4 years

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I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

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