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Beal Flyer II Golden Dry Rope - 10.2mm


Flyer II Golden Dry Rope

With a diameter that bridges the gap between traditional ropes and new-school skinny ropes, the Beal Flyer II 10.2mm Rope gives you versatile performance that’s just as useful at the sport crag as it is on an alpine ice route. Beal’s Golden Dry treatment adds a protective coating to both the core and the sheath to avoid water absorption and freezing on ice or alpine climbs, and slows down wear and tear, drastically increasing the rope’s life expectancy.
  • Item #BEA0007

Dry Treatment
Golden Dry
Static Elongation
Dynamic Elongation
Impact Force
7.4 kN
UIAA Falls
Center Mark
Rope Weight
Claimed Weight
[60m] 8lb 7.5oz, [70m] 9lb 14oz
Recommended Use
all-around climbing
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Softest Catch Ever

I've put it through the wringer

I have gone through several ropes now and this is by far the softest catch I have ever had. I love the dynamic properties of this rope along with the fact this thing is over engineered. I made sure to get the "Golden Dry" treatment, knowing the core and sheath are protected allows me to climb a little harder because I am not thinking of worse case scenarios. I have had a couple month of HARD climbing on this rope and it shows zero sign of wear. My only concern was during a hard 80 foot rappel with a high friction ATC, I smelled a faint burning scent, later I found this was simply the Golden Dry coating getting hot from the ATC, there was zero signs of glaze. So to summarize, this rope is tough as nails, weather resistant, and catches the climber in the most luxurious fashion. I would highly recommend this rope.


Beal Flyer II 10.2mm or 9.5mm?

The label would make you think they are the same rope, but on closer inspection you can see they are not. The Beal Flyer II 10.2mm was a fine rope and performed well. My second purchase of the same rope was not so good. The rope didn't compare to the first. It was closer to 9.5mm with a loose jacket and 10 small inner cords. The first rope had 9 larger inner cords, and a jacket that was not as loose. It also did not flatten out as does the newest rope. Obviously Beal has made changes between these lots of rope or mislabeled a 9.5mm as 10.2mm. These are not bad ropes, but if you have used one and expect the next to be the same, it may not. The inconsistency in how Beal manufacturers the Beal Flyer II is a bit concerning.


On belay.

>Rating: 3

Solid Rope. Surprising elongation.

I've put it through the wringer

Rope is holding up very well over the past 2 years. Lots of life left. 70M version. Handles great and seems pretty light for the diameter. One issue we have that should be posted here: There is an excessive amount of elongation compared to other ropes - you notice it falling when over 20 M up a pitch. You also notice it when rappelling and being lowered off of long sport routes. It's very bouncy when hanging. The major issue is if you happen to take a long fall with potential for hitting a ledge, the rope may elongate to the point where you may just hit or nick that ledge. I have had 2 close calls. This was not an issue with my other ropes (Bluewater eliminator, Sterling Marathon Pro, New England Glider)

The extreme elongation is a benefit, in my opinion; I like softer catches. I always warn people that it's not a rope meant for TR'ing though. It's a 5 star rope (and my personal favorite) if you're aware of and desire the stretchiness.

>Rating: 5

You always remember your first

Like many other people I purchased this as my first rope. I was looking for a good, durable rope and this definitely delivers. The thicker 10.2 size inspires confidence for newer climbers. The Golden Dry treatment and high fall rating means that this rope will keep catching your falls for a long time. While the rope bag it comes with is nothing special it is a nice thing to have.


Rope bag with tarp spread out

I didn't realize Beal ropes came with bag included - what a nice surprise! It's not as burly as one you'd buy separately, but it's a pretty decent bag and comes with a shoulder strap and a big tarp that measures 3.25' x 3.25'. Here it is with my rope and a few slings.


Beal rope bag

The Booster (left) and Flyer (right) in the rope bag that comes (included!) with the rope.

>Rating: 5

Tie into the best

This is my 2nd Beal Flyer II. First one was great...why buy something less than the best? Rain, snow, sun, local crag, or a backcountry peak bag; this is the rope I pull out of the closet to climb with. Middle mark is by far the WORST of any rope I've ever used. Touch it up yourself.


Roping Boulder Anchor

No bolts? No worries! Use your Beal Flyer for a beefy natural anchor.

>Rating: 5

Great durable workhorse

This was our first rope. We got many years of use out of it and it never went fuzzy. This is a great rope.

>Rating: 5

Fuschia Fantastic

Got this as a few years back based on price alone. From the top ropes at Beaver Street to dragging the whole length through a dust pile at Swan Slab this line has done me nothing but good. Got caught in a monsoon going up Lembert last summer and it didn't seem heavier at all. When I retire mine I just might get the exact same thing. Do I have faith in this rope? It's at the ready in case my building catches fire and I'm out the window.

>Rating: 5

Great quality and value

I bought this rope about 5 1/2 years ago and still climb on it (though it's about time for a new one). I've done plenty of back-to-back climbing weekends and weeklong climbing excursions over the years with this thing and it has endured them all. The golden try treatment bumps up the price a bit but I think has extended the life of my rope. What's more, this rope has never felt heavy or burdensome. Truly a good buy

>Rating: 5

I'm not dead, that's good...

I bought this rope recently (in all truth kind of shooting in the dark, i don't know gear that well) and I've been really stoked on it. It comes with a rope bag that while it doesn't seem to be as burly as one that you would buy separately, it is quite decent and works just fine to wrap the rope up nicely and get to the climb spot. I am also stoked on the dry factor, as I haven't had the chance to yet, but am planning on using it this winter as well for some mountaineering. All in all it is a good rope that runs smoothly and is good and bright so you can always find it on the rock.

>Rating: 5

Good Rope

This is a great rope that feeds smooth. It comes with a pretty decent rope bag and it is marked at the halfway point. I have had the rope for a few months now and it seems to be wearing really well.


Does this come with a bag?

Note* does not come with bag anymore


Whats the difference between this rope and...

Whats the difference between this rope and Beal Flyer II 10.2mm Dry Cover Rope . Thank you