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Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell - Men's


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Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell

It was a dark and stormy night, and though your den had a roaring fire, and a glass of scotch was more than enticing, your bike gave you a longing gaze when you pulled into the garage, and you knew in that moment that you couldn't leave it hanging in a gloomy corner among camping gear, and lawn care equipment while you indulgently sipped away in your leather armchair. And so you stepped inside, but just briefly, to change from your work clothes into your Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell so you can embark on a blustery ride through the countryside, protected from harsh elements, and illuminating the road with bright reflective pops to keep you and your trusty steed safe as motorists bustle down the road.

When Assos set out to create the Rs.sturmprinz the task wasn't taken lightly. It needed to be a jacket that could withstand wind and rain, maintain lightweight packability, exceptional protection, and perhaps most importantly, fit flawlessly. The result of their high demands was a rain jacket designed to be waterproof and work with cyclists who are riding in nature's harshest conditions. To make the Rs.sturmprinz the engineers at Assos created two new fabrics, the Triton V1 and Triton V2. Triton V1 is the tougher, heavier, more waterproof fabric, and it was used for the front panels. Triton V2 is lighter, more breathable and was used in back. The Swiss-made Triton fabric is a temperature-sensitive waterproof-breathable membrane. This means that when it's cold, the membrane is less breathable, which is good, as it will help hold in your body heat. When it's warm, the membrane is more breathable, and it reacts by increasing moisture transport for better breathability.

Like previous years, the Rs.sturmprinz Evo features an airVent system to continue ventilation of perspiration to keep your core primed at the perfect temperature for riding. On the inside, the seams are sealed to reinforce waterproofing, ensuring no water can creep its way in through joints and seams. Another vent is located parallel with the shoulder blades to keep heat expelling through this zone. Both the wrist and neck have adjustable seals that you can tighten down to keep out moisture and frosty breezes, or loosen it when you need additional venting. This allows you to create your own microclimate that best fits your needs.

Adding the support you need for a ride to the microclimate, the jacket features a center back pocket for storing essentials. The pocket is sealed with a reflective zipper that tackles both keeping moisture out for protecting valuables, and boosting visibility when the cloud cover and downpour lead to dim lighting. On both sides of the jacket you'll find pocket flaps that work as vents, or access to the pockets of your inner jersey underneath.

  • Exceptional rain protection for wet winter rides
  • Form fitting performance that earns the Assos badge
  • Elevated fabrics react to the elements to wick and dry
  • Stay as dry as a prohibition fight with waterproof maerials
  • Sealed seams keep moisture outside no matter what
  • Adjustable neck and wrists seal out precipitation
  • Zippered back pocket with reflective accents for visibility
  • Item #AAS008J

1 back zippered
Recommended Use
road cycling
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>Rating: 5

Best Rain Jacket I've ever had!

I've put it through the wringer
True to size

I've had quite a few rain jackets over the years and this is by far the best one I've had. Most of them did a poor to fair job managing sweat. With the RS.STURMPRINZ I never overcook with it. Year-round, I'm always sweat free. It's amazing how this jacket keeps the rain out and my micro-climate so perfect. Water shakes off very easily and never penetrates. It's bulkier than the Equipe RS Rain jacket but still very manageable and will fold into in any back pocket. In fact, I appreciate that extra bulkiness in the winter. Where, if needed, it does a better job insulating as an outer layer than the Assos Equipe RS version. If you can afford both, than Equipe RS the better suited for the warmer temps, lighter, and less bulky to carry. But if you had to have just one for year round use look no further. the RS.STURMPRINZ is the one to get.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times
True to size

I've been endlessly impressed with my Strumprinz jacket. Full disclosure; I live in a relatively dry part of the world (Salt Lake City), but I've taken this out on a couple of winter road excursions with wet roads, and I was blown away. I can only imagine how well it would perform in a true downpour. You're not going to find another jacket that will truly keep you completely dry, and breathe this well. From the taped seems, to the fitted cuffs, to the perfect cut, I honestly can't formulate any criticism. Be sure to reach out to me directly at if you have any questions!

>Rating: 5

Great jacket!

I've used it several times
True to size
Size Bought
6` 3"
240 lbs

I picked this up a few months ago when CC had it on sale, and it is definitely my favorite jacket. It's very breathable, and does a great job of keeping me dry on wet rides. It also does an excellent job of cutting the wind.