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Guide: Choosing the Right Snowboard Boot

The most obvious difference between boots is the type of lacing they use. Choose from a traditional shoelace style, a Speed Lace system that tightens with a pull, or a Boa setup that adjusts with the twist of a dial. Traditional lacing allows for a more customizable fit, while speed or Boa systems aim for ease of use.

Boots are rated on a stiffness scale that ranges from 1 to 10 (soft to stiff). Softer, more flexible boots are good for beginners and for freestyle/park riders. Stiffer, more supportive, and more responsive boots are preferred for riding steep lines, hitting jumps, or carving on groomers.

Snowboard boot liners aren't just about insulation. They can provide additional support and help hold your foot and heel in place. Many are thermomoldable, meaning they can be warmed up and custom-fitted to your feet. They are usually removable, although many kids' boots will feature a one-piece design for ease of use.


How to Choose Snowboard Boots