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Built For Living

Life in a mountain town means plenty of variety in the daily routine. Scenery that begs to be enjoyed and an abundance of trails and ways to play present a constant invitation to break from the schedule and get out and enjoy. Basin + Range’s apparel is made to be versatile, so it’s always as ready for diversion as you are.

Ready for Anything

It’s not all work in a mountain town, and if you’re open to it, you’ll be presented with opportunities to kick back and spend quality time with great people. It’s why Basin + Range designs its clothing with a keen eye for style, so you’re always ready when you get the notice that your friends are getting together.

Inspired by the Outdoors

Whether you’re a visitor, a transplant, or a certified local, living in the mountains means adapting to ever-changing weather. From flannels to winter jackets, every Basin + Range piece is made for those who venture into nature to make the most of their surroundings.

About Basin and Range

Born in Park City Utah, Basin + Range offers apparel and accessories that reflect the spirit of its hometown. Basin + Range pieces offer outdoor utility, unmatched value, and carefully considered details that give you a taste of the mountain town life, every day.