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Just as clearly as you can see through the storm, you can capture the moment too.

Ditch the point-and-shoot still camera and lose the helmet-mounted video unit, because the Zeal Base HD Camera Goggle shoots eight-megapixel stills and 1080p video right from a camera mounted at the top of its frame. Behind the goggle, a small viewfinder shows you exactly what the camera sees (note: the Night/Dark Grey variant does not have this feature), and on the side of the goggle shutter buttons operate the camera functions. Don't fool yourself into thinking that the camera feature is a quick gimmick though, because it's not. The Base HD goggle is just as much high-end optical protection as it is a leap forward in the integration of winter-worthy eyewear and imaging technology.

  • A small, digital camera is integrated into the lens and offers 1080p video and 8-megapixel still images
  • Integrated camera produces a 170-degree, wide-angle view, automatically adjusts exposure for changing light levels, and has an infinity focus so everything is sharp
  • In-goggle viewfinder shows you exactly what the camera sees and the shutter is operated via glove-friendly buttons on the side of the frame
  • Goggle runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a three-hour run time (depending on video and still camera usage), even in the cold
  • Optimum Lens is Zeal's finest lens design, crafted from top-shelf materials and shaped to provide crystal-clear optics
  • Lens design includes multiple vents and an anti-fog coating that keep your vision clear of moisture
  • Over-the-glass lens shape allows you to wear this goggle over your prescription eyewear
  • Impact-resistant frame flexes to absorb the hardest hits
  • Dual strap system allows for plenty of adjustment so you can dial in the most comfortable fit
  • Solid Stitch construction utilizes heavy-duty thread to increase the durability and longevity of the goggle strap
  • A double-beaded layer of silicon keeps your goggle strap securely in place on a helmet or around a hat