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Let's face it, winter plays by a different set of rules, and all of the embrocation and knee warmers in the world won't amount to anything when confronted by freezing temperatures in windy conditions. Luckily, the Paruzzaro, Italy-based Zero RH+ has brought 21st century technology into cycling apparel. And now, with its Key Bib Bib Tights, the warmth that you'll experience is the physical form of progressive ideology and innovation

In the saddle, your legs are the biggest producers of the kinetic energy that provides warmth. Accordingly, the fabric selections differ from those of jackets and jerseys. Zero RH+ understands this concept, and that's why the Key Bib bib tights place a focus on the supportive, soft, and breathable characteristics of material. To achieve this, Zero RH+ constructed the bib tights from the venerable IceDry Gold 200 material. This fabric is a high level of elasticity for support to the legs' muscle groups. So, the detrimental affects of road vibration are minimized, nearly eliminating preventable muscle fatigue. The principality of this characteristic is further enhanced by the weight of the fibers. In fact, the '200' in the fabric's title refers to the fiber weight, and this specific material is the second highest in the IceDry line. Why is this important? Well, the higher the weight, the greater the strength. And the greater the strength, the more support that you receive.

As for the other features of IceDry Gold, it uses an open knit construction that maintains a high-level of breathability and warmth. Essentially, the fabric creates an internal micro climate that's singular to you. So, during intense aerobic exercise, the material allows excess heat to escape from the insulation layer, while also trapping a layer of warmth over the skin. And not only does this keep your temperature well regulated, it also decreases moisture accumulation as well. In addition to these attributes, the fabric is also incredibly soft-to-the-touch, and anatomically paneled. So, whether you're four or forty miles in, you can expect a ride quality that's free from abrasion and chafing.

And while the aforementioned attributes of IceDry Gold are indeed highly insulating, stretchable, and soft, these qualities also enhance the bib tights' impeccable fit. We should note that this is where Zero RH+ really shines. The Key Bib has been pre-shaped and stitched on a contour in order to agree with the anatomic form. This means that the cut has been coordinated to the predictability of your body's movements. So, when you move, the tights move with you, not against your skin. You'll also notice that the uppers are formed to gently curve over the shoulders, and that the back provides plenty of surface area for extra insulation. This system provides a delicate, yet effective hold that ensure the tights' stability while you're moving in and out of the saddle. The tights also feature Kinesio applications throughout in order to add a slight proprioceptive compression. However, while the compressive gains are minimal, the applications' contribution to fit is drastic. To simplify the entry and exit of the tights, Zero RH+ included zippers over the Achilles of portion of the tights.

For the chamois, the Key-Stone features the CyTech Uranus insert. This chamois is made from a high-density foam for maximum support. Zero RH+ also designed the Uranus to be flexible, with three variable side sections and a center channel running the length of the chamois. Additionally, each pad is hand-sewn and is designed using a low compression coefficient. This means that the variables of weight and force are accounted for throughout the variable density of the padding. Ultimately, this accounts for an even sensation of pressure, comfort, and stability throughout the chamois.

The Zero RH+ Key Bib Bib Tights are available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Black/white and Black/black.

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Great bib, feels like compression suit

    I love this bib, because its keep you warm and dry even if its wet and raining but you don't feel it. I tried this like early morning ride below 30s. My only complaint is that the upper portion rubber elastic is a little loose compare to the other bib I had, but maybe it's a personal preference and I like it snug and fit. But over all its great bib and for the quality of the garment you get more bang for your buck.