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Adventure Ready SOL Emergency Blanket



SOL Emergency Blanket

You wouldn't be caught dead wearing Adventure Medical's SOL Emergency Blanket ... by which we mean this emergency shelter features a metallic fabric that reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat back to you. It could keep you just warm enough if you find yourself trapped out of doors unexpectedly in dropping temperatures. And while emergency blankets aren't a panacea against freezing cold, they can be tied up for an improvised shelter, to signal rescue teams, and, when used correctly, help rescue a hypothermia victim. Also, this blanket is insanely lightweight and affordable, so while it will never replace your -40 degree sleeping bag, there's really no excuse not to carry one in your pack.

  • A lightweight blanket for emergency warmth in the sudden cold
  • Reflective material is highly adept at trapping body heat
  • Packs down small for a barely-there presence in your bag
  • Item #AMK0138

vacuum-metalized polyethylene
56 x 84in
Recommended Use
emergency warmth
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>Rating: 5

When you need help

Ideal for emergencies to protect you family.

>Rating: 5

Grab a Couple

I've put it through the wringer

It's worth keeping one in your day pack. They're light, they're affordable, and you'll promptly forget about it, but it can be a life saver if things go sideways.

>Rating: 4

Inexpensive Piece of mind

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Lightweight and easy to throw into the jockey box or backpack for an emergency or just in need of an extra layer. Seems to be made out of sturdier material than going to the local marketplace to buy one. Good to have on hand.

>Rating: 5

lightweight piece of mind

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Not a ton to say about this except that it is lightweight, and it provides a bit more piece of mind when winding your way through a canyon where you might get stranded for a night by a flash flood. The big thing here is that this weighs and costs almost nothing, so it's a no-brainer in my mind.

>Rating: 5

Works great

I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I bought this for my mom who backpacks. It is light and folds sown easy to fit in her pack. Great for emergencies or just as an extra blanket.

>Rating: 5

Durable and Gets the Job Done

I've put it through the wringer

One of these (and a candle) lives in my pack at all times. It's great for sitting on for a snack back in a particular muddy area. For combating hypothermia, I recommend the poncho version and a candle, but this blanket makes for an adequate alternative if you really need something to get you warm. I've given it to unprepared trainees on long-haul trips and used it myself while posted up waiting at a meet-up spot during a multi-team survey trip. It's easy to wash off after getting totally muddy and packs up nice and small. It's super lightweight, also.

>Rating: 5

Worst Case Preparedness

Always in my pack, be it summer or winter. Meant to help keep you warm when you are hypothermic, but has other uses as well. My tent rain fly shredded one night in a snowstorm. With this and a bit of duct tape I was back snoozing in no time. You wont catch me without it.

>Rating: 3

Go for the bivvy type one

I've put it through the wringer

I was forced to bivvy for a few pre dawn hours in -30 temps at around 17-18,000 ft. I had this, my partner had the cocoon style one. I froze my butt off trying to keep this wrapped around me while flapping in the wind... my partner settled into his and was comfy. Still works well in mellow conditions, covering stuff gear, building a roof, sheltering from rain, etc... but for EMERGENCY uses, get the bivvy type one.


Heatsheets PWN!

Heatsheets Emergency Space Blanket by Adventure Medical Kits. You always need a space/emergency blanket with you, so why not take the SOL Heatsheets Emergency Space Blanket?

>Rating: 5

Awesome product, that has a lot of uses

I've used it several times

So I have always had these emergency blankets laying around, but never used one, so I took this out to test it out back in early march. It wasn't too cold of a day, mid 60's so when we got to the camp site I set up my hammock and instead of unpacking my sleeping bag I broke this out. That night it got down in the 20s and was windy so I got to start the test. Now this didn't keep me warm and toasty, I never expected it would, but it helped a lot when I was awake. It blocked some of the wind that was coming off the lake and when by the fire helped to heat me up really fast and laying in my hammock it helped to keep some heat in. Now when I woke up 2 hours later it was a different story. I was freezing, but I assume that was from the lack of motion so my body had just cooled down. So I mosey over to stoke the dwindling fire and after 5-10 minutes I was warm again and figured I would go ahead and try to weather the night. Well I didn't get to finish the test because it had started to rain, which wasn't in the forecast. So I stretched it out over my hammock and after running some guidelines made a roof which lasted threw the night. I woke up dry in the morning and I packed it back in its bag, which is handy, and it was still in good condition. Its better than nothing. It does what its supposed to do, it reflects heat, its durable enough to make a shelter if need be, used as a tarp and plenty of other uses I haven't found. In an emergency I think I would find this very valuable, I keep a couple just in case, and for a couple dollars its not going to break the bank.

>Rating: 5

Always in my bag

Fortunately, I have not had to use this for an emergency. But, the material feels strong and durable. I have no doubts that it would perform well during an emergency. It is small and packable enough that you should always stash one in your pack.

>Rating: 5

Far More Durable than Competitors

This is one of the best emergency blanket options I've come across. The material feels noticeably more durable than many competitors (Walmart and the like). Survivalists, preppers, and backcountry pros all have varying opinions on how you should ready yourself for an emergency, but why NOT carry one of these? I pack one in my ski touring bag and one in my mountain biking backpack.

>Rating: 5

A Must Have

These are probably the best emergency blankets on the market. They are more durable than traditional e blankets and are an essential item on any backcountry adventure. I would not leave home without one of these. For the price they are only a couple of bucks more than a traditional e blanket.

>Rating: 5

Canyonerring Bivy

I bought this Emergency Blanket to carry with me when canyonerring. I've almost had to spend the night in 3 different canyons now, but luckily was able to get out and sleep in my nice warm sleeping bag. This is so light that I can just leave it in my pack and forget about it till the time that I will need to spend the night in a canyon or wait out a flash flood (hopefully that won't happen). It is more durable than a space blanket, so if it tears it won't keep tearing! :)


SOL Emergency & Survival Blankets

AMK Marketing rep Jordan Hurder breaks down the SOL Emergency and Survival Blankets, showing exactly why these durable emergency shelters outperform traditional Mylar "space blankets" in just about every way.

>Rating: 5

Fire and forget

Useful bit of kit that is light enough that you can stick in pack and forget until its needed. In a sealed bag makes it more durable as well.