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The Backstory: A-BOM Goggles

Fog has been Eliminated

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The World’s First Active Anti-Fog Goggle

The Problem: No See, No Ski

If you’ve ever skied or snowboarded, you understand the goggle fog problem. If you can’t see, you can’t ski. It’s as simple as that. A few years ago, Dave McCulloch, an avid skier and the founder of Abom, was sitting in his car after foggy goggles had cut his ski day short. He pushed a button on his dashboard and the rear window instantly de-fogged. In a moment of insight, Dave realized how he was going to solve the problem—once and for all.

Why Do Goggles Fog Up?

Fog is condensation, and condensation occurs when warm air contacts a cold surface. Your face warms up air inside the goggle, and winter weather chills the surface of the lens; the inevitable result is fog. Goggle companies have tried passive solutions like anti-fog coatings and ventilation systems, but these only delay fogging, they don’t eliminate it. Dave realized that to truly eliminate fog, he would need to develop an active anti-fog technology.

The Solution: KLAIR Technology

KLAIR technology works by placing a transparent heat-conductive film between the inner and outer lens of the goggle. With the push of a button, a rechargeable battery sends a current through the film, heating the lens and eliminating the fog—not unlike the technology that defrosts the rear window in your car. It’s the most effective anti-fog technology ever put in a goggle. Period.

Two Ways to Eliminate Fog

The A-BOM Goggle has two settings for eliminating fog: Active Mode and Boost Mode. In Active Mode, the heat runs continuously at a low setting, preventing fog from forming in the first place. Battery life in Active Mode lasts up to seven hours. In Boost Mode, push the button when you start to fog up and a high heat setting eliminates the fog and automatically turns off after 10 minutes. Battery life in Boost Mode can last for up to a week.

A Superior Goggle

In addition to most innovative anti-fog technology ever, the A-BOM Goggle features world-class Carl Zeiss lenses with an easy-swap system for alternating lens colors, is helmet-compatible, and includes a Micro USB cable for recharging. Even if it didn’t have KLAIR anti-fog technology, the A-BOM would still be a top-shelf goggle.