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Ditch the point-and-shoot still camera and lose the helmet-mounted video unit, because the Zeal Base HD Camera Goggle shoots eight-megapixel stills and 1080p video right from a camera mounted at the top of its frame. Behind the goggle, a small viewfinder shows you exactly what the camera sees (note: the Night/Dark Grey variant does not have this feature), and on the side of the goggle shutter buttons operate the camera functions. Don't fool yourself into thinking that the camera feature is a quick gimmick though, because it's not. The Base HD goggle is just as much high-end optical protection as it is a leap forward in the integration of winter-worthy eyewear and imaging technology.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • A small, digital camera is integrated into the lens and offers 1080p video and 8-megapixel still images
  • Integrated camera produces a 170-degree, wide-angle view, automatically adjusts exposure for changing light levels, and has an infinity focus so everything is sharp
  • In-goggle viewfinder shows you exactly what the camera sees and the shutter is operated via glove-friendly buttons on the side of the frame
  • Goggle runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a three-hour run time (depending on video and still camera usage), even in the cold
  • Optimum Lens is Zeal's finest lens design, crafted from top-shelf materials and shaped to provide crystal-clear optics
  • Lens design includes multiple vents and an anti-fog coating that keep your vision clear of moisture
  • Over-the-glass lens shape allows you to wear this goggle over your prescription eyewear
  • Impact-resistant frame flexes to absorb the hardest hits
  • Dual strap system allows for plenty of adjustment so you can dial in the most comfortable fit
  • Solid Stitch construction utilizes heavy-duty thread to increase the durability and longevity of the goggle strap
  • A double-beaded layer of silicon keeps your goggle strap securely in place on a helmet or around a hat
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Screen fonts too small

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

There is tiny view screen inside the goggles that is an essential interface. I now need reading glasses to comfortably read anything under 14 font in regular print media. On the display screen, with the naked eye, I could read the headlines, but not the body text. This made adjustments in the field (without reading glasses) impossible. The company said the font sizes were 'hard coded', and could not be changed. There is 'white space' available so the text could easily be larger. This is a lose lose outcome, as I would otherwise recommend the product. I much prefer this design to Go Pro, and the image quality is great.


  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

These goggles look really cool and the viewfinder inside is awesome. The camera worked well, the interface was easy to use. Reason why i'm giving it 3 stars is because:
1) Its big, bulky and heavy.
2) I felt dizzy after few minutes of wearing these goggles.

Not sure what kind of material was used for the lens or maybe its the big round shape that distorts the the vision but i couldn't wear it for no longer than few minutes without feeling dizzy and nauseous so i had to return it.

Got these for Christmas...

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

At first glance they seemed pretty nice. After trying them on I realized that my face type didn't fit the goggles very well. It seems to me you need a face the size of shrek for them to be comfortable. Also the goggles are much heavier because of the camera so if you fall the goggles fly off your head really easily . The video quality is amazing but the camera did stop working after about 4 times of use. Sometimes they just simply wont turn on even with a full charge. All in all awesome camera and concept they just didn't work well for me. Who knows maybe I just got a lemon.

Ya....You didn't get a lemon. Bought two, returned two and went with a GoPro. It's too bad really because you're right, the video is awesome. The fit as you said is too big. I don't have a head the size of Shrek but it's not small (my nickname in school was Big Head)and I couldn't stop them from sliding down. If they ever make a smaller version that doesn't have all the technical problems, I may consider them again.

Well... It's a Long Story

    There is a lot I could say about these goggles! To start, I've owned the Zeal HD iON's for about half a season and they're definitely awesome! First, the goggles themselves are top notch, slightly too big for my face, but that's my only complaint about the goggles themselves. The mirror lens looks cool and is versatile for different weather (plenty of protection in the sun and good visibility in low light), the straps are durable, and they're not that heavy for a camera goggle. As for the camera, the quality is everything you expect it to be and the preset quality is 720p 60fps "because it's the best." It doesn't capture that much texture or detail in bright light but in other conditions, it's fine!
    Bottom Line: If you like the idea of the camera goggles, you're going to love these, Zeal executed them nicely.

    Cool but flawed

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I was super excited for the iON. I went to Zermatt for a day of skiing. The conditions were low light in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. The positive factor is that you don't have to attach anything to your helmet. The negative is that the camera films the snow more than anything else. Skiers have to look down otherwise you will probably fall. I (personally) like to see the whole background - mountains, clouds etc. - I don't get that with the iON. I also had issues with the microphone... it picked up my voice well but doesn't eliminate the wind noise at all. I was skiing at speeds near 90kmh. The lens on the goggle is superb. I saw everything in low light just fine. The lens adapts well to the Sun but it isn't Polarized. Zeal (I'm sure) will fix this problem in the future. I would also advise an external microphone component in the next iON. I ended up returning the goggle. I would say the iON needs improvement. C'mon Zeal... get it right the next time!

    iON Made Me A Believer

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I was skeptical of the iON at first but after trying it I was blown away! It was easy to use, both the video and audio was amazing. The video was clear and stable, the audio didn't pick up any wind. My girlfriend wants to borrow it but she doesn't ski or snowboard???

    Introducing The iON

    Game Changer

      I had the opportunity to try these out late last winter. So easy to use, great field of view and no wind noise! So stoked to not look like a teletubby on the mtn this season...

      Is the "Matte Night Black/Metal Mirror"...

      Is the "Matte Night Black/Metal Mirror" version that's on sale for $319 have the HUD and playback in the googles? In short, is it the higher end model? Also, is it the latest version with the 12MP camera?


      I had this same issue arise with a customer the other day. So the Night/Dark Grey version of these is actually much different. It only shoots 8MP still shots and does not have the in-screen playback available. Very confusing, but vince the price difference.

      Unanswered Question

      Bought these for my son and borrowed them...

      Bought these for my son and borrowed them cat skiing in BC. Really an awesome product, unlike the GoPro they are simple to turn on just for runs and then turn off etc making the post-production much easier and saving battery. One problem we had was that the plastic piece where the strap connects with the goggle broke twice. Zeal replaced them no prob, but they told me they were addressing this for the next version. Did they for 2013? Doesn't look much different.

      Why the large price difference between the...

      Why the large price difference between the different goggles? Features or lens colors or what?

      The Black/Metal Mirror doesn't show...

      The Black/Metal Mirror doesn't show reflective coating but the Blaze/Metal Mirror does. Which photo is correct?

      Best Answer

      It is still mirrored. The other two variants look more mirrored since they are renderings provided to us by Zeal. The Black/Metal Mirror was shot in house with nothing behind the lens so you get light coming from within the goggle and it makes it look clearer than when you are actually wearing it, since your head would block the light from that side. I hope that makes sense.

      Where is the switch to turn OFF the...

      Where is the switch to turn OFF the viewfinder as recommended in the Owner's manual!!!!!

      Are the ion lenses interchangeable with...

      Are the ion lenses interchangeable with other Optimum lenses by Zion Optics? What is the VLT of the metal mirror lens assuming that is standard. Would be nice to have an option for polarized or photochromic....

      Hello what type of memory?? Micro sd ??...

      Hello what type of memory?? Micro sd ?? Or other

      Thanks elio