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Acli-Mate Mountain Tub - 30-Serving



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Recommended Use
high-altitude hydration
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>Rating: 5

Good general hydration

I've used it several times

Used for training and triathlon with good results. Less sugar than most drinks and like both orange Nd rasp flavors that I have tried. Recommend for cycling and climbing.

>Rating: 5

Great for the whole family and it works!

I've put it through the wringer

I use this product for our entire family when traveling to and at altitude. I like to bring it hiking, skiing, back-packing, you name it and use it for the whole family. I've noticed energy improvement, fewer headaches, less muscle fatigue and the kids love the flavor despite there is not that much sugar. I also like there are not artificial sweeteners and only natural ingredients.

>Rating: 4

Tasty and easy on your gut

I've used it several times

I discovered Acli-Mate on a whim when I was looking for a change to my trusted but boring routine sports drink. The grape flavor is delicious and encourages me to drink during rides when I don't feel especially thirsty. The product also sits well on my stomach; I drink it during warmup for 'cross and never feel it brewing back up during racetime...For those who are concerned about ingredients, the data are pretty clear--the mix is mostly sugar with some plant-derived additives, vitamins, and electrolytes. The mix does contain rhodiola (adaptogen herb that's supposed to boost the body's response to physical stress), but the per-serving dose of 50mg is pretty small compared to other supplements...Lastly, I live at sea level and haven't tested the product at altitude, so I can't comment on the product's claims regarding acclimatization to high altitude.

>Rating: 5

Awesome stuff!

I've put it through the wringer

I live and train in Crested Butte at 9,000 feet. I take a serving of Aclimate almost every day as a mineral supplement and energy aid. I give this to all of my low-land friends when they come to visit and it helps them combat headaches and fatigue that come with altitude. Whether you are playing at high elevation or not, this is a great nutritional supplement and it tastes great too! It also helps with hangovers...just double the serving size :-)

>Rating: 5

The Best Altitude supplement!

This is the best product I have used for helping to adjust to the Altitude! I normally get light headed and feel woozy. Not with Acli-Mate! If you have not used this or tried this before, you are setting yourself up for a bad trip!

>Rating: 5

In a tub

Great for home use. Less packaging and cheaper too. Mountain Sport Drink in packet form is great for travel and when distributing to multiple people.