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  • Black Diamond - Trail Shock Trekking Pole -

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  • Black Diamond - Trail Shock Trekking Pole -

Black Diamond Trail Shock Trekking Pole

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Good Poles

    I never used poles and wondered if they would help. Always used only a walking stick. Poles are far superior. Walking on a road I did not find that they helped at all. However, on a trail I found myself relying on them almost immediately. They stabilize you. Found they very useful particularly on the downhill slopes.
    The lock mechanism works well. I thought the poles would slip and require periodic adjustment. They did not. And they did not seem to flex or feel flimsy in any way. Since the tubing is not that large of a diameter this surprised me greatly.
    I did not notice any difference on the shock resistance between the two poles. I think these same poles without the shock absorbers would work well ... but I believe the shock absorbers are worth the extra money.

    Annoyance...but over all good.

      The only annoyance (not real issue) that I have found with these poles is that the travel on both left and right are usually not identical. One pole ends up feeling stiffer/looser than the other. This is somewhat noticeable when hiking, but if you are someone that notices these things, it may be annoying. Sometimes it may feel like one pole is doing as much work as the other. It would be great if you could adjust these shocks but I guess BD designed these shocks to be good for all conditions.

      Other than that, the flicklock works very well. It does not allow the pole to slip, and if it does, it's because you have not tightened the screw enough to clamp onto the pole tightly.

      It is too bad that this model does not come with optional snow baskets because I would love to use these in snow.

      Blk.Diamond Services

        I've had nothing but good responses from Blk.Diamond(SLCity,Utah) concerning the maintenance and other various questions concerning my BD-TS-CST trekking poles.

        The only problem I've had so far is the Cam Lever pins have been backing out on the bottom two flicklock units. Called BD and have new locks on the way..

        Thank you Blk.Diamond(SLCity,Ut.)


          These poles were worth the few extra dollars.....
          * They feel good in the hands
          * Alot less hassle to adjust the pole heights
          * The shock system has good travel
          * Feel lighter than they look
          * Shaft foam grips work great for up/side hill traversing
          * The Flicklock system outstanding
          * Wrist strap are comfortable

          I don't leave camp without 'em

            My pair of Trail Shocks is one of my favorite pieces of gear and they've taken me from the snowy peaks of the Sierras to the Mojave desert. As a 6' 200lb guy I can be pretty rough on my gear, especially the weight weenie ultralight stuff, but these seem to be the perfect balance of weight and durability. The FlickLock is hands down the most stable pole locking system I have ever used and the extra "cush" that the elastomer damper saves my knees. I've managed to bend the lower shaft on mine a few times catching myself in what would otherwise be a nasty fall, but some gentle coaxing in the other direction has them straight enough for me and there doesn't seem to be any dangerous structural damage. Also the nicer sticky rounded tops on the grips alone are worth the price difference from the Bdel Trails (the next model down).

            Good Poles

              I like these poles much better than my Leki's. The adjustment is quick, easy and stays true. The shock absorption works well and makes long hikes much more comfortable. Since I started using poles my knees can handle much longer days and these are the best poles I've used.

              Great Poles

                The difference between using poles and not using poles is huge. On a long recent hike, I was sore from my waist down for days. After using these poles, I did twice the distance and had very little soreness as my upper body shared in the workload. These Black Diamond poles are great. The anti-shock works well and isn't noisy. The locking mechanism is amazing - it stays completely locked at all times. I like the expanded gripping surface in case you need to use two hands on a pole. One of my hiking buddies had anti-shock Leki poles and they squeaked and were noisy. I highly recommend the Black Diamond poles!

                Fantastic Poles

                  A couple of weeks ago I decided to pick up a pair of trekking poles. Over the years, I have always hiked with support from a stick I would fashion from fallen brush along the trail, but never with anything like this. I did some initial research and quickly became overwhelmed in a sea of brand-loyal opinions and features not necessary for my purposes.

                  I narrowed my choice to a pair of Black Diamond Trail Shock poles. These poles seemed to be favorable among many reviewers and experts, but this was evaluated carefully. For me, I made a choice based on reputation, reviews, and price as they were available through a fantastic sale. I must admit that after putting about 25 miles on them, I am completely satisfied, impressed, and convinced that trekking poles can help tame or improve any trail. The FlickLock system keeps the sections of the poles exactly where you set them and the shock absorber helped me transition to ascend or descend.

                  FlickLock system.
                  4-Stage Shock Absorber.

                  Small baskets.
                  No rubber tips included.

                  Best Pole Company On The Market

                    I rely on reviews for buying, I'll do my best. Used the poles this weekend and will never go back to a single staff. Leaned on big time and they never gave out over some very tough terrain. Very user friendly handles with many variable gripping points. FlickLock system works-Period. I am not brand loyal. But I think your only choice in poles now is which Black Diamond model fits your needs. You needn't look any further. Hiking partner also very impressed.
                    Hope this helps.

                    What is the best way to store these poles...

                    What is the best way to store these poles on your pack? I have a Gregory Baltoro.

                    There's a couple ways you could lash these poles to the Baltoro;
                    1) horizontally across the pack using the lower compression straps
                    2) vertically along either side of the pack using the compression traps

                    You could get creative and try some sort of crazy diagonal setup, but the above two are the easiest and most obvious. And of course make sure you collapse your poles before strapping them up.

                    I love these poles on the trail, but where...

                    I love these poles on the trail, but where can I get the rubber tips? Those would be wonderful for use on pavement.

                    what would be the best poles for trailing...

                    what would be the best poles for trailing running/ ultras

                    The Black Diamond Trail shock poles are a tad heavy but extremely strong/durable and the FlickLock adjustability will provide you with very wise choice for ultras. Your first instinct may be to go with a super thin lightweight pole but when running you’ll want something durable which you can actually lean on and trust especially late in the day of an Ultra.

                    Hey Bev,

                    I've used this model in countless number of 5+ hour runs in the Wasatch and several 50k/50 milers:


                    I've been very happy with their performance. They are easy to adjust, very lightweight, and in my opinion, give you an advantage in those tough climbs you may encounter in any mountain race.

                    Unfortunately, it looks like we don't have any left in stock. That said, I stand behind LEKI poles... I love their locking mechanisms and shock absorbing abilities. I don't know if there are any trekking poles specifically made for ultras, but I'd check out these other models by LEKI, as they are lightweight and are simple to manage:



                    I've tried both the flip-lock offered by the Black Diamond poles and the twist lock offered by the LEKI poles, and I have to say I like the twist lock much better. Just a personal preference. Hope this helps!

                    I've used four or five different models of trekking poles trail running in the past two months and the BD Trail Shock poles would be at the bottom of the list. Why? Because there are better BD poles out there. My biggest problem with the Trail Shock poles would be the Trail Shocks themselves. Why would you want to loose energy while trail running?! Plus, the multiple phase shocks add more weight than is needed when trail running. I'd only use a shock based pole if I was dealing with an injury which would require me to walk down hill, otherwise give up the shocks and look for a stiff pole, such as a pair of the BD Alpine Carbon Solos! I hope that helps.

                    The straps on my poles are oriented...

                    The straps on my poles are oriented identically, so that they're both good for my left hand, but not my right. Can they simply be "turned" in their mounts, or did I receive two "left" poles?

                    Best Answer

                    The point, Tim, is that if the straps are oriented properly you can put a lot of weight on them for running and steep hiking, but if they're oriented for the wrong hand, the straps get twisted when you try to set them up. As for the question RubiRed, I took a look at a few we have at work here and it doesn't look like you can remove and reverse the straps yourself, so if it's an issue I'd get on Live Chat and tell them the problem and they'll more than likely pay for return shipping on one or both so you can get the right ones.

                    Unanswered Question

                    I'm considering these poles for walking...

                    I'm considering these poles for walking on sidewalks, beaches and less frequently in woods/parks. I have arthritic knees and I'm recovering from an injured shoulder which will get surgery soon----looking to get my body somewhat back into balance----would these poles be good for me?

                    Can the baskets be swapped out for larger...

                    Can the baskets be swapped out for larger snow baskets? I have Leki poles and have threaded snow baskets for them. Since those poles suck I want to replace them and it would be very cool if I could use the snow baskets I already have.