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Adventure Ready Blister Medic Kit



Foot protection from the first-aid fanatics.

Pack the improved American Medical Kits' Blister Medic Kit when you set out on the trail. This kit combines GlacierGel, Moleskin, antiseptic towelettes, and alcohol wipes to give you complete first aid for a hiker's feet. Including 15 dressing and 15 wipes, the Blister Medic Kit provides ideal care and prevention for a family or a group of hikers.
  • Item #AMK0087

10 x 5.5 x 3 in
Recommended Use
trail blister and burn prevention

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>Rating: 2

poor value

I've used it several times
2 lbs

I question the value of this product. Needs more product and fewer if any alcohol wipes. This packet only includes 2 gel strips and 2 small moleskin patches for $10.

>Rating: 5

Feet First

I've used it several times

For backpackers and hikers, taking care of your feet is paramount. But if you're like me and lazy, you don't necessarily want to have to cut out patches of moleskin every time you need one (which hopefully isnt too often). The pre-cut patches are nice, and the gel and the wipes just complete it for me. Definitely a fan.

>Rating: 5

Time Saver

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Admittedly, I bought these precut moleskin bandages because I'm lazy and hate cuting moleskin off of a roll when my hands get dirty. The variety of shapes are super useful when an oddly shaped blister forms. This kit is perfect for quick trips, where a hotspot may start forming and preventative care is needed to stop the blister . I use Leukotape to secure the moleskin in place, so I can't comment on the effectiveness of the adhesion.


Blister Medic - Your Feet Will Thank You

When you're counting on your feet to carry you over mountains, hills, and rivers, you have to make sure and pack the right supplies to prevent and treat blisters.

>Rating: 3

Good idea, lacks depth.

I've used it several times

Good kit, it has everything to prevent or treat blisters. Just not a lot of anything. There is enough to take care of a certain type of blisters once or twice. However, if you need to treat something more than that then you are buying more. I do like the quickness of having the mole skin preshaped.

>Rating: 3


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

While this package contains everything you might need for battling blisters, it was poorly designed in the way they adhere the Moleskin cut outs to the sheet and the size of the package they arrive in. I used two(2) blister pads from the sheet and when removing the pads and carefully sliding the sheets back into the package the moleskin peeled up and adhered to itself. Although it is a great idea overall it is useless when the other pads are destroyed by putting away the sheets.

>Rating: 4

A Foot's Best Friend

This is a great little kit to have around when hiking and doing things where blisters are highly possible. I always carry this with whatever FAK I am bringing on an adventure. If I am with a group I keep it with My AMK Mountain Fundementals, by myself it is with my AMK UL .7 and on day trips or group trips where I am not carrying the group FAK it is with my UL .3. So it goes with me almost everywhere. One thing I wish it had was some more Glacier Gel. One small and one large is on the low side but you can always add more Glacier Gel I guess.

>Rating: 5

Blister Help

My first advice would be to carry a Moleskin kit to prevent blisters. At the first thought of a hot spot or blister apply the Moleskin. If you do indeed get a blister these bandages can help take some of the pressure off the area.

this comment does not address the product. these are old comments.


How many Glacier Gel dressings does this...

How many Glacier Gel dressings does this kit come with? That piece of information doesn't seem to be listed...

Hi James. I pulled this info from Adventure Medical Kit website: Blister / Burn 1 GlacierGel (Large Oval) 1 GlacierGel (Small Rectangular) 11 Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped (11 pieces) Wound Care 6 After Cuts & Scrapes Antiseptic Wipe 6 Alcohol Swab