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Assos Zegho Werksmannschaft Sunglasses


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    • Black Lenses-b/W Frames, One Size

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    Zegho Werksmannschaft Sunglasses

    We understand why you might sometimes feel that you need a degree in Assos to understand some of its product titles. However, like all things Assos, the two words, 'Zegho Werksmannschaft,' speak volumes towards a refined, innovative, and feverish approach to perfection. And while you have a few lens options for the Zegho, the Werksmannschaft, featured here, are the result of a hand-in-hand development with Assos' Factory Team of engineers and professional cyclists. So, in other words, the Zegho Werksmannschaft Sunglasses reflect the height of Assos' abilities.

    Zegho, pronounced 'Zay-go,' is a different animal than your typical sports eyewear. You know just by glancing at it that the design cues look to come from the runway shows used for debuting Assos clothing lines. The look not only stands out, but it turns heads. The Zegho is futuristic while being contemporary, fashionable while being practical. These attributes are typical of Assos, evidence that its design is as smart and thorough as its paradigm-changing jackets and shorts.

    And because Assos is Assos, it looked at every single aspect of eyewear in order to figure out what works and what doesn't. It's for this reason that Assos partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision, a leader in lens technology. Zeiss has a reputation for producing lenses of amazing clarity. It not only works in eyewear, but it also develops microscopes and camera lenses. In fact, its reputation is similar to Assos in that its products are thought of as both 'elegant and well-constructed.'

    The Zeiss lens spans the face, 17cm across and 6cm top to bottom at its tallest, affording a full 180 degree field of vision. With this completely unobstructed view, you feel less like you're behind a lens and more like you're headfirst out into the world. The lens has zero optical distortion, which is referred to in shorthand as Assos zOd.Tec. This is an amazing feat considering the long compound curvature of the lens. The lack of distortion is absolutely refreshing. If you regularly wear shabby lenses and try these on, you'll see a remarkable difference.

    Assos chose to use polyamide for the lens because it's lighter, more flexible, and more durable than polycarbonate. It has excellent optical quality and significantly better impact resistance as well. As such they were certified Optical Class I by Certottica, the Italian standards agency.

    Like its apparel, Assos worked to optimize the fit of the Zegho. So rather than using a continuous curve lens, like a base-8 or base-7, the Zegho lens is curved to match human facial structure. The lens is big around each eye for maximum protection, but sculpted down elsewhere to keep the weight down and to reduce the likelihood of fogging.

    You'll notice that the lens has a short, sharp transition from dark to clear about 2/3 of the way down from the top. Assos call this Tunnel View or TV. It is unique to Zegho, and there's a patent pending on it. The idea comes from Assos designers not being satisfied with photochromic technology. The engineers at Assos live in a land where they'll be bombing down a sunny mountainside, go around a turn, and shoot into a dark tunnel. Photochromic lenses don't change fast enough in this situation. So, by making the lower 2cm of the lens clear, you'll simply need to tilt your head back a bit to see straight ahead through the clear portion of the lens. There's no need to take a hand off of the bars in order to remove your eyewear in low-light. Instead, you'll always be in control and still have eye protection.

    Assos made a conscious decision not to polarize its lenses. Here, too, Assos was considering safety when descending at high speed. The way that it sees it, if you're descending on a road that is wet in sections, the light reflecting off of the water is a simple, time-proven, and visual cue that could save you from going down on slippery pavement.

    The final technical hurdle is the reality of riding outdoors. In order to handle the sometimes grimy environment of cycling, the Zegho employs Ri-Pel. This is a Zeiss coating that hardens the lens, smooths the surface, and is transparent as to not alter the light transmission percentages. And with this coating, the lens is also anti-smudge, anti-static, chemical-resistant, easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and more durable.

    The Zegho is available with two lens versions. The first is the Grey G7026 neutral tint, which is featured here. It has 8-18% light transmission. The second Zegho lens is the Yellow G2016 high-contrast tint. It has 80-100% light transmission. The yellow tint selectively reduces blue light to increase contrast and depth perception. This is why they're great on overcast and rainy days and also at night. The bottom of both lenses is clear, though it still blocks UV rays.

    And while the lens makes up most of the Zegho, the arms and nosepiece hold it to your face, and Assos decided to revisit all the conventions and improve them. The first thing that you'll notice is that the arms are long, thin, and flexible. They capture your head shape softly, but confidently. Assos calls this Zeropressure, and it works because they wrap well past the ears. Likewise, the nosepiece is flexible, but has a sub-structure that is able to be bent to a general shape. The points of contact are covered in a sticky rubberized material that Assos calls clickFace. Essentially, this holds onto skin, even when sweaty. There are also mounts at the ends of the arms for an included elastic strap if you're looking for even more security.

    The Assos Zegho is available with the Werksmannschaft frame and lens coloration. It comes with a GreyG7026 neutral tint lens and Black and White striped arms. Assos recommends cleaning the lens with water and mild soap. Shake to release excess water, and use the included micro-fiber cloth to dry and polish.

    • Eyewear with Assos' typical attention to detail
    • Zero Optimal Distortion zOd.Tec lens lets you see the road without distortion
    • AEPD ClickFace curves the Zegho lens curves to match the face
    • Offers 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
    • Lightweight, flexible arms extend past your ears for a secure fit
    • Flexible nosepiece adheres to the perspiration covered skin
    • Item #AAS0230

    Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens V-toric
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    all sizes
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    road cycling
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    What do you think about this product?


    >Rating: 5

    Expensive? Yes. Worth It? Absolutely!!

    I've used it several times
    True to size

    Have been 'eyeing' these for awhile and finally bit the bullet. These exceed all expectations. First they are impossibly light but as with most Assos, they appear to be overbuilt so no problem. But the fit is incredible. They really do disappear on your face. The lens are brilliant and the full coverage is much appreciated. Get them!!

    >Rating: 5

    Great Glasses !

    I've put it through the wringer
    True to size

    I have a lot of sunglasses over the years to ride with. These replaced Oakley photo chromatics. They have been the best I have used over 40 years of riding - "Yes I am an old guy" - The clear portion of the lenses allow you to see things like a directions clearly and the dark has worked well in all lighting conditions. I use the strap provide to give me a perfect fit. The one thing that was unique to these are that their large size protects your eyes from dust blowing in - a real advantage when riding on dirty roads.

    >Rating: 5

    Fantastic glasses does what ASSOS says

    I've put it through the wringer

    I have owned these for over a year. THEY ARE FANTASTIC, the don't fog up, living in Seattle the rain is repelled and never hinders your vision. After you put them on you forget that you are even wearing them. When you go from sun to shade you just look through the bottom of the lenses and you have clear vision, no more oh no when you go from sun to shade. Are they expensive yes, are they worth it to me no question about it.

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    Can this lens be done w Rx?

    Can this lens be done w Rx?

    Hi, At this time, Assos is not offering the Zeghos with either an RX insert or RX lens option. I'm not sure if this is due to how the lens is manufactured, or if they just haven't completed all the necessary testing, but I don't foresee this being an option for at least another year. Sorry!