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CAMP USA Dyneema Tricam Set


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  • One Color, 0.5-2.0

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Dyneema Tricam Set

Tri Cams have been a staple on the rack of every serious trad climber for years, and the Camp USA Dyneema Tri Cam Set makes the tried-and-true classic even better. The sleek Dyneema slings reduce weight and provide increased strength in wet conditions, and the two-placement node design is ideal for protecting horizontal cracks and solution pockets.

  • Classic two-placement node design (one passive, one active) for secure placements where nothing else seems to fit
  • Ideal for protecting horizontal cracks and solution pockets
  • Dyneema slings provide higher strength than nylon in wet conditions and reduce weight
  • Set includes four sizes covering a range between 0.5 and 2 inches
  • Item #CMP3288

[head] aluminum, [sling] Dyneema
Placement Range
[0.5] 16 - 28mm, [1] 20 - 30mm, [1.5] 26 - 38mm, [2] 29 - 41mm
[0.5] (cam) 11kN, (chock) 7kN, [1] (cam) 13kN, (chock) 10kN, [1.5 and 2] (cam) 20kN, (chock) 17kN
Claimed Weight
[0.5] 1oz, [1] 1.2oz, [1.5] 1.7oz, [2] 1.9oz
Recommended Use
trad climbing, alpine climbing
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>Rating: 4

Tricams / camp4

I've put it through the wringer

This product is a great option for mixed climbing and ski mountaineering. Easy to place with gloves on and frozen hands.... Makes a good all around set to carry. Can be used as a standard nut or in the cam position which creates more options and cuts down on your rack size.

>Rating: 5

TriForce of Climbing

I've put it through the wringer

This set is awesome and I wish they sold them separately so I can up my Pink count.

>Rating: 3

In a world without cams, the tricam rulz

I've put it through the wringer

The venerable tricam is a brilliant feat of engineering. Both a passive and active pro unit, it is made of exactly 3 components: A sewn sling, a steel roll pin, and an exquisitely sculpted piece of heat-treated 7075-T6 anodized aluminum. I love them. You see, I like to play this game where me and my buddies lead a route without cams, trying to one up each other on who can place gear in the most creative way possible. Just some good ol' fashion fun. Now, occasionally things get a little spicy. The crack resembles a wavy slice of bacon and rejects all 4 brands of nuts on my nutterbutterbiner, and things are getting too thin for hexes. I'm in a cold sweat, 20' above a piece of cable-swaged aluminum no bigger than my thumbnail. Staring me dead in the eye is an impossibly wonky bombay pocket. No cam will fit. I unsheath my red tricam and wedge that tiny pyramid behind a quartz crystal. I pee a little, then it's Clip. N. Go! If you ever fall on a tricam you'll never get it back without a cold chisel and a hammer. You might place 4 tricams in your entire climbing career, but when you get it right, you feel as safe as houses. They might be the biggest PIA out there, but when they hold, they are submarine-deep bomber status. Now, in passive mode, I assume they work beautifully. It's hard to screw the passive formula up. Constriction+metal+surface contact=clipngo. I never use them in this fashion unless I'm playing a joke on someone, but they seem to work well. Walking is a problem. Give 'em a good hard tug and a long leash. You'll never use anything but pink and red unless you do aid, in which case it's been an honor to be in your presence, my liege. The brown and blue pieces are useless, mail them to me and I'll see that they end up with a needy family. I purchased a pack once, the red one was heavily pitted on the business end. Another retailer rushed a new pack out to me, so I got some free gear out of the deal. Plus stickers! I love stickers!

"I pee a little" ROFLOL! ... You crack me up Dude... I'd read your reviews all day long... LOL.. I'm an old guy and was looking at my tri-cams yesterday and wondering "do they even make these things anymore"?... I haven't lead with tri's since I got my first set of Aliens... which was a few, cough cough, few... years ago... Sadly my crag pack is older than the average plastic puller these days... but I digress.. THNAK YOU for the laugh and I guess I will keep my tri's around :-)

best review ever? maybe so.

I'm old and I love them. Cary them on all my trad climbs. I use the larger sizes to build anchors. Why use a Cam when you can use a tricam for anchors. Leave the Cams for the next leader. I've taken a 20+ on the small white and survived. I've bailed off a pink. The pink and red are the most useful but it is always fun finding placements for the other sizes. These and DMM offsets are the best.

Huckleberry, Solution pockets on Whitehorse ledge NH are useless features without larger tricams. So feel free to send me any xtra browns and blues you receive.


Tricam protection, Love it!

Placed this on the first pitch of crescent crack, Little cottonwood Canyon, UT

>Rating: 5

My Favorite passive protection

I've put it through the wringer

Passive protection with a way to place it actively, what more could you ask for? I love placing these in granite pockets and even cracks if I cant find a more secure option. Although most people are fine with nuts and cams, I feel tricams are nice supplement especially on multipitch climbs which I can expect to use most of my gear. True, these can be a real bear to remove but I would rather lose a piece of gear than have a piece pull. Personally I have never lost a tricam, and take pride in placements that are bombproof but timely to remove. For me these are great. Dyneema works perfect for me because I usually have a full trad rack when I bring these along and I don't need the extra weight.

>Rating: 5

Love me a good tri cam

I've used it several times

There is nothing more satisfying then a good tri cam placement. This is a really good set. It has everything you need and can save you a real cam for you have to do a long run out. When these are used correctly they can definitely hold a fall.


CAMP USA Dyneema Tri Cam Set

Another brilliant invention by Greg Lowe. To this day, the pink Tricam is one of the best pieces a trad climber can rack.


How does one "un-stuck" a tri-cam?

Finesse and a little help from a nut-tool.

A hammer and a nut tool will do the trick. - lemme guess - the pink one??

YES!!! We got it out. I had a tool box in my Jeep. A flat head and a hammer did the trick. Luckily, it was right below where I made the anchor so I could just rap' down.

Good to hear! The pink one is a gem!


Are these considered part of your typical...

Are these considered part of your typical rack?

You don't see as many people carrying tri-cams on their rack these days largely because they can be difficult to clean, they weigh a little more, and do take a little practice to place. However, they can be really good for placing in awkward cracks or pockets if you know how to use them.

Tri cams are always part of my rack. I look at them as versatile nuts .. more placement opportunities. Yes, they get stuck sometimes, but that is better than falling out when pulled from above. It's a personal preference and choice. After some experimentation, I think you will like them.

The only caution is that a new and improved design has been announced. These are the current .. not new, version. Hence, price reduction.