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There's no doubt that the Zeal Z3 Live Goggle is from the future. Just one of these features should should be enough to convince you: an integrated and digital heads-up display behind the lens, built-in GPS tracking, seamless smartphone integration to display notifications, photochromic tint that automatically adjusts to match light conditions, and a prime-quality lens handcrafted in Japan. This is the most high-end winter goggle ever offered by Zeal, and perhaps even the snow industry as a whole, hands-down.

  • Recon Snow2 GPS system tracks speed, altitude, location, jump stats, temperature, distance, run count chrono and it integrates with the functionality of your smart phone
  • Bluetooth enables caller ID, text messages, buddy tracking, and mountain navigation from a heads-up display that you see in front of your eyes in 16:9 widescreen format
  • Photochromic lens technology allows this lens to dynamically adjust the brightness of its tint to match the available light, so the lens tint is lighter on dark days and darker on bright days
  • Polarized lens coating eliminates glare that reflects off snow, metal, and other shiny or wet surfaces
  • Optimum Lens is Zeal's finest lens design, crafted from top-shelf materials and shaped to provide crystal-clear optics
  • Lens design includes multiple vents and an anti-fog coating that keep your vision clear of moisture
  • Over-the-glass lens shape allows you to wear this goggle over your prescription eyewear
  • Impact-resistant frame flexes to absorb the hardest hits
  • Dual strap system allows for plenty of adjustment so you can dial in the most comfortable fit
  • Solid Stitch construction utilizes heavy-duty thread to increase the durability and longevity of the goggle strap
  • A double-beaded layer of silicon keeps your goggle strap securely in place on a helmet or around a hat
  • Zeal is proudly based in Boulder, Colorado in the United States
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  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

What an amazing goggle! It blows out my Oakley and Smith Optics goggles that also use the Recon Instruments GPS systems. This product uses the Recon Instruments Snow2 Mod Live system, which is the latest and greatest from Recon Instruments.

The lens itself it superior to anything I've ever owned. Great anti-fog, great in changing light conditions with the automatic photochromic technologies. Also the field of view is amazing due to the spherical lens shape.

The comfort is awesome! I am Asian/Pacific Islander which means my face is pretty wide. It fits great!

Zeal really has put a ton of thought into this product and I truly am impressed. It's badass look, toughness, technology, functionality, fit, and versatility make this the ultimate goggle to own!

Great for ski slopes

  • Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

First and foremost let me say that my last pair of goggles were 10 year Oakleys with that said i purchased a Zeal Z3 Live Goggle - Polarized Photochromic as a toy since i figured i owed it to myself.

I read previous reviews and made sure to update both the goggle and the Iphone 4s with the latest software to avoid any problems on the slopes.

My goggle behaved well i got all the data that i needed and then some. I would like to point out that the image is not actually in front of you as you ski down the slopes you do have to glance down to view data. I had no problems doing that and one did not interfere with the other although at first i found it slightly weird, but i got used to it.

one of the features i absolutely loved about this goggle is the resort map feature. besides from exploring a new resort and knowing exactly where i am (since it shows my exact location) i can now track my friends through their Facebook accounts. I cant say how many times we lost each other in an instant and only to finally meet at the end of the day. This feature would also be great for families with kids as it will allow a parent to track their teens.

with that said i did have one problem :( i charged the goggle the day before and left it overnight without a charger. When i got to the mountain my goggle was only 1/4 charged and discharged in about 45-50 mins. i was a little disappointing and not being sure if it was my error or goggle malfunction i will not count it as a strike against the goggle.

i absolutely lowed the lens my eyes were not strained and i absolutely loved it. usually my old Oakleys did fog up a few times during the day but these goggles were absolutely perfect.

i do apologize for not correcting grammar and run ons but i am in a rush and just wanted to share my experience

i also loved the phone feature. I received a few calls during the time the goggle was on and i was able to

A) know that someone was calling me because i did not hear or feel the phone vibrate in my jacket

B) i was able to see the caller id right on my goggle and therefore ignore the caller LOL

C) usually i just see a bunch of missed calls at the end of the day

that was another neat feature


  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

First off, the optics are absolutely amazing. Undeniably the best pair of goggles I've got. Super crisp in a variety of lighting conditions -- absolute great depth of field. Not overly bright Or dark. Just right...

Sadly, though, the HUD and it's associated service are dreadful. The browser plug-in crashes with alarming frequency. The app doesn't stay paired to the phone -- literally everytime you use it, you need to pair the phone to the goggles. The clock doesn't stay set. I've as of yet been unable to upload any of my runs.

Save your dough, get a pair without the Recon Mod Live HUD disaster. And run Alpine Replay on your phone instead.

Agree 100% with this review. Used mine for 3 days and couldn't take it anymore the last day. As mentioned, you literally have to pair the phone every time you turn the unit off OR if the unit decides to turn off on its own (yes, it happened to me once when I fell). I was able to load my runs to the computer but know that the interface used is web based and is VERY slow! The battery life is dreadful as well. If you plan on leaving the screen on to guide you on the slopes, then be prepared to recharge somewhere after 2-3 hours. If you put the screen in sleep mode, then the battery life increases to 5-6 hours without turning it on more than 5 minutes. Another bad point about these googles is that it is VERY difficult to replace the lens once you take it out to adjust the HUD. There are no instructions anywhere either.

Besides that, this would be an awesome product if they could fix the above mentioned problems.

Blown Away!

    Everything is working perfectly with the iPhone. I am running the iphone 5 and you will need to download their app and update the goggle.

    As for the optic itself. I am blown away. I have a pair of Smith IOX photochromatic and they can not touch these lenses. I also find these to be much more comfortable than the smiths. The frame of the Z3s to me is better made. It screams quality, not saying the smiths do not but there is a difference and to me it is noticeable. However, the Z3s do not come with a hard case. I had to call Zeal and order one. Their service is top notch. I say get a pair and see for yourself. Im very happy with this purchase.

    Just an update. The goggle was already updated and I did receive the new remote to work with the iPhone in case people were asking. I also find that the goggle needs to be worn just a tad bit higher on the face some. I have been playing with the screen to get it in the right spot. It is kinda hard to get it just right, but with some playing around you will get it. Their are very few apps at the moment. The GPS works perfect. I walked around with it on and it was changing in real time.

    The electronics are cool but the lens to me is crazy good if your looking for a photochromatic lens. I have a pair of Smith IOX photochromatic's and they don't change like the Zeals do. The view of the Z3s seems to be pretty good if you ask me. They seem to be almost as as wide as the IOX but the IOX is wider view. I will say the Z3 is a bigger goggle for sure. I also tested the anti fog. I breathed hot air on them and the fog/moisture dissipated very fast if not instantly. My only real complaint is they do tend to ride high because the nose so if your use to the roomy nose area of smiths you may be let down. However this is very minimal but some may see this as an issue.

    As I get more time with them ill report back.


    • Familiarity:I've used it several times

    These goggles are insane! Great lens along with crazy technology. Control it with your phone and rumor is, they are continuing to update software through the SDK platform the recon system is built on. A MUST have for the techy!

    Where can i find replacement lenses for this Goggle

    What version are these do they have the...

    What version are these do they have the snow 2 modules in them?

    Why not video come on people get it...

    Why not video come on people get it together

    can you listen to music too?

    can you listen to music too?

    Do these have a camera inbuilt or is it...

    Do these have a camera inbuilt or is it just gps?


    when will Z3 mod live bluetooth work with...

    when will Z3 mod live bluetooth work with iphone?