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BlueWater Eliminator 10.2mm Climbing Rope

$207.95 - $241.95

Eliminator Climbing Rope

Blue Water's Eliminator is a beefy climbing rope that can help you terminate every route on your tick list. Its wide diameter is ideal for advanced climbers pulling long hours on redpoint attempts, and it belays well for beginners tackling first routes outside. The Eliminator touts a low impact force and low static elongation to give a comfy catch, fall after fall.

  • Climbing rope made burly and beefy for long-lasting durability
  • 10.2mm diameter designed for beginner-friendly handling and strength
  • Low impact force and static elongation give a comfy catch
  • Item #BWR0009

Static Elongation
Dynamic Elongation
Impact Force
UIAA Falls
Rope Weight
Claimed Weight
[60m] 8lb 9.6oz, [70m] 10.3lb
Recommended Use
rock climbing

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Life saver

⬆️ This is a given with a rope (hopefully). The rope is a great intro rope (I have 70m) that can be used across several situations from setting up long top ropes, to cragging, or even multi pitch climbing. Only downside (might be user error) is that the rope has always been twisted up. This can get annoying with doing some cragging and trying to flip the rope or lowering.

>Rating: 5

Eliminate your Fears

I've put it through the wringer

It had easy times in the first few months in Texas but since we've moved back to the Boulder area it's getting put to use. From Rewritten in Eldo twice, Calypso, the Bastille Crack, a few sport routes on North Table Mountain in Golden and Boulder Canyon. Top rope solos on Flagstaff Mountain and rapping off the Third Flatiron. I've also received compliments on the look and color of the rope. Love it, thank you Bluewater and Backcountry!

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

Burly, durable, strong, and dependent. I've had this rope for about a year and use it almost every weekend at the least. I've loved it. Top notch product.

>Rating: 5

Great Rope, Great Company

I've used it several times

I have been out to a few rock faces and used this guy about 4 or 5 times now. Good diameter, skinny and smooth enough to go through your carabiners with ease, yet just thick enough to make untieing your knots less of a pain. Plus it has some seriously soft catches on your falls. Yesterday I went out and had a couple rough falls with this rope in some bad spots with some jagged ledges. Unfortunately it put some pretty bad cuts into it, so I shot Bluewater an email last night, and they are sending a new rope out today. Some awesome customer service from Bluewater and I will definitely be buying from them again.


Eliminate Your Worries

Prophecy Wall, ST George, UT

>Rating: 5

Eliminate Your Worries

I've put it through the wringer

I got a 70 meter at the beginning of our early spring in Utah and have been abusing it as often as possible. This guy has been to Red Rock, Moab, St George and spends a considerable amount of time in the Cottonwoods at home. It loves rough rock thanks to a super tough sheath, it's lightweight for a 10.2 so dragging it up multiple pitches is not a worry and it has a nice soft catch when you take that big fall. I'm stoked on this rope.


Gets me up and gets me down

Classic Blue Water handling with a tough sheath. I used it for a season and then it got a core shot on our trip to Zion so sadly it had to be cut down to a gym rope.


Helps me go places.

This rope like Levie125 said is a "Workhorse". I highly recommend this cord for anyone who needs a long lasting confidence inspiring line. I use this thing primarily for longer routes, and walls. Needless to say I have yet to even put a dent in it!

>Rating: 5


I love this rope because it even feels more durable than my other ropes. I use it primarily for sport and toprope and it has outperformed my sterling marathon and is cheaper too. Another great feature of this rope is that it is made in the USA! The green rope looks amazing.

>Rating: 5


Been climbing on this rope for a couple weeks and I really love it. It handles so smooth, easy to clip and I know it will last me a long time. Bluewater all the way!!


BlueWater Anthem

Why BlueWater Ropes is a RAD COMPANY!!!


outdoor adventure photographer James Q Martin shares why he uses Blue Water ropes

>Rating: 5

Great Rope

Best rope for beginner. It has a nice feel to it, flows throw the belay device nicely. Great al around rope.

>Rating: 5

Live again another day

One of the most trustworthy ropes I have ever used. Survive blood-curdling epics around the globe with this one.

>Rating: 5


Bluewater has been ahead of the game for a long time, and you will not find a more durable, and smoother handling rope than the Eliminator. Also this is one of the softest catches on the market with a great fall rating. Bluewater sets the bar for quality control, and every inch of every rope they produce is HAND INSPECTED. And, best of all, Bluewater is the only FAMILY OWNED, AMERICAN MADE rope company on the market, so you can feel good about where your money is going. Not only is this the best rope in the world, it's made by good people here at home.

Listen to these two guys above this comment. They have likely been around the world more times than most of us have been to our local crags, and have many, many miles of rock under their feet and hands. You can definitely trust their opinion on soft goods.

>Rating: 4

Good product...

This is a great all around rope. I have used Blue Water ropes for years and really trust them. This is my top roping rope. But have also used it for lead climbing with my 9.4 on big walls. Seems to be standing up very well and shows little signs of age.


Would this rope serve well as a rappelling...

Would this rope serve well as a rappelling rope?

Hey Tim, If you are strictly rappelling, you may be better off purchasing a purely-static rope. However if you want a climbing rope that you can also rappel on, then yes. this will work. 10.2 is a common size and is compatible with many belay/rappel devices. Hope this helps.


Is it for gym climbing or for real rocks

Is it for gym climbing or for real rocks

It is a pure and real rocks climbing rope

Guy is correct that the rope is for the real rocks but it would be just as useful and well suited for gym climbing as well.