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Butora Mantra Wide Fit Climbing Shoe


Mantra Wide Fit Climbing Shoe

A climb isn't worth sending unless you can plug a cam or two, at least that's what Butora thought when it designed the Wide Fit Mantra Climbing Shoe. Ideal for slab and splitters from toes to offwidths, the Mantra's stiff, asymmetric, board-lasted midsole provides plenty of support for day-long multi-pitches. Its German split-leather upper conforms to your foot's shape, and Poron's padded tongue protects your foot from painful jams. Butora added a hemp lining for odor-resistance, and its butyl F5 rubber provides long-lasting abrasion-resistance and traction.
  • German split-leather upper
  • Anti-odor hemp lining
  • Poron memory foam tongue
  • Stiff, board-lasted midsole
  • Butyl Butora F5 rubber sole
  • Item #BTA0008

Upper Material
German split-leather
butyl Butora F5
low to moderate downturn
Asymmetrical Curvature
Recommended Use

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>Rating: 5

Butora mantra sizeing and comfort

I've used it several times

It seems to always be a shot in the dark buying shoes. Online I first orderd a pair of Ace's and found they're size 11 1/2 us is more like a 11 us so i returned them. No problems there Backcountry has great costumer service and prompt response to email. So i wear a 12 us and orderd a 12 1/2 us mantra and if you have a wide foot like mine these shoes were meant for you. After three four hour trips to my sandstone craig they feel great and feel better every time i climb in them they edge well smear well. And are great for toe and heel hooks. I read in the reviews of soles shreding. I weigh 150 lbs and 6 ft 3 in and mine look as if they were never worn except for some dirt. So unless they had a bad batch of soles or some one is climbing on razerblades. I think you'll be good for trad with these. Im by no means a pro a novice at best. But 60 to 100 ft walls of sandstone i do climb. So take this review how you will thanks for reading.

Thanks so much for beta, Charles! Glad the new size is working out well for you and that they are breaking in without too much pain. Gotta love that sandstone climbing!

>Rating: 4

Niche product, but room for improvement

I've put it through the wringer

I've climbed probably 15-20 days in this shoe so far. It is a very unique shoe right now - nothing available comes anywhere near as stiff, aside from the boreal ballet (the upcoming astroman may also come close, but is not available yet). The narrow and wide last options are nice to see, however, this "wide" isn't nearly as wide as the alutra wide in the toe box. The shape of this is more along the lines of a shoe like the mythos. Blunt, round, clunky. Some things this shoe does well: Offwidth, especially inverts. This was my main reason for buying this shoe. This shoe completely blows away things like a TC pro in this realm. Hanging upside down from heel toes is almost effortless. Lower angle, moderate offwidth feels like climbing stairs. But you already could have guessed all that... What could be improved: Almost everything else. This sounds harsh, but there are so many little things wrong with this shoe that don't necessarily ruin it, but would be so easy to change and make the shoe so much better. Why is this shoe not a high top? Why would you offer a board lasted low top and a high top with a relatively soft midfoot, rather than the other way around? The TC pro did a nice job protecting the laces as well as reasonably possible. These I am going through a pair of laces like every 10 days, even with tying them back together multiple times. There is so much useless padding in this shoe it is ridiculous. If I wanted to climb in hiking boots, I'd do that (which honestly edge better, more on that in a second). I cut a bunch of it out and the shoe is much, much, much more comfortable. For a stiff shoe, these are HOPELESS at edging. I have found myself knee barring rather than edging on large crystals in flared OW/chimneys more than once because the rubber is so terrible. Especially when new, it is so soft and so thick, but so not sticky, I would stand on a 1/4" edge and watch the rubber deform and roll off the edge. The rubber bends more than the shoe, which is an extremely unpleasant feeling. The sole now looks like a chew toy for a dog - rather than gradually rounding out, the edges are coming off in chunks everywhere. I can tear pieces off with my fingernails it is so soft. Now that much is missing, it does edge a little better. I am very excited to resole this shoe with a more appropriately stiff rubber and see what they are capable of. I cannot emphasize enough how poorly the choice of rubber and the shoe go together. All that said, this is a unique shoe right now. There is nothing that does what I need a shoe to do as well as this, and on that basis, 4 stars out of 5. However, it wouldn't take much competition to make this, say, 2 stars out of 5... For sizing - I wear an 8.0-8.5 street shoe, 38.5 TC pro snug not quite tight, 41 scarpa vapor lace, 8 moc crack sized, 8 altura comfy, and got this in an 8.5. If you go a half size up like butora recommends, you might as well be climbing with rubber sole uggs.

>Rating: 5

Crack Machine!

I've put it through the wringer
Runs small
Size Bought
5` 9"
160 lbs

Crack machine Tried the Butora Mantra "tight fit" and they were just too narrow. The wide fit is perfect! My street shoe size is 10. I went a half size up for a snug more aggressive fit with a 10.5. A full size up would be perfect for a longer day. Honestly, I couldn't imagine getting my street shoe size or smaller.... would be way too tight for a shoe like this. If the half size up feels snug, keep the laces loose for a few pitches on their first day out. Then tighten up as you go. Tighten the laces up for the crimpy face climbs. I don't have a wide foot but my my feet seem pretty flat. I have worn normal TC-Pros, Muira, Tenaya Ra and Masai, and never felt I needed a wide version of those shoes. Unless you have a foot that is very narrow, I would get the wide version of the Mantra! The wide version seems more like what I would say is a normal version for normal feet. I climb Trad multipitch almost exclusively at Red Rock, Las Vegas NV. I used to put my feet through hell wearing shoes that were too tight, hurt my feet in cracks, or weren't stiff enough. Now I have a shoe that is comfortable, stands on dime edges, feels great in cracks, and climbs everything I need it to. Oh yeah, the rubber on these shoes is sticky and seems very comparable to fiveten c4 rubber. Climbed Epinephrine in Red Rock with these shoes. Epinephrine has a wide variety of climbing to offer... cracks, face climbing and 400+ feet of awesome chimneys. These shoes made for an awesome day on a classic climb. I hope they never stop making these shoes! If you want a the protection of a mid-top shoe by butora, check out the altura. Not available on backcountry yet... was told it would be soon. I prefer the regular fit altura over the wide and wouldn't go bigger than your street shoe size.

Thank you so much for this review. The sizing is the biggest question on the Butoras, so this is much appreciated.

>Rating: 5

At (board) Last!

I've put it through the wringer
Runs small
Size Bought
5` 11"
150 lbs

First and foremost, the Mantra is a board lasted shoe. It's similar in feel to the old boreal ace; though with the Mantra, I don't get any hotspots, and can wear them all day long. The lacing takes a while to dial in, as there are a lot of lace holes, but once they are dialed in, they fit like a glove. I used them in Yosemite extensively. No pain in the metatarsals while jamming my foot in repeatedly. Highly recommend for your new trad shoe!