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Black Diamond Fritschi Tecton 12 Bindings


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Why We Like The Fritschi Tecton 12 Bindings

When we're standing on top of a walled-in, 50-degree couloir, looking down at the steep face peppered with the footprints of our agonizing bootpack, we're extremely thankful to be clicked in to Fritschi Tecton 12 Bindings and ready to rip this gnarly line all the way down. The Tecton 12 uses the same nimble, uphill-friendly toe piece of the popular Vipec, which has quite a bit of lateral elastic travel to enhance retention when we're charging through crud and ice, while the heel piece is more similar to a traditional alpine binding to give us the security and confidence we need to slay the descent.

  • AT binding balances touring efficiency with downhill performance
  • 5-12 release ratings suitable for aggressive skiers
  • Front lateral release in both ski and walk mode
  • Heel-locking lever adds security on the downhill
  • Three-level heel riser aid in uphill efficiency
  • Brakes are included but can be removed to save weight
  • Item #BLD00PV

Release Rating
Boot Compatibility
Brake Width
100mm, 110mm, 120mm
Brakes Included
Safety Features
front lateral release, heel-locking lever
Heel Elevators
Claimed Weight
[pair, 110mm brakes] 2lb 14oz
Recommended Use
backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 2

Broke on my first outing

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size

The plastic piece behind the lever for walk/ski mode broke off when I locked my boot into the toe piece. Cheap plastic quality. Not worth the $486

>Rating: 1

Nice features, but broke on 3rd outing

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Lucky to get early powder this year, but Santa delivered a lump of coal on Christmas Day when the plastic piece broke off the the heel of the binding on my ascent. Exact same spot as the photograph from a prior review. The plastic holds the brake in walk mode, so I ended up skinning up with the brake engaged. Another skier in our group said he had experienced the same issue and went back to Dynafits. I opted for this binding after having a couple of friends injure their Achilles with non-releasable toe bindings. Back to the drawing board.

Update to my post. Attempted to commence a warranty fix through backcountry several days ago, Crickets other than an auto-reply asking to not send repeat emails. But, the Fritschi distributor is nearby and, once I came across this as an option, they got me squared away in a few minutes. Recommended a different technique for stepping the heel into the binding to avoid a repeater, plus the silicone spray mentioned below. Assured that they could fix it in a couple of minutes anytime if it does happen again. Harmony has been restored, just not by

>Rating: 5

Much more than a touring binding

I've put it through the wringer

Unlike other reviewer(s) I have had no breakage issues, and though I don't bury the rad-o-meter, I do ski fairly aggressively in and out of bounds. So, focusing on the skiing, this binding makes a terrific area binding as well as touring and IMO can be your ticket to a quiver of one setup. I have been using this binding with a Atomic Hawx Ultra 120XTD boot and Wailer 112 tours for a solid month during the recent Southern Colorado snowpacolypse , for both BC and area and to me it's pretty hard to fault. Feels like there is plenty of elasticity on bumps and groomers, and I just don't notice them at all. I never have the "better chill out cuz I am on a tech binding" blues that I have experienced while skiing Dynafits and G3s at the resort. I have a Salomon Shift on another setup and I don't detect a nickels worth of skiing difference between the two. As to touring, a couple of issues: Higher climbing post is a pain to flip with poles..have pretty much relegated the duty to my hand, but bending over to do so is not ideal. Been thinking about a mod.... Heel unit did ice up on a transitional day, and would not flip up all the way into tour mode, but after returning home and applying silicone spray to everything have not had the issue again. Toe engagement spring is awfully light, occasionally causing the pins to snap closed when you are merely trying to line them up All in all though, terrific product and I am all in on a second setup that will pull double area/BC duty...

>Rating: 1

Awesome Until All the Plastic Breaks

I just got these and used them for a week of cold temps (below 0 F) in Montana. The side of the brake retainer broke off of both bindings and the brakes no longer stay up in walk mode. Also, one of the ribs that engages the boot heel broke off. At one point, the (all plastic) worm screw on the heel piece disengaged and it slid off the base plate while I was in walk mode. I was able to reattach it and continue skiing. Not sure why that happened but something to watch out for. Also, sometimes when I step into the bindings in ski mode, the heel piece flips all the way up into walk mode (maybe from momentum?) and doesn't lock the boot heel down. I loved the function until they started falling apart. The switching from walk mode to ski mode without bending over is awesome. I originally posted this review on who distributes Fritschi in the USA and they deleted it so I consider that another strike against them .


Thanks for this review Dan ! Shame on BD and other companies that censor reviews. Basically makes reading the reviews a waste of time....possibly leading to a waste of $. BTW.... A better way to avoid negative reviews is to design, build and test robust products that don't break when it gets cold. Hats off to backcountry for NOT censoring negative reviews. (Yes... this is a bit of a button for me :-) )

>Rating: 5

Great touring binding

I've used it several times

I bought these for my girlfriend who is new to touring. They are easy to use and have made her transition to touring much easier.

>Rating: 4

I like them

These were a little more cumbersome to operate than the marker kingpins or dynafits, but overall I liked how the skied. Felt very secure and stable. Never had a pre-release. Would recommend

>Rating: 5

Great so far

I've put it through the wringer

Have these mounted on a pair of Dynastar Mythic 97s as a combo that can do a lot. Skied ~25 days on them during the `17-18 season and am pretty pleased so far. I feel I can drive my skis harder with more control vs. my other primary tour binding (Dynafit TLT Radical); connection to the ski just feels noticeably more grounded. Have confidence in them, no issues releasing unexpectedly. So, they ski better without a big compromise on weight. Skinning, these bindings do what's expected of them. No issues. Transitions have worked well for the most part. I can tour-to-ski while staying clipped in easily. At times I get ice/snow build-up under the toes which needs to be cleared to make a firm toe connection; this is a common issue with tour bindings and not a big deal. Same for the heal as build-up under the heal piece can cause the heal to not fully engage in tour. You'll find out soon enough when the brake pops up or the heal slides forward while skinning. Easy thing to look out for in transition but the first couple times it happened I didn't know what was wrong. Shifting the heal to/from tour mode requires a little more force than I'd like. It's a bit jarring and I wonder if that will cause materials wear/failure over time. Finally, I am not a fan of the crampon for these. Sturdy and super easy to get on and off but bulky and heavy with moving parts and no easy way to clip to a pack. Net-net pretty happy with these so far and would recommend to others in the market for this type of binding. 4.5 stars as my complaints are relatively minor.

>Rating: 5

Ultra impressed

I've put it through the wringer

This is my very first tech binding of any kind so keep that in mind while reading this review. I have these mounted on a pair of 180 armada tracer 108's im 6ft 160 expert/aggressive skier. I've read lots over the years of no compromise AT bindings like the marker kingpin and when i saw some initial reviews of the tecton it seemed like the perfect fit for my first tech binding. I was drawn to it because of the full alpine heel, and the lateral release from the toes. I now have about 25-30 days in this binding and I am overall very impressed. Most of the those days are touring but I do have 5-8 days on them strictly resort riding. In fact it is the only setup I have used this year. My skiing style is a mix of aggressive playfulness. And to really put this binding through its paces I did not alter my skiing one bit. My first run I thought ok wow this feels no different to me then any alpine binding i've used. When I did my first butter 3 off a knoll and the skis were still there I thought ok I've really got something here. Fast forward a few months and dozens and dozens of cliff drops, park jumps, bumps, flat landings and close calls later and I still haven't found the limits of this binding. it is very easy to transition from walk mode to ski mode and vice versa. and the weight is light years ahead of my old frame bindings, but I have no basis of comparison to other tech bindings. My only areas of concern so far are that I broke one of the outer "posts" on the brake of one binding so it will not stay upright in walkmode without the help of a voile strap. I am not sure how or when I broke it but it hasn't caused any issues on descents. My other concern is how durable the heel piece will be over the course of a few seasons. It feels very light and is made with some sort of carbon impregnated plastic. It hasnt been an issue thus far but just something I will be monitoring over time.

I spoke with BD about my issue with the brake housing and they indicated that the sticky vibram soles on some touring boots are causing the post to snap off the brake housing. To solve this problem they recommend using some silicon spray on the brake housing and this will prevent the vibram sole from gripping the housing and snapping the post off. They gave me a couple extra housings and sent me on my way. Excellent!

>Rating: 5

The Holy Grail

I've put it through the wringer

Picked these up and mounted these on a pair of black crow atris's. Skied about 15-20 days on them and they certainly live up to the hype. From BC booters to hitting rails this binding is a freeride skiers dream. Confidence inspiring on all terrain in any condition. I've skied this binding side by side with another artis mounted with a look pivot for a day and noticed no difference.

>Rating: 5

Improvement on the King Pin

I've put it through the wringer

I mounted these on Black Crows Corvus... the regular ones as I do not mind a little extra weight for a ski that can plow through variable snow. So far, 7 days, the binders ski great. I love having a din toe piece and the brakes actually stay up (unlike the king pin, which are super fragile). I think my bro-mance with these binders may end next season with the new Salomon binding that is coming out...but for this season these are the best skiing touring binding that will not rip your knee apart or have breaks dropping in the middle of the ski track.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this review, Dan! Glad to hear you're loving these bindings - even more glad to hear that you actually have enough snow in your area to use them! Keep praying for snow and stay safe out there!! Your Gearhead, Brittni

>Rating: 4

Easy to use and super strong

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is my first experience with tech bindings and so far, they do not disappoint! While there are lighter bindings in the market, I don't mind the weight. I think the features of the Tecton 12s compensate for the weight of the plastic. I have these mounted to the Black Crow Camox Freebirds, so the break sticks out a tiny bit wider than I would prefer, but it's not bad. I've used them a few times, and at first was surprised by the how difficult it felt to switch them into walking. You have to push the heal into an upright position, and that was a bit more difficult that I had imagined. But, after watching a few videos (newb alert!) and practicing for a bit, I got that hang out it. I'm stoked on these bindings and am excited to put them through the wringer this season.


Will the 110mm work on a 100mm waist ski?