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Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

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No more squished cookies brought from home.

Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven on a camping trip? Yes, you can! The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a fully portable oven and range combo you can take to the state park, the lake, or anywhere else you set up camp. Two 7,500 BTU propane burners on the rangetop take care of dinner, while the 3,000 BTU/hr oven heats all the way up to 400 degrees to bake casseroles, cookies, muffins, and other delicacies.
  • Stainless steel construction and nonstick enamel cooking surface make cleanup easy
  • Matchless ignition keep your tender little digits out of harm's way
  • Oven includes two racks and thermometer
  • Powered by disposable one-punt propane can or can be adapted for a bulk tank
  • Item #CCF0042

stainless steel, [cooking surface] non-stick enamel
Fuel Type
(range) 21 x 12 in, (inside oven) 10 x 16 x 10 in, (full dimensions) 21 x 13 x 18 in
Claimed Weight
35 lb
Recommended Use
outdoor cooking and baking
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 1

Poor quality. High price. No parts

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

On my 3rd camping trip, the oven door hinge broke. The door will not close. The warranty department said it was not covered. Even more disappointing, I was informed that the broken part was unavailable. So now I have to rig up something to fix the poor quality of this very expensive oven This is one of my most expensive piece of camping gear I had high expectations. It's a Camp Chef. I am very disappointed.

>Rating: 1

Safety concernes

I've used it several times

This oven was ok for approx 1 year. Yesterday we tried to used it , but it ended up with an explosion. We connected the 1 pound container to the oven, then my wife turn it on, and instantly exploded and fire was everywhere inside and around it. I went right away to remove the propane tank and fire stopped. After I looked and found the back connector, that the regulator get attached , was loose. It seems the gas leaked into the oven, and then at ignition it exploded. This item is dangerous and it seems to be manufactured poorly, such a connection should never fail, because of such failures will leak gas and can create a dangerous situation, where people can get hurt. I assume a recall to this product its necessary and that connector needs to be redesigned for safety. I posted this information on Camp Chef website and they refused the review. Its unacceptable to refuse people right to share their experiences with this product. Is Chap Chef trying to hide the bad quality of their products? I put water with soap around to find where it leaks ans in the picture , you can see the bad connection, where bubbles form, propane its heavier than air and indeed it sunk inside the oven, this facilitated the explosion. I requested Backcountry customer support to file a safety complain for me, it might save other lives.

>Rating: 5

Worked so good I bought one

I was going to purchase a new 2 burner propane camping stove until I tried one of these. I have baked biscuits, heated water for dishes, as well as home made pizza from scratch today, and this oven is everything my buddy said it was. ...the quality looks great too. For $200, it can't be beat. It's a game changer for camping, and a prepper's delight!

>Rating: 4


A legit and easy to use camping oven/stove, you don't always have to eat hot dogs and freeze dried meals. Was able to make cookies for the grandkids.

>Rating: 4

Awesome for trips

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

This thing is ideal for long camping trips so you can make your favorite food in the outdoors. I purchased this oven as a gift and the receiver immediately put it to use and raved about how well it works. I believe I am going to have to buy one for myself now ;)


Camp Oven

Easy to bring the comforts of home out camping!

>Rating: 4

If you like the comforts of home.

This is a perfect example of a peice that is for certain people or certain situations. Great places to have this would be car camping, tailgaiting or just living out of your van down by the river. This isn't something I would use if I was car camping by myself +1, but if your heading out with a group of friends to go squatching for a few days, this is something you should consider. Bake or use the range to cook up homemade meals for you and your friendly area squatch to enjoy.

>Rating: 5


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Just saw this in action. Finally you can go camping and not have to worry about eating out while still eating well. Its much nicer to stay at camp and just cook, with this the options are truly endless. Not just about what you can cook but, how easy it is to cook it. Sure you can make pizza but, with an oven you can BAKE pizza. I cant wait to get mine, car camping excursions in the summer just got a whole lot better. I cannot speak to its durability but, Camp Chef is the leader in this industry so if you take care of it I am sure it will last for years.

>Rating: 5

Love the Camp Chef Camp Stove/Oven

I've put it through the wringer

After looking at this item for nearly a year, I finally decided to purchase. And I am so glad that I did.....we used the oven in our camper all the time when we are out, and the problem was, it would heat our camper up to the point that we had to run the air conditioner in the middle of the late fall and early spring..and in the summer it was worse. After looking at 5 different locations to purchase the item, I got it here at Back was the cheapest price that I found. In the past 2 weeks, we have been camping and have used the oven for lasagana, bread, cinnamon rolls, cake, and even bacon. It is WONDERFUL....Now I am just waiting to buy the carry case to go along with the oven. Our friends seen the unit and want to buy the same is outstanding

Can this oven fit a 9x5 stoneware bread pan? Or would I need a smaller pan for bread?

>Rating: 5

Great Camp oven

Used on the verandah for at home 'camping' on hot summer days ,wish I had it when we owned our off the grid camp cabin!! I suggest you get the optional connector for the bulk tank. Well constructed, true value for your dollars. Top burners allow a normal skillet, or pot. Oven needs smaller cookie sheets than normal. LOVE this unit!

where can I get the bulk tank connector for this stove please

>Rating: 5

Gourmet in the woods!

This is another great Camp Chef product. Cooks just like a household range. I've baked everything from brownies to pork roast in the oven and it ALL turned out perfect. The burners are easy to control and simmer as well as heat up fast for frying or boiling. I have used one pound canisters as well as a bulk tank with a Camp Chef supply hose to fuel the stove and both work very well. If you are going to be in the woods or mountains for more then a day or two and want to enhance your time there with something more than roasted wieners over a camp fire or freeze dried space food hydrated with water you heat with your Jetboil then get this! If you can't really cook at home please move along and don't waste your time or money with this sweet piece of gear until you learn some culinary basics. This unit will compliment the proficient and elevate the connoisseur to new levels of tasty wilderness cuisine. The one and only thing I do differently when baking with this oven is to rotate the roasting pan, muffin tin, or cookie sheet, 180 degrees half way through the allotted cooking time... but that is just precautionary and only done to insure everything is perfectly cooked.


if you have a range vent, can this stove/oven...

if you have a range vent, can this stove/oven be used in a camper

Ventilation is key and asphyxiation is serious. I am going to stay on the safe side and suggest using this gas stove only as its name suggest, 'Outdoors'. At 35 lbs it shouldn't be difficult for one person to move it outdoors if you are storing it in your RV between uses.


Can the stove and range be used indoors...

Can the stove and range be used indoors with use of propane, or do sides of this oven get hot enough to be a fire hazard?

Hey Will, That's so not recommended! Good way to die, dude. Fire hazard is the least of your worries, it's the carbon monoxide that'll get you. If it's really something you have to do, just make absolutely certain that you have lots of ventilation.


Write your question here...What are the...

Write your question here...What are the dimensions of this stove/oven?

(range) 21 x 12 in, (inside oven) 10 x 16 x 10 in, (full dimensions) 21 x 13 x 18 in


Will it work with line gas? Any risk?

Will it work with line gas? Any risk?

NO, propane and natural gas orifces are different in size.


Can this oven be used with regular gas...

Can this oven be used with regular gas supplied to my house? Thanks, _TV

this is made specifically for use with propane.