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Camp Chef Portable Fire Ring


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Campground-friendly, toasty warm, and super portable.

You roll up to the campground only to discover it's not campfire-friendly. No worries; just bust out your Camp Chef Portable Fire ring and blast 60,000 BTUs of warmth without breaking any rules (probably). Just dump the included 12 pound bag of lava rocks in the elevated ring, fire up the propane burner, bust out the included roasting sticks, and mow down on hotdogs until your stomach hurts. Ahhh, such is the life of car camping.
  • Editor's Note: As always, check local campgrounds restrictions and regulations about fires, rings, and other things that burn before you arrive.
  • Item #CCF0044

(ring) metal, (lava rocks)
Fuel Type
15 x 6.5 in
Recommended Use
car camping, roasting marshmallows in the backyard
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>Rating: 4


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>Rating: 5

Take your fire with you

I've used it several times

Awesome for the backyard or for travel. Nice to have when fire danger is high and you cant have an open fire. Everyone at camp will love you if you bring this along.

>Rating: 5

Great for the Family

I've used it several times

When I first heard of these Propane Campfires I thought it sounded silly. Why would you need this right? Well I have changed my mind on this and I will explain why. I typically don't have a fire when I camp. I don't see it as essential to the camping experience. This is for a couple of reasons. First you have to either buy or gather firewood(I don't like to gather - leave no trace). Then you have to cut it up. Build a little teepee or log cabin(kind of like that part) and light it up. Then you have to keep it going and then put it out cold when you are done. You smell like smoke. You leave a mess. For me it is just not worth it. My wife and kids think that Camping isn't camping without a fire. The Camp Chef Portable Fire Ring is the perfect compromise. They get the fire, s'mores and all that and it is easy on me. We leave things just as good or better than we found them. Win Win. The setup is easy. Once it is cool you just pack it up. I already bring a Propane tank for our stove anyway so this is not really much extra to bring on our trips. Really ends up taking less space than firewood. The heat and flame you get out of this is plenty for ambience, cooking, and comfort. The only things this lacks over a "real" campfire is the crackle and coals. Another con is when it is on high there is a psssss sound that you are not used to hearing around the campfire. The benefits certainly outweigh any negatives. We have had it out a few times both at home and abroad. It will be on every Car Camping trip that is for sure.

Must be a city slicker. Camping without a fire is not camping. Got satellite for your trailer so you don't miss the game? Oh, and the generator that echoes through the canyon for all to enjoy. LOL

>Rating: 4

Hell Yeah!!

This thing just showed up and I have been sitting out on the back deck drinking a beer and staying toasty warm next to it even though winter has finally arrived in Seattle and the temperature is right at freezing. The bag is going to be awesome to store and carry it. The folding legs are sweet too. One of the biggest reasons I hate car camping is the fact people are idiots and many times you can't have a campfire going anymore even where there is a huge fire pit and there nothing to catch fire anywhere close by. Plus, I hate smelling like smoke the next day or when you get home and everything smells like a campfire. This thing puts out some heat. It comes with two wire roasting sticks for wieners or marshmallows. I wasn't quite sure how well it would work for cooking but it would actually do really well with a grate over the top of it and using a pot or frying pan. Plus, you can adjust the flames so easily. With all the fire bans usually in effect this thing will make camping much better than not having anything at all. I will also use it when I drag the flatscreen out onto the deck during the summertime when we have movie night out under the stars. Sometimes it gets a bit chilly later in the evening and this thing will be perfect to have out there providing some warmth and ambiance. I will just call it a new age campfire.. Because some idiot will burn down the forest if they let them.

>Rating: 5

Best Purchase This Summer!

I've put it through the wringer

I wasn't expecting to use this fire ring very much - but it has become a staple of every car camping trip, tailgate bbq, and yard party throughout the summer. It packs down fairly small & sets up easily. It has a fully adjustable flame, uses far less fuel than I had expected, and provides heat instantly in the mornings or on rainy days when starting a campfire used to be a pain. This fire pit has easily been the best camp gear purchase I've made this summer in terms of making my life easier.

>Rating: 4

Good. Not too small.

I've used it several times

The shapes of the flames look natural. The lava rocks are fine. Lots of intensity control. I like the skewers it came with. Cooked hot dogs and s'mores. Wish the hose was longer than 5 feet though. Great for cool fall nights with friends around the fire.


Portable Fire Ring in action

Great for areas with wood fire restrictions.


I have a 20lb. propane tank to use for car camping. How long would it take to use up all of the propane in the tank if this was used on the high (60,000 BTU's) setting?

According to a google search there is 430,270 BTU in a 20lb. Propane tank so at full flame this would last around 7.17 hours.


is the propane tank included

is the propane tank included

Hey Edward, This does not come with a tank. It is made to be used with the bulk propane tanks you can pick up at most gas stations.