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Mountain Bikes

Guide: How to Choose a Mountain Bike

The all-mountain, or trail bike, is the do-anything suspension MTB. These bikes bikes tend to be lighter than downhill bikes and more durable than cross-country bikes. That means they are versatile enough to handle most types of terrain very well, and you can use one bike for everything from stiff climbs to high-speed descents.

Lightweight and efficient, cross-country suspension bikes are the sports cars of the mountain bike world. Cross-country bikes are built to give you an uphill advantage over the competition so you cross the finish line first. These stiff, lightweight bikes feature lots of carbon fiber and titanium for the lightest possible weight.

Until the early '90s, all mountain bikes were hardtails. While full suspension bikes offer several advantages, hardtails provide precise handling and instant throttle that few full suspension bikes can match. When you see a collection of bikes for sale, you'll notice that hardtails offer a price advantage, as well.


Seven Things to Know When Buying a New Mountain Bike