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Bonk Breaker Energy Bar

$31.08 - $36.00

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  • Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chip, Box of 12 bars
  • Banana Cream, Box of 12 bars
  • Salted Caramel, Box of 12 bars
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly, Box of 12 bars

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Energy Bar

Too often, the questionable taste of energy bars lead to you swallowing them as quickly as possible, so you don't have to actually taste them. Bonk Breaker's Energy Bars, on the other hand, are made with real, non-GMO ingredients like coconut oil, honey, strawberry jam, flaxseed, and chicory, so they taste great and provide real energy that will keep you moving.

  • Delicious bar packed with nutrition
  • 220 calories replenish your energy
  • Real ingredients are easier to digest
  • Two ounce weight is unnoticeable in your pocket
  • Item #BBK0003

Servings Per Container
peanuts, almonds, soy
Claimed Weight
2.2 oz
Recommended Use
cycling, mountain biking, hiking

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>Rating: 5

Go-To Trail Food

I've put it through the wringer

Who doesn’t like a PB&J mid-ride? Plenty of calories packed in these snacks. I eat one for rides that last over 2 hours and supplement my calorie intake with scratch or cliff gummies every hour. They taste great and have a good shelf life for all natural to-go food.

>Rating: 5

So good

I've used it several times

Most of the time these types of bars taste like play doh to me, but these are pretty delicious. My fav were the peanut butter ones. We grabbed a few for a biking trip and they kept me up and ready to go throughout the whole ride.

>Rating: 4

Pretty good bar kind of dry

This is comparable to clif bars for me, they aren’t too had tasting but they are kind of dry and require a lot of water to get down

>Rating: 5

Salted Carmel - My new mid-race favorite

I've put it through the wringer

I love these bars and use them for everything, ski touring, running, to triathlon races. Where there are quite a few bars that are simply just too dry to get down mid-race, these are do-able and if you can get them in you are set! In my last 70.3 tri race, just 2-3 of these on the bike mixed with some salts kept the spirits very high. Salted carmel is the most appetizing on those hot days when you are running low on the salts!

>Rating: 3

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

I found the Bonk Breakers bars to be tasty and easy on the stomach. They also do a great job of satisfying hunger on long rides. I am very partial to the PB&J flavor.

>Rating: 4

Espresso goodness w/ simple ingredients

I've put it through the wringer

The espresso chip flavor is awesome. Beware of the caffeine in these, they really pack a punch with 30mg in each bar. Espresso chip is great for those morning and afternoon pick-me-ups, but I would stick to another flavor for the night runs. The best part about these bars are the ingredients... IT is one of the only bars that I have found to have truly good ingredients, you can pronounce ever ingredient and know exactly what you are eating. If you have a weak stomach like me, this is the bar for you

>Rating: 4

Great Bars and Filling

These are great for a trail run or bike ride. Not my favorite flavor but still great!

>Rating: 5

Tasty and Never Dry

A big gripe with many energy bars is how difficult they are to get down on the go. When you're riding at the limit and already battling hydration, a dry energy bar will just kill you. Bonk Breaker Energy Bars in every flavor are tasty, moist without being sloppy and digest with ease. New favorite bar for the road, and my favorite flavor is Almond Butter and Honey. Eat real food on the bike!

>Rating: 5

Perfectly sized too....

I've put it through the wringer

In addition to all that my good friend Trevor said below, I would add that Bonk Breakers seem to be the perfect size in both mass and serving. Not too much that you can't finish one and packaged small enough to carry enough of them. Great product all the way around!

>Rating: 5

These are the best bars!

I've put it through the wringer

I love the espresso chip bars and buy them by the box. I find them to be a treat on long days on the slopes or long road rides in the mountains. These bars work miracles and give me a surge of energy to keep pushing myself hard. Non-GMO ingredients and seems like a great company I don't mind supporting and giving my hard earned money to.

Hey Blder Seven! Thanks for the review, I've always wanted to try these, now I think I might! Have you had any other flavors?

I've tried the peanut butter/chocolate chip, PB&J, Apple Pie, Blueberry oat and espresso chocolate chip. I've enjoyed them all! Sure, they cost a bit more than other brands, but the additional expense is worth it for sure.

>Rating: 4

Actually tastes decent, and fuels well

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I've tried the almond butter/honey and espresso chip and was pleasantly surprised. These energy bars are fairly compact and definitely taste way better than some of the other brands I've tried. I was also surprised how quickly I got an energy kick from them - although that probably varies a lot from person to person. Regardless, they pass the taste & effectiveness test for me and are being added to the long ride fuel arsenal.