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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

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See through the dark and gnarly.

Moonless nights and torrential thunderstorms make for spectacular photos, but they also mean you're out in the elements when it's pitch-black and Biblically wet. See your camera settings and then some with the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. Complete redesigned, this feather-light headlamp puts the lighting level controls at your fingertip. PowerTap technology lets you dim the lights when the mood is right, or fully illuminate the situation, all with only your fingertip. Two red LED lights give you owl-like night vision. A lock mode lets you pack this lamp without burning through your batteries before you've left the house, and the strobe option turns your campsite into a rocking disco. Weighing in at 3.88 ounces, this rugged headlamp provides high-power lighting in a tougher-than-steel package.

  • 1 QuadPower LED, 70m/50 hours, strobe and dimming modes
  • 2 red night-vision SinglePower LEDs, 7m/36hr
  • PowerTap adjustment
  • Headband, removable
  • IPX-7, waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Item #BLD000A

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Warranty
3 years
Recommended Use
hiking & camping, climbing
Claimed Weight
[with batteries] 3.9 oz
IPX-7 standard (submerged 1 meter for 30 mintues)
Burn Time
(QuadPower) 50 - 200 hours, (SinglePower) 36 - 125 hours
(QuadPower) 160, (SinglePower) 25
Batteries Included
Power Source
4 AAA alkaline
2 SinglePower LEDs, 1 QuadPower LED

Tech Specs

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Good while it worked

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This was my original review:

Super bright, good for skiing or climbing with out feeling heavy. Dimming feature is nice to save power. The controls took a moment to get the hang of. Solid and light weight for how bright, Very happy.

Since then:

One of my buddies bought this light not too long ago. His headlamp worked perfectly for the first couple of weeks before it completely stopped working. He took it back to BD and he says they were really great to deal with. I thought it strange that his headlamp died that quickly as BD is typically known for their amazing products.

Then a couple weeks later my headlamp started acting strangely. I had bought it about 6 months prior and never had any issues. My headlamp started constantly dim in and out and I couldn't get it to stop. I went home and changed the batteries and then on my next trip, the headlamp completely died. Thankfully a friend had a spare. I went into BD and they also exchanged my headlamp with no problems. I love BD's customer service, and I typically love their products but I think this one still has some problems that need to be worked out. I would def recommend buying a different headlamp from BD.

Gets the job done

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is a great headlamp that will get the job done. When all you need is a simple torch for camping or climbing, this is the one you will want to go with. It's a great value for the price.

Tons of great features

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is my first BD headlamp and I have to say I'm sold. I love all the little things they've done to make this user friendly. From the one-touch beam adjustment to the transition between the red and natural light, this is a really well designed light. I love how solid it feels without feeling overly. I haven't had many chances to test how waterproof it is but I can't wait to see how it performs.

Awesome Lamp w/ Tricky Controls

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I use this headlamp multiple times per week--for night running, camping, or even taking out the trash at night—and I absolutely love it. Controlling the many different levels of brightness can be a bit tricky, but once you get that figured out, it’s a reliable and durable tool.

Don't know what you have until it's gone

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I can't find my BD Storm headlamp and I ended up buying a replacement lamp that rhymes with pretzel. Huge mistake. I'm on military duty and my back up Mammut lamp is red and clashes with my camouflage outfit so I bought a desert tan Tactikka plus RGB on a whim. See my review. I want my Black Diamond Storm! My four y/o son probably has it stashed somewhere. Needless to say I'm returning the pretzel and getting another diamond. Where's my gear head Eric? I hope I find the other lamp so I have a sweet back up/girlfriend light.
Why do I want my BD Storm back? Robust. Weatherproof (IPX7). Bright. Good price. All the things the pretzl is not. Got it! Out.

Love this headlap like no other

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I upgraded to the Storm after having the horrifying experience of my cheaper BD Gizmo headlamp failing on me during an alpine start of a summit bid. I have been incredibly happy with this headlamps performance and dependability!! On top of that it has a number of settings (such as the red light mode) that give it so much versatility! Bought it again when my first went missing- highly recommend!!

Love this headlap like no other

Great lineup of headlamps from BD

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

BD seems to make a headlamp for everyone's taste and requirements. I'm very impressed with my Storm, the fact that it has a very bright lamp I can dim to any setting, and then have full bright with a touch is a very helpful function. Remembering how to activate the various settings might take a bit of practice.
Good battery life, relatively light weight and good range of brightness. Happy it's waterproof, although I haven't tested that yet.
My G/F asked why I bought a more expensive headlamp than her Walmart model, until we were out and compared on a night hike. A new BD headlamp went on to her wish list as soon as we got home and I've bought her the ReVolt for Christmas.

Great lineup of headlamps from BD

Dependable performance anywhere you go.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've used and abused from an AT thru hike to roadside car repairs to kayaking, climbing , mountain biking, fishing, caving to random night shenanigans to free diving at night. Holds up. The screw broke on my battery case but BD replaced with no questions asked under their 3 year warranty on headlamps. Get ya some.

Very solid headlamp overall

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This headlamp has saved me a couple times just this past month alone! Fall is my favorite season for mountain biking, but also means that it gets dark earlier. This headlamp is bright enough to get you off the trail and has performed stellar in camp.

- Has a variety of light settings that best suit what you're doing.
-Strap adjusts nicely, but doesn't slip. Is comfortable when wearing for extended periods of time.
-Not too bulky for the amount of lumens it provides

-Not initially very intuitive - read the manual and learn the settings before having to fiddle in the dark with it.
-Lock setting can be slightly annoying
-Defaults to the less bright setting. The tap feature to adjust brightness is more of a novelty than being hugely beneficial.

Overall: For the price, its awesome. Performs great and I would definitely recommend buying, but with that, I would also recommend reading up on the manual.

Very nice headlamp

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Straight out of the box, the Black Diamond Storm lamp is easy to set up and the the different modes are not too hard to figure out. Maybe I do not use it often enough, but I do occasionally miss the mode I'm going for- such as going for red mode but changing the intensity of the main beam instead.

Comfort is okay- I find no issue with a hat or helmet but against the skin there is more movement than I expected while the strap is at a comfortable tension. I've also tried sleeping in a hammock with the light on since it leaves you a bit more vulnerable than you are in a tent, but it just isn't comfortable enough to pull off on warm nights. That shouldn't be an issue when it's colder and a beanie is needed.

Overall, I needed a good waterproof light for hiking, biking, and kayaking and I am happy with the purchase. I don't leave the trail head without it.

Light it up

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Anyone who spends a lot of time adventuring in the dark knows a good headlamp is crucial. This headlamp won't let you down.

The 160 lumen model is extremely bright, and works well on nights when the moon isn't shining, or in dark slot canyons where the sun never shines. This light is also fairly light weight, and is highly water resistant. Getting caught in a rain storm while finishing a late evening ride won't leave you without a light.

The controls on this light are easy to navigate, and you can easily access the different modes by clicking the button atop the light. If you are in the market for a well built, affordable, bright light then this is a great option.

Great lamp!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've used the crap out of this lamp. I've had it for a good while and have put it through the wringer. I even almost lost it on the river but was able to fish it out after a few minutes of searching.. and its still as functional as ever!

Amazing. Once you figure it out.

    This headlamp is stellar for the price. Very bright, and almost infinitely adjustable. That adjustability does come at a small price, however. There's really only two buttons on this thing; the main power button on top and the touch sensor on the side. These two serve as the only interface between you and about 10 different lighting modes. Once I got a handle on all of the different combinations of taps and holds for the separate functions I was extremely pleased. I especially like that you can set a custom brightness level (say... 40% power) and then switch back and forth between that and 100% with just one little tap.

    Bright light, waterproof

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Great light, the bright setting is good and stong which is nice if on the go at night. It is heavier than some other headlamps but the adjustable lighting levels is worth it if you need to use it for looking around camp and spotting in the distance without blinding your friends. Plus it is very waterproof. If you plan on taking an extended trip though, be sure to bring extra batteries.

    Liking the works....

      Seems to be well made, like the features, It takes a little time to get use to the light setting, but not hard to figure out... Haven't put it to the test in the field yet.. But Liking the water proof feature and the head strap buckle as a screw tool for the battery compartment.... Over all, not bad....

      Anyone have issue with this lamp dying...

      Anyone have issue with this lamp dying BECAUSE of 'LOCK' mode?

      I love everything about this lamp (I LOVE LAMP!) but found it dead when I really needed it. Sorry for the TL:DR, but wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms. I now know of myself, my climbing partner, and one other friend who have had same dead Storm at the base of a climb. Don't know if I missed something in instructions, or if a design flaw of some sort...

      I bought this lamp 4 days prior to a Mt Adams climb. I opened the box, installed included batteries, ran through the functions for about 5 minutes at home to make sure I had them figured out, then put it 'LOCK' mode and into the brain of my pack so I wouldn't forget it.

      Flash forward to camp at the base of Mt. Adams, the night before we are supposed to be walking onto the north glacier. BOTH my climbing partner and I turned on our Storms and BOTH refused to turn on. Both lamps had fresh batteries, both were in 'LOCK' in our packs for a few days prior...Got back to town and replaced batts for Rainier climb but only the LED battery indicator light would work - GREEN for on, flashing BLUE in 'LOCK' - none of the main lights (spot, sides, or reds) would turn on. is (of course) completely RAD and after one quick phone call, I will be able to return hassle-free. The only hassle was having to go to REI and pick up another lamp for remainder of trip, as we were leaving for Rainier the following day.

      Best Answer

      Honestly, it sounds as though you got a lemon. So you're saying that it won't come out of "Lock" mode? For instance, you operated it and it worked, you put it in Lock mode, and then when you held down the "On" button for a number of seconds to bring it out of Lock mode to turn it on, it wouldn't turn on? The flashing blue should be there for five or six seconds before it comes out of Lock mode to turn on, but if all it is doing is flashing blue even when you're holding it down for over ten or fifteen seconds, maybe you got at a lemon. Very bizarre.

      James, sorry not sure how to reply directly to your answer, so trying it here...

      I think I did get a lemon, but it's not stuck in "Lock" mode. I can hold the button and unlock it but the lamp(s) still won't turn on. The only reason I know it's out of lock mode is the battery indicator light (can get it to switch from flashing blue to solid green which I assume SHOULD mean the lamp is on)...some sort of disconnect between the power and the lamp itself I guess.

      From that description, it sounds as though the wiring connections are probably loose or, more likely, disconnected. You are correct in assuming that the lamp SHOULD be on once you've made it switch on the indicator light from a flashing blue (Lock) to solid green (On, with high battery level). As you stated before, and as I know from experience, BC has a fantastic return policy, so I would just send it back their way and request an exchange.


      I am having the exact same issue with my Storm headlamp. The green light comes on, to indicate it's not locked, but the light does not turn on. No combination of button pushing will make it work. I have used this lamp for less than 5 minutes total, not even outside the house yet. It seemed like exactly what I wanted when it did work though.

      I purchased through Steep and Cheap more than 30 days ago and thus, will have to go through BD for a warranty claim.

      Hi there,

      I have also a problem with my Spot lock mode but a different one. After about a year of use, the headlamp is stuck in lock mode. When I press the button for over 6 seconds to unlock it, all the lights are flashing (strobe) and then turn off again and the headlamp is still in lock mode. I don't know what to do to get out of this lock mode anymore.