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Assos T.rallyShorts_S7 Lady Bib Shorts - Women's

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T.rallyShorts_S7 Lady Bib Shorts

With the release of the women-specific T.rallyShorts_S7 Lady Bib Shorts, our response was the same as when the men's model was unveiled during the last product cycle. We were surprised. We weren't surprised that the Swiss company was leaving the black ribbon for the dusty trail; rather, we were surprised that we never found it odd that a company based in such mountainous terrain hadn't produced mountain kit before. Like the men's model, the women's T.rallyShorts are set apart from the brand's often-fetishized road shorts by three key elements: padding, a revised chamois, and a new main body fabric.

The padding is the most immediately obvious difference, and it's also the feature that most recommends the T.rallyShorts for bumpy riding. The padding centers on the greater trochanter, which marks the top of the femur and the hip joint. The pads consist of 8mm of viscoelastic polyurethane, and they're shaped and positioned to protect against the usual impacts of hard trail riding without compromising pedaling efficiency or mobility. Their low weight and flexibility is further complemented by body perforations, which reduce the suffocating effect of solid pads. They're also removable for days when your XC aspirations aren't as dangerous or you're just out spinning on the road.

The chamois is similar to the amethyst inserts found throughout Assos' road line with two differences. First, it's grey, not purple. Second, it has been completely reimagined, shape-wise, to conform to a woman's anatomy. At its heart is a mountain-specific topography of memoryFoam material first introduced in the venerable _s2 FI.13. This material exhibits remarkable return properties, so it quickly regains its original position after deformation, essentially filling the gaps that your pedal stroke produces while your weight shifts throughout the pedaling motion.

The T.rallyShorts are built on Assos' s7 platform, which entails a host of bulk-reducing, anatomical features, but the goldenGate design warrants a specific call-out. GoldenGate involves attaching the chamois at the front and rear, leaving the sides free to float so the chamois moves with your body instead of against it. This effectively relocates friction from the skin/chamois interface to the chamois/shorts, all but eliminating irritation. It also facilitates the chamois' "gap filling" action by helping to keep contact constant to avoid chafing.

Assos claims that, since they're being released a year later than the men's version, the women's T.rallyShorts enjoy a host of improvements. The improved type.499 fabric, updated with a name and increased durability, is definitely leading this category. The shorts also feature the same Kompressorfabric as the men's, a compound name that alludes to the material's combined powers of compression, aerodynamic properties, and durability. While the former two properties feature in Assos' road line, durability is almost as important for off-road shorts, so the material is made to handle the rough-and-tumble world of pervasive trail grime, grasping branches, and unyielding granite that most road rides never encounter.

The leg bands continue this theme of fitting your body instead of forcing your body to fit the shorts. The legs terminate in low-volume grip bands to keep the cuffs securely in place, and the waistband uses gentle compression and a wide footprint to ensure coverage without adding pressure and restriction to your stomach. The lay-flat bib straps meet in a Y over the sternum, and Assos claims that the new, magnetic buckle over the stomach manages to increase comfort over the previous designs used in shorts from the outgoing S5 line. While we never really had any complaints about the comfort of the S5's buckle system, the new, magnetic engagement does net some obvious. It clicks into place with the same intuitive ease that the your body clicks into the Assos fit.

  • Mountain-built shorts up the ante for Women's MTB gear
  • Swiss engineering crafts trail-ready chamois
  • Anatomic construction stays comfortable on vigorous rides
  • Compressive fabric holds snug, and adds aero properties
  • Women's-specific bib accounts for your anatomy
  • Low-volume grip bands secure cuffs in place
  • Wide waist uses gentle compression for coverage
  • Item #AAS005S

50% polyamide, 50% elastane
AEPD regularFit
Removable Liner
S7 goldenGate Lady mountain
Chamois Thickness
Recommended Use
mountain bike
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These Assos bibs have been perfect for any long, off-road adventures. The removable pads on either side of the hips offer additional protection in case you unintentionally get sideways. The chamois is the same support offered in the LAALALAI's. Inseam measured at 8 inches. Awesome for 5+ hour days. I understand the thought behind the magnetic bib strap closure, but it does not work that well in practice. Getting the bibs down is manageable with your jersey left on. However, unless you have incredible shoulder range of motion, you'll be hard pressed to thread the strap back up underneath your jersey and over your head. You usually end up taking your jersey off to lower the bibs anyway. Let me be clear, these are not anymore difficult than a standard strap design. They are just not any easier. I still will always recommend bibs over shorts as the slight inconvenience when going to the bathroom is absolutely the comfort and support when riding. I don't find the front magnetic closure to be uncomfortable, but I think these would be just as great (and less gimmicky) with standard bib straps. Overall, solid rough ride bibs. Great for layering under baggies when you don't want to look like an XC nerd shredding bike park on your Strega.


What is the inseam length. my cycling partner has short legs and likes an inseam on her bib shorts between 6 and 7.5 inches.

Hi Rich, I apologize for the long delay in our response. I measured the inseam on my medium bibs at 7.5 inches. The legs could be pulled up a bit more and sit comfortably at 7 inches as well.