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About American Mountain Co.

The American Mountain Co. isn’t doing anything new in terms of technical innovation or vintage style. What it is doing that’s radically fresh is combining the highest level of technical performance with a classic Americana look. In short, it’s making technical apparel that doesn’t look overly technical. Even better, it’s all being made right here in the USA.

The American Mountain Co. idea was hatched after founders Chad Caudill and Brad Sawdon walked the main floor of the Outdoor Retailer trade show. They noticed that all of the high-end apparel shared a highly technical, modern, and futuristic look. Not only were they unsatisfied with the dominating style, they weren’t sold on the generally baggy fit of the apparel, either. The duo wanted high performance for mountain adventures, but they also wanted a classic look and a more structured fit. It was in this vein of thinking that The American Mountain Co. was officially founded.

In addition to high-performance and classic style, The American Mountain Co. is deeply committed to making all of its products here in the USA. Having grown up in auto-industry families in Detroit, both founders have a firsthand understanding of what happens to communities when we cease to make products on American soil. At The American Mountain Co., “Made in America” is more than a catchy marketing phrase, it’s a powerful determination to actually “change things one stitch at a time.”

To provide the highest level of technical performance, the company sources materials from leading textile makers such as Schoeller, Polartec, Pittards, and PrimaLoft. The founders (who are also the designers) also take care to select the highest quality components they can find. For instance, it only takes a single pull to notice the quality difference in the waterproof Aquaguard zippers used on the 907 Jacket. They’ve also bucked the industry trend of using mountain lingo to name products, opting instead to use the area codes of iconic mountain states like Alaska and Wyoming to name products like the 907 High-Altitude Hardshell and the 307 Mid-Altitude Softshell, respectively. The company also guarantees every product for life, and they really mean it. To ensure quality, each piece of apparel is personally signed by one of the founders or the craftsman who made it before leaving the factory.

As for the inspiration on the vintage styles, the founders are looking to the golden age of American climbing in the ‘50s and ‘60s, a time when climbing required a true sense of adventure and a willingness to take risks by venturing into the unknown. The fledgling brand currently offers six styles, exclusively for men, including a hard shell jacket and pant, a softshell jacket, two technical sweaters, and a pair of mittens. While the offering is limited, each product has been obsessed over in terms of function, fit, and style. High-performance outerwear is not a new thing. High-performance outerwear that’s made exclusively in America with classic American style—that is a new thing, and we’re glad it’s happening.