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Big but Worth it

    Bought these for skiing in Japan, where it can be crystal clear, then white out the next...transition lense is excellent. They don't immediately change to the light situation, but adjust quickly enough to save carrying a spare set of goggles or glasses. They are big, so if you have a small head, they might consume your face. The bridge across the nose takes time to mould to your face, but persist with several times wearing them and they are worth every cent. The field of view is unmatched from goggles of used previously. The tech side - agree that the positioning of the heads up display takes a little getting use to, but after a while u train your eyes. The data it collects is terrific for back country stuff, especially finding those killer trails and lines that aren't to be found on any normal map - and of course, then bragging to your friends where you've been. So for that the GPS tracking is awesome. The controls on the goggle themselves are easy to use with gloves or liners on, its pretty intuitive. These aren't a gimmick, they are great kit...add to your bag.

    Awesome if you have 20/20 vision

      Bought these for my father-in-law because he's a toy kind of guy...They are awesome and such a great idea, but he couldn't read the display because the writing was too small! It was such a bummer...maybe they'll make one with 'large font' ;)

      Worth every penny

        Simply amazing is all I can say. Over the years I have grown to swear by zeal optics and their top of the line goggles. Once I heard and began the read about this goggle I put my order in and starting saving up the cash. I got them in last week and the next day hit the slopes. The HUD is very cool and in no way effects your vision though I would follow the suggestion and run it on level 1 brightness (I still had a ton of battery left after a full day of skiing with the HUD on the whole time). I was constantly reviewing my stats as I rode the chair though out the day. The information captured is astounding and it is so user friendly, one button and it's collecting data. The best part by far was when I got home and connected to my computer! Following a quick data transfer to the transcend program my jaw dropped. Not only was their a listing for Crystal Mountain, Wa for nov 29th but once selected, a detailed list of every run. When I selected the run not only was I able to see it on a google type map with all the stats (max and average speed, vertical decent, time, ect) but I was able to press play. The play function not only allowed me to watch my decent but through up stat highlight bubbles and I made my way down the mountain. If you have the cash this is a must have for any gear junky, truly mind blowing.

        I Need reading glasses { number 2.5} ...

        I Need reading glasses { number 2.5} to read a book for example will I be able to read the information in real time