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BlueWater Pre Cut Accessory Cord - 3mm


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3mm Pre Cut Accessory Cord

Rather than waste time measuring out sections of cord spools and then cutting, burning, re-cutting, and re-burning them, grab some BlueWater Pre Cut Accessory Cord, which delivers 50 feet of ultra-strong 3 mm cord. At just 6.7 grams per meter, this lightweight cord is well suited for a multitude of backcountry needs.

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3 mm
Recommended Use
camping, everyday use

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Perfect for Hammock Tarps!

BlueWater Accessory Cord (NiteLine) is great for tarps/rain flys. It is a static line, unlike paracord which has stretch in it. I use BlueWater Accessory Cord (NiteLine) for almost anything and it always outperforms even the cutting edge stuff like Dyneema, etc.


Up Close

>Rating: 2

Not as tough as I'd thought

I've used it several times

Used this for a bear hang and the cord snapped under the weight of 5 days worth of food. I had only used it a couple of times and the wear was extremely minimal. I don't know how it could've snapped when it didn't catch on anything.

Hi April, any idea how much "5 days worth of food" weighed? Just curious so I can keep an eye on how much i carry. I use it to hang both my gf's and my food on 3-5 day trips, and haven't had any issues with it. thanks!

Maybe 15 pounds at the most.

>Rating: 4

Tough/heavy, but mostly tough

This is a stiff, tough cord. I picked it up primarily to pitch a tarp shelter and use for bear hangs. It' a bit overkill for those purposes, but I wanted a little bot of overkill.

>Rating: 5

Bear Hangs

A little overkill at 3mm for a bear hang, but very study and serves multiple uses. I wish BC had it in a 2mm as well.

Wait, I'm confused. You said it broke in your first review but now it's overkill.... Please clarify.

This was my initial impression. My friends had lighter options for their own cords so I thought mine was overkill, until I used this one and it broke.

>Rating: 3

Very stiff

Even for a 3mm cord, this thing is stiff. It does the job to act as extra cord for various needs at a cheap price. However, I recommend the softer hand of a 3mm PMI cord (not sold by Backcountry). For the ultimate utility cord (at a heftier price), the 2mm Dyneema reflective cord by Exped is the best and lightest and strongest! It is the ultimate tent guyline.