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Beal Rope Marker


Rope Marker

Stay safe in the vertical world by maintaining your current center mark or adding a new one when necessary. The Beal Rope Marker keeps you current on rope geography so you don't find yourself in an easily-avoidable dangerous situation.
  • Special ink for marking climbing ropes
  • Ink resists rope-stiffening, water, and abrasion
  • Small roller at the tip enhances inking
  • One container makes 30 marks
  • Item #BEA0018

Recommended Use
climbing, adding or reviving center mark on your rope
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Easy to use

I bought this to use on a dry mountaineering rope. I was able to simply mark tie in points. No more paying out arms lengths of rope to measure. Application was easy. Mask, apply, and let dry.

>Rating: 4

stiffens rope

I've used it several times

It takes about 1-3 days for it to fully dry. When it's dry, it stiffens the rope a bit. But it is super dark and very visible! It's only tested on a few manufacturers: "Beal - Blue Water - Edelweiss - Camp - Lanex - Maxim by New England - Millet - PMI - Roca."

>Rating: 5

Works great investment

I've put it through the wringer

Any climber knows the middle mark is important so why not make it visible and easy to locate. Also can be used for marking slight damages just things to keep your eye on. Let your friends borrow it and gain PR points.

>Rating: 5

Perfect Marker

I've used it several times

The middle marks on my rope had completely disappeared so i figured it was worth the 20$ to mark it again. Im glad i did. I have only been out with my rope a few times since marking it but the marks seem to not be fading. I would definitely recommend this product

>Rating: 5

Great solution

I've used it several times

I've used this to Mark and 80M rope that did not have a middle mark as well as remarking some of my ropes where the original marks have worn off. That said, it works very much as advertised. If you're a little more careful than the gentleman in the video posted you don't need rubber gloves. One swipe is all it really needs to mark well. Mine was dry but smelled like marker after 20 minutes and was completely dry the next morning (about 12 hours).

>Rating: 4

Worked well

I've put it through the wringer

I didn't want to risk anything with something I trust my life with so I bought this. My life is worth more than saving $8 (although I have no doubt using a non-solvent marker works fine). Seems to be holding up fine after one big climbing trip in Yosemite. The bottle resealed fine for future uses and was easy to apply. NOTE: The bottle has reverse threads!!! I couldn't open it then after nearly breaking the plastic bottle with two pliers I figured it out...and it was very easy to open. So it's not lefty...loosey! Just a heads up. 3 stars = adequate for the job UPDATE: I'm retiring the rope that has been marked and you can still se the mark. It has lasted great. Better than the markings on other ropes I had from the manufacturer. I'll go up to a 4 star

>Rating: 4

Can also use any water-based marker

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Bluewater has a good discussion on their FAQ about middle markers. They recommend any non-solvent based marker, particularly Sharpie's Rub-A-Dub laundry pen (which you can get for $2 on Amazon). and click on FAQs at top. Here's what they say: "Marking pens are fine to use on ropes as long as they are water based laundry markers. Years ago solvent based markers were the norm. Some of the solvents used in these old pens could reduce the strength of the sheath strands marked. These days most pens are water based so this is not as much of an issue as in years passed. We recommend a Sharpie 'rub a dub' laundry marking pen."


How To: Mark a Rope

Here is a little video on how to mark your rope with the Beal Rope Marker. This rope marker is specially made for marking climbing and Rappelling ropes without damaging the sheath. It can be a little messy so be prepared for that.

Additional Information from Beal's Website- this specifies the rope brands that this is safe to use on, according to Beal. "Only for use on the ropes listed on the container : Beal - Blue Water - Edelweiss - Camp - Lanex - Maxim by New England - Millet - PMI - Roca." -Just thought that might be important to have here if anyone need to know.

Note to self: Wear rubber gloves when doing this !!!