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Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent: 3-Person 4-Season


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Fitzroy Tent

The Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent has become a classic in the world of single-wall tents, sought after by mountaineers and high-alpine backpackers for both its strength and roominess. Combining four Easton 7075 aluminum poles, waterproof breathable Todd-Tex fabric, and a low profile, this tent is designed to withstand angry storms, high winds, and brutal conditions with ease.
  • Freestanding single-wall design saves weight by eliminating the need for separated canopy and fly; ideal for four-season climbing and mountaineering applications
  • Waterproof breathable Todd-Tex fabric sheds wet weather and breathes exceptionally well to help reduce condensation
  • Taped seams prevent dripping water or morning dew from sneaking in through the fabric joints
  • Poles crisscross inside the single-wall canopy, eliminating the need to thread sleeves and providing superior strength against the elements
  • Optional vestibule provides a covered entry and room for everyone's gear (vestibule sold separately)
  • Multiple stake-out loops provide secure anchoring in windy locations
  • Four internal mesh pockets help keep your kit organized at night
  • Optional footprint sold separately
  • Tent based off original design from Bibler
  • Item #BLD0037

[body] ToddTex, [floor] ToddTex
Wall Type
Pole Attachment
internal clips
Number of Doors
Vestibule Space
sold separately
mesh panels
fully taped
Gear Loft
sold separately
Interior Height
Floor Dimensions
95 x 60 / 45in
Floor Space
36sq ft
Packed Size
9 x 19in
Trail Weight
6lb 4oz
Packed Weight
7lb 1oz
Recommended Use
basecamp, backpacking, camping, winter camping
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Very Sturdy Tent, difficult assembly

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I bought this tent after reading a number of reviews online. I am very happy with the tent overall. It is incredibly sturdy and stood up to high winds and heavy blowing snow overnight. I find the BD single wall tents a bit more difficult than average to assemble due to having the poles on the inside of the tent. This provides a more sturdy construction and spreads out the pressure over a larger surface area of the tent. This tent is a 4 pole design so it is even a bit harder than the Eldorado to assemble. It is a great tent for two people and gear to store inside. It would be uncomfortable to try with 3 people

>Rating: 3

1 major flaw

Okay so I just used the tent for the first time on gulkana glacier in Alaska. The tent was a little complicated for a headlamp set up but we worked through it fine. The big issue was in the twist ties that hold the internal poles in place. I don't know if it was because the temps were around 0 degrees or if I had a bad set but I couldn't get them to hold in place and broke 4 of the internal twist ties. That being said; the tent is a bomber design that I found to be very sturdy and roomy. I won't be returning it but I will be replacing those pieces with a more reliable tie down piece. Again I'm not sure if BD just wanted to shave ounces and made them to flimsy or it was the cold but the twist ties that hold the tent in place are a major point of failure on this tent

>Rating: 2

Think Twice...

I returned this product before using it

Okay, shame on me... I bought one of the most EXPENSIVE 4-season tents on the market, assuming warranty would be comparable to the lifetime warranties offered by their competition. But no, BD only offers one year. Given the design of the tent and the places we go, it's too much of a risk. Will find something comparable with better mfg support... sorry BD.

Unfortunately, you should have followed your first instinct. Black Diamond has an outstanding customer service and repair department. I bought my Fitzroy years ago and some of the pole stays had separated from the the tent. I sent pictures and explained the problem and in less than two days, I had an RMA. BD not only repaired the Fitzroy, they rebuilt the poles, and also replaced a missing pole at no charge to me! I can't speak highly enough of this Company and product quality. BD products are totally worth the price!!


Sunrise in cathrine pass

That's The Wasatach for you.


Lower Camp

Lower camp on the way to Kautz Glacier route on Rainier.

>Rating: 5

Fitzroy is unbeatable

The Fitzroy is an all time classic 4-season shelter. I used this tent at 14,000' camp on Denali a couple years ago for a friend and I and it was perfect for two people for a couple of weeks. No issue with condensation inside the tent, and really warm as well. For three people it's a bit tight but totally fine for a few nights... just depends how close you are to your friends! I'm headed to Antarctica this fall and the Fitzroy is coming with me!


Fitzroy on Denali

Chillin' at 14K basecamp on Denali.


Nice tent, but that's a Bombshelter, not a Fitzroy. Or is Fitzroy your friend's name?

>Rating: 5

Bibler Fitzroy

I've used this tent for about eight years on everything from overnight backpacking trips to week long mountaineering and it's absolutely bomb proof. I've owned tents by Mt. Hardware, TNF, Noall and worked in outdoor retail over 10 years and no tent has impressed me as much as the Fitzroy, I'll always have a Bibler for the trips where I don't want to worry about what the weather throws my way. In good weather it opens up enough to stay cool, in rain it vents well with no condensation, and in the truly bad stuff it's drum tight and solid.

Have you ever gone on a summer camp with this tent. i want something that can withstand almost anything but i don't want to cook inside. i was looking at the Black Diamond Ahwahnee Tent 2-Person 4-Season but i have read that it can leek over time in the summer months. according to the specs there made from the same materiel. Also another thing, i see that the main entrance has a mesh door option does the rear have one to? That would help me make my decision, it would also really help with the ventilation thanks

Yes, I have used this tent year round in all sorts of conditions (primarily higher elevations, above 5000 ft) and have never had a problem with leaking or condensation. I wouldn't use it in hot and humid conditions as there just isn't enough mesh to breath that well. Both doors do have mesh, in all but the coldest conditions I typically leave each door open for the top 3 or 4 inches, they are well protected by a 'beak' over the top of the door.

Yes, both doors have mesh panels.I debated between this and the EV-3 for some time but with a few planned trips that will go from bugs to glaciers, the mesh pushed me to the Fitzroy. Something to keep in mind when comparing specs on the two is the vestibule. It makes the prices almost identical and the Fitzroy a few hundred grams heavier for those that care. I think they are both great but the Fitzroy seemed slightly more flexible while the EV-3 seemed slightly better for pure alpine time. I'm trapped in Ohio for three more years so the Fitzroy seemed like the better option.

>Rating: 5

Fitzroy Tent 3-Person 4-Season

I bought this tent for my husband. He said that his friend he most often backpacks with has this tent, and that it is a GREAT tent and a great gift. Except he and his friend find the tent not super easy to set up. Everything else about the tent is great though. :)

>Rating: 5

Up Date Bibler Fitzroy

Had an opportunity to use the Fitzroy on a rainy camping trip. It held up beautifully. No leaks and no seepage to the inside. After using the Fitzroy about ten times it appears to be a great four season tent. It didn't have any problem with condensation buildup on the inside, either. This tent is a keeper.

>Rating: 5

Bibler Fitzroy

This tent is fairly easy to set-up just do it at home before taking it on a camping trip. Having to seam seal a tent as expensive as this one is a bit disappointing. But if it keeps it waterproof I guess it is worth it. A bit small for two large adults. My son and I found it snug and he is only ten years old. It did not build up any condensation with both ends slightly vented and a pack towel hanging from one of the poles. Did not get a chance to test it in a downpour. That will be the ultimate test. I will up date when I'm out in a rain storm!

How the f does one seam seal a tent? Do you seriously have to do that with the newer fitzroy's? Thanks!

From BD's website 1) cut the applicator tip so the hole is slightly bigger so it is easier to dispense the sealer 2) after laying a bead of sealer on the seam run your finger over it to flatten it out making sure it has covered the seam and and a little bit on each side of the seam 3) on the "double" seams, such as at the door, and the bottom corners of the tent, I found that dispensing the sealer directly from the tube was easiest and allowed me to lay it on a little thicker, especially around the snap

Note to BD: Seam seal the tents before you sell them. What's next, I stitch together the seams myself as well?

Maybe the older versions need sealed. Mine, which I purchased a few years ago, came fully seam-taped.


Hi, According to the specs, this is a waterproof product. In addition to alpine / snow camping, I plan on using it in potentially wet areas - sub-tropical climates for instance where there's a strong chance of a heavy downpour. How will it cope with that? Regards, Andy

Hey, Andy - Thanks so much for your question. ToddTex is the tent equivalent to Gore-Tex (GTX is not approved for tents because it's not fire-retardant), and then Black Diamond uses a ePTFE membrane to ensure it's waterproof. An ePTFE membrane has a microscopic web-like structure that is amazingly thin—about 10 microns thick. (One micron equals one-millionth of a meter; the period at the end of this sentence measures about 500 microns.) ePTFE are much smaller than the smallest raindrop (20,000 times smaller, according to W.L. Gore), yet large enough to allow water vapor molecules to pass through. All in all, this tent would perform excellently in heavy downpour/sub-tropical climates. Let me know if you have any more questions. Warmly, Mackenzie


Works the todd tex for a rainy day?

Works the todd tex for a rainy day?

Todd Tex (comparable to fabrics like Gore-Tex) is a waterproof breathable membrane that is will moisture of all kinds, and allow for moisture to move (breathe) through the membrane to the outside. It will definitely keep you and your gear dry on a rainy day.


Can somebody help explain the difference...

Can somebody help explain the difference between the BD Fitzroy and the BD Tempest? I cant seem to understand why the Tempest is nearly $150 cheaper than the Fitzroy and it includes the vestibules. They are close to the same weight (if you add a vestibule to the Fitzroy), floor space is slightly less, but the Tempest has an additional 4.5in head room. Am I missing something that makes the Fitzroy an obvious winner over the Tempest, because I don't understand what the added cost is worth. Thanks!

The "BD Tempest" have 2 vestibules (front and back) and it make it more strong in strong winds and faster to build for the vestibules in part of the tent

The answer is they are both burly 4-season tents but on the Fitzroy you are paying for extra features that people who go into very harsh alpine conditions (think high camp on Denali) will care about. The Fitzroy is the strongest 2-person tent that BD sells. The shorter height makes it more secure in high winds. I did not find it to be claustrophobic, I think because the steep sidewalls still let you and a tentmate sit up straight and move around pretty comfortably. Plus, there's the added benefit of saving yourself work by not having to build your snow or rock wall 5 inches taller! I've had to do this in high winds and it is a b*tch, especially if you move camp every couple days. The Fitzroy also gives you more options to shave weight if you are interested in a fast-and-light ascent. The vestibules are fully detachable (vs. attached on the Tempest) and you can shave ~1lb off your pack weight if you leave them at home. The Fitzroy's extra floor space comes mostly from an increase in the length of the tent, which means you can use the Fitzroy as a cozy 3-person tent with three adults sleeping head-to-toe. It will be a squeeze but it's a good option for fast-and-light ascents and in case of unanticipated situations where you need shelter for an extra person (this happened to me recently when a buddy had to bail mid-expedition and took a tent down with him.) The design of the Fitzroy and the Tempest are largely the same (similar tent and pole structure, single wall, ToddTex fabric, small footprint), so it really depends on how you are planning to use the tent that determines whether you are willing to dole out $150 more for the Fitzroy. Hope this helps!


Hello, Going to need some help with this,...

Hello, Going to need some help with this, I am looking at getting a 4 season tent and I have got it down to one of these, the hillebery Nammatj 2GT or 3GT the Nallo 2GT or 3 GT and the black diamond tents the bombshelter or the fitzroy and the vango hurricane 200, if some one can give me good, bad or what ever info these tents I thank you now, the tent I will get will be doing everything from summer the winter camping sun to snow, mountain to lowlands, thanks

Totally depends on what you need the tent for. The Fitzroy is 3 person, Bombshelter is 4-person, Nammatj 2GT is 2-person. How many people do you need it for? Black Diamond/Bibler make pretty much the best mountaineering tents in the world, but Marmot makes some good ones, along with Mountain Hardwear. For a two person, I'd recommend the Black Diamond Ahwahnee, or Marmot Alpinist. For three, the Fitzroy is great, along with the Mountain Hardwear EV3, and for four people, there is nothing better than the BD Bombshelter. I have no experience with North Face tents, but I hear their new single wall ones are pretty nice. You'll be good with any of these. They're built to last by reputable companies.


Why are there two weights listed for a...

Why are there two weights listed for a tent?

There are not two different weights. It is 6 lbs. 5 oz heavy. Many 3 season tents will list 2 or 3 different weights because you can often go with or without the rain fly, and sometimes just use the rainfly with out the main tent to even further reduce weight.


I can't decide between the Northface VE-25...

I can't decide between the Northface VE-25 and the Fitzroy 3 person 4- season .... any body out there that can provide me with some input?

Avoid that North Face tent, an 11lb 3 man? Are you kidding? This tent will work well, but I wouldn't try and fit 3 people in it on anything more than a 1-2 night trip, it will be cramped and wet - single walls will condense on the two outer sleepers regardless of material and venting. Have you looked into the Hilleberg Nallo or Nammatj? They are incredibly convenient to pitch (with internal poles, Fitzroy will NOT be), light and burly as hell.


What would you recommend for a good 3...

What would you recommend for a good 3 season 3 person tent? We wanted the Nemo Losi but it's sold out every where. My son wants the Black Diamond Fitzroy but that's out of our price range. Any suggestions?

Depends on what you're looking for. This is more of a 4 season mountaineering tent. If you're looking for a spring/summer/winter tent, I'd check out some of the Mountain Hardware tents or some of the MSR tents. Both a great and will cost less. Look at the MHW skyledge or MSR hubba hubba.

I have a Marmot Limelight 3. Its a 3 person, 3 season tent. No complaints with it so far.


I am trying to decide between the Fitzroy...

I am trying to decide between the Fitzroy and the Mountain Hardwear EV 2. MH is lighter, with exterior poles and sealed at the factory. Any pros+cons between both to help me choose??

Niloc - I had the same debate recently and decided to go with the Fitzroy for a couple reasons. The biggest one was that I'm 6'4 and it would be difficult, to say the least, to fit into the EV 2 and have a useable vestibule. The Fitzroy is bigger/roomier and perfect for 2 people for multiple nights. I also liked the vestibule that is removable to better suit the needs for whatever it is you're doing. I also think the internal poles are a plus - it makes setting it up in bad weather a little nicer than the external poles - but practice this at home a few times, it is different until you get the hang of it. As for the sealed seems, yes you have to do it yourself and than can be understandably frustrating - but in the end, an hour or so of work is worth the effort, IMHO. I've used both BD and MH tents and both are excellent quality!


It says the tent is "Seam Sealed" on this...

It says the tent is "Seam Sealed" on this site. Is it really? Why is everyone says they spent hours/days seam sealing it?

It's seam sealed after you seal it. Black Diamond sells their tents with a tube of sealant that YOU get to go over the stitching inside and out with. It's not super bad, just a bit tedious and time consuming. Set it up and seal it, it'll probably take a couple hours if you're good. If you're not, you will be by the time you're done. There was a noticeable difference between the seams where I started and the seams where I finished when I sealed my first BD tent.