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Look for lightweight, aerodynamic frame designs that stay in place and offer plenty of protection without getting in the way. Interchangeable sunglasses are favored by cyclists and runners for their versatility. Minimalist designs and strategically placed vents allow airflow that prevents fogging, while nose and temple pads keep them from slipping.

Glare-cutting polarized sunglasses are great for fishing because they make it easier for you to see under the surface of the water, and they reduce eye fatigue so you can stay out longer. Wrap-around frames are ideal for fishing and other watersports, offing extra protection from the sun and enhanced peripheral vision.

Sunglasses that shield you from the stronger sun at altitude and light reflected off snow are ideal for mountaineering and other high-alpine pursuits. Sometimes referred to as glacier glasses, these sunglasses have darker tints, wrap-around frame designs, and side shields to keep sunlight from getting in around the perimeter of the frames.


How to Choose Sunglasses