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  • Black Diamond - glue side
  • Black Diamond - Tip
  • Black Diamond - Tail
  • Black Diamond - Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins -
  • Black Diamond - glue side -
  • Black Diamond - Tip -
  • Black Diamond - Tail -

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  • Black Diamond - Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins -

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins

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More time on the hill, less time trimming.

Black Diamond precut the Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins to fit your ski length to save you tedious trimming time and effort. The redesigned tip and tail attachments are 20% stronger than previous versions, and the tail strap provides 10cm of adjustment for the perfect fit.
  • Item #BLD0459

Tech Specs

Claimed Weight
649 g
Recommended Use
backcountry skiing
Tail Attachment
STS adjustable
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins work .

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

These skins are so much easier than setting a trap line on your neighbors property, checking it each and every frigid morning while the wife and kids laugh at you from the warmth of their electric blanket, resetting the traps with freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, getting sprayed by the odd skunk that was surprised to see your grumbling self round the corner, and wrestling the angry badger that ended up getting caught up in your havahart. NO, if you want to ski where you want to ski, get these for your skis. Buy them to length, and match the width to the fattest part of the ski. Trim to your ski's profile. Apply. Skin. Remove. Fold and stow. Ski. Repeat. Good clean, skunk-free fun.

Nice skins

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Probably the best grip out of most of the brands and styles, but also more stiff and clunky, which takes up a bunch of room in the pack, especially whe they're cold. Aso tip loop is not ideal for square tipped skis like moments or whitedots where the G3 hooks are far better. Otherwise, great skins and very durable for sure!

Nice skins

How the hell?

    I've got nice fat twin tip skis. They rocket down the slope. But slip on these badboys and I've got traction like a tiger with it's claw in the rear end of a antelope. These worked incredibly well for our hike out of the backcountry, every step I took I had confidence that I wouldn't slide back down the slope.

    Could climb up a straight wall

      I ordered and cut these down myself with no issues.

      I put them on my fat teles and took a 5 day tour. They stuck to the snow like paint. They grab the snow so well, I am going to trim them to only cover about 60% of the base of my ski. If you trim them per instructions, and you have fat skiis, you have a LOT of skin on the snow....too much for me. They are quite heavy and you could shed some weight by trimming more. Also, you will get a little better glide with less skin on the snow.

      almost unfair

        These skins make backcountry skinning almost unfair. I first slapped them on my BD Zealots and customized them accordingly (reviewer's note -- trimming custom skins is kind of like doing your sideburns -- resist the urge to keep evening them out, or you'll shave your way out of climbing power). They are super grippy and make you feel very sold underfoot on steep terrain. If I had a complaint (and I don't) it's that the glue is so sticky it takes a he man to pull them apart. That said, they are still easy enough to pull off with your skis still on (just try not to throw out your shoulder). They're only three seasons old, so I threw them on my new bluehouse maestros at the end of the season. No problems so far. Nice work BD.

        the reviews say it all

          Can't get a better more durable skin... with the warmer weather we've been going on ice, sticks, and even some gravel has been poking through, but the skins are still in great shape.. super durable and worth the little extra change over the competitors!

          back Country Skiing @ Selkirk Mountain Experience

            Just got back from 8 days up on Durrand Glacier with amazing untracked touring. The skins that my wife had before were not cut properly and slipped a lot. So I picked up a pair of Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins from you guys, got them cut nice and tight and the rest is history.
            Michael Fuller

            back Country Skiing @ Selkirk Mountain Experience

            Adjustable, double trouble

              Great skins. I have set that I can adjust the length to move between a pair of BD Zealots and Salomon Czars. It is nice to not have something that can work on multiple boards. They climb great, pack well, and I really like both the bag and mesh backing. I will buy these again.

              Apres Climbing Skins

              After an afternoon hike, we all hung our skins up to dry.

              I would definitely recommend these skins to anyone thinking about picking up AT skiing. It's a great way to get up the mountain, and Black Diamond skins are easy to to put on and take off and never slide back on a steep part.

              Apres Climbing Skins

              some info

                1. Decide on material type:
                Nylon: Generally climbs better and offers more traction, can be considered more durable, stiffer and hydrophobic. They do not glide as well as Mohair. These are the pitbull of skin material.
                Mohair Pure: 100% Mohair is a natural fiber and offers a superior glide over Nylon. Lighter weight, packs better, probably not as durable over the long term. Not as water repellent as Nylon. Well suited for long approaches and tours.
                Mohair Mix: These are a 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon for extra durability.

                2. Decide on tail attachments:
                STS tail attachment: Uses an over-the-center camming device combined with a stretchy elastomer strap that's easy to tension and remove—very versatile and easier to adjust in the length as needed. Easy to use. We sell far more STS style skins than any other.
                Standard: Does not use any style of tail attachment system (duct tape is your friend). It’s simple, basic, and there is nothing to break or lose.

                3. Choose between Glidelite or Ascension:
                Ascension Skins: Tend to be boardier, perhaps a bit more durable, harder to fold up small, but are easier to put on in a stiff breeze.
                Glidelite: Pretty much the opposite of the above (more pliable and packable than the stiff Ascension).

                I like the custom skins

                  4th set of skins I've owned - 1st set of "custom" recently purchased and usedIt was nice to have the length already dialed in as well as have the tip attachment attached. I was able to trim the sides in short order and quickly benefit from nice new skins.I've used BCA lowfats, climbing skins direct skins and the ascension nylon skins. It's hard for me to compare the grip for the different brands as they all have worked well here in the PNW. The grip seem similar to me. the BD's are a stiffer skin so they don't roll up as well as the other two brands. That said, will buy the BD's again next time I need skins.

                  Awesome Skins

                    Used these skins for the first time on Sunday at ABasin on some pretty steep slopes. It was my first time using skins so I dont have a lot of experience to reference from but these things worked great! I couldnt believe the traction. No issues at all. I cant wait to use them on some backcountry trips.

                    My husband has Surface skis 193 cm...

                    My husband has Surface skis 193 cm 156/120/135. I wanted to surprise him with skins for Christmas, but I have no idea which ones to get. Can anyone help me? :)

                    I've got skis that are 110 at the middle...

                    I've got skis that are 110 at the middle widens out to about 130 towards the tip and 186 in length. Should I go with the 110 x 179-186 version?

                    hey, i was wondering what size skins to...

                    hey, i was wondering what size skins to get for the 184 Salomon rocker 2. should i go with the 125mm or should i try and find something wider.

                    I have some K2 Hardsides that are 174 cm...

                    I have some K2 Hardsides that are 174 cm and 131/98/119 mm wide. Which skin size should I get?

                    I have a par of 189 k2 Obsethed I put...

                    I have a par of 189 k2 Obsethed I put Marker dukes on the so i could tour and all I need is skins. They have a 146mm Tip, 117 waist, and 134 tail. I just don't know what size I would need to order? Thanks

                    Hey Backountry AT Gearheads! What's the...

                    Hey Backountry AT Gearheads! What's the best size BD Ascension Nylon STS skin to match my 181 cm K2 Coomba (135/102/121)? I'm 6'2" and 205 # and love to climb, so I need max traction. Thanks!

                    I have a pair of Alpina Discovery cross-country...

                    I have a pair of Alpina Discovery cross-country skis with a Rossignol (NNN BC style) binding. The length is 1.8m and the width is 6.8cm at the front 6.0cm at the middle and 6.5cm at the tail. I want to go up some steep slopes with these skis, so I will need some climbing skins; however, I have heard that some skins won't go on skis as narrow as mine. If anyone has suggestions for me, I would be very appreciative.

                    My son wants Black Diamond Ascension Custom...

                    My son wants Black Diamond Ascension Custom STS skins for his Solomon Czars and I'd like to know what size to order? His skiis are 182's ( 131 tip / 111 waist / 121 tail ). thanks

                    Do the Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Custom...

                    Do the Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins fit the Rossignol S7 ski? It sounds like I would enter the dimensions of the ski I would like to have STS Skins fitted for? Then Back Country would cut the skin for that ski?

                    I have a pair of the 2009 Volkl Mantra...

                    I have a pair of the 2009 Volkl Mantra skis, with AT bindings but need Skins... What size would work best? They are 177 cm.

                    Hello all - I have a pair of 2010 Volkl...

                    Hello all -

                    I have a pair of 2010 Volkl Gotomas (170s). Looking to pick up a skins, but looking for some suggestions on sizing. Any thoughts?

                    Thanks - Justin

                    Will the 125x185-192cm skins work for the...

                    Will the 125x185-192cm skins work for the B.D. Voodoo Telemark/AT Skis 123/88/112mm at 185 length; or should I get the 110x179-186cm skins.

                    I just bought a pair of BD Zealots (182)....

                    I just bought a pair of BD Zealots (182). What size should i buy?

                    If you are looking for full coverage, you want a few millimeters narrower than the shovel width of your skis (136mm) and then cover the length. Best bet would be the 125mm X 179-186cm. It looks like those are out of stock here. You could go narrower, but will sacrifice grip.
                    Hope this helps.

                    Can anyone who has bought these (custom,...

                    Can anyone who has bought these (custom, not the regular ones. I know the normal ones come w/a tool) confirm/deny if they come with a trimming tool?

                    What would be the best skins for my Fischer...

                    What would be the best skins for my Fischer Watea 98's (measurements are 130-98-122)? 130's, and is Black Diamond my best best for my buck and for quality?

                    Personally I'd get a skin in 130mm width, and then trim it down, so that you have wall-to-wall skin coverage. As to quality, the Nylon STS skins will outlast your skis and your boots. That said, don't pay for the "custom" skins. For $20 more than the normal STS skins, they've saved you very little effort.

                    i have volkl mantras 184 with a waist of...

                    i have volkl mantras 184 with a waist of 96mm and wondering which size skins i should get, also that tail connection works for semi twin tips yeh?

                    I have the Line Prophet 130's, will these...

                    I have the Line Prophet 130's, will these skins work. Does anyone make ridiculous wide skins?

                    The widest skins I've seen are 140mm. Black Diamond and Voile both have them, but I would check out They are cheaper, and have a 140mm skin as well. The P 130's aren't really designed as a touring ski. They're more for mechanized access. However, that isn't to say you don't have some options to make them work
                    One option I have found for wider skis, is to cut a slit down the center of the skin, so that there is a space in the center of the skin, but full contact to the edges. This has allowed me to use the same skins on a few pairs of differently shaped skis, and performed really well. Black Diamond makes 'split skins' like this, but they have a mesh material between them to hold the sides together, mostly for weight saving and ease when pulling them apart.
                    The splitting of your own narrower skins would probably be your best bet, as you will not get full coverage on your P 130's with a 140mm skin. If you have the right needles, awl, thread, and skills, I guess you could try sewing some skinny skins together, but that would likely be too much of a pain in the @$$. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck, and happy turns.

                    Best Answer

                    I have a pair of 120 width skins that i've used on hellbents a ton, with no complaints. you can tour in any ski, just easier on some, but if you only have one ski, then tour on it!
                    1) remember that you will want your edges hanging wider than the skin, or you will have a tough time on sunbaked ice slopes.
                    2) the skin just has to be as wide as say 5mm(maybe 10?) less than waist so 125 would work perfect for you.
                    3) dont worry about cutting slits or sewing your skins, that sounds pretty tough.... when you get the skins you will find out how much of a pain any cutting is, much less special slits.
                    4) 125mm is such a wide skin.. traction will not be an issue, only stamina
                    Again. you will want your edges showing, not covered by the skin so you can hold an edge on icy steep sideways slope.

                    I've got Black Diamond Zealots (192 length)....

                    I've got Black Diamond Zealots (192 length). What size skin should I get? I believe the waist is 110(?)