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Use your seats for people instead of gear thanks to the spacious carrying capacity of the Yakima Sky Box 16 Cargo Box. This versatile roof carrier holds enough gear for the most epic roadtrips and its super-safe security features let your store even your most precious outdoor toys.

  • New lid design is 50% stiffer for less rattling and easier opening
  • Super Latch Security provides a safe and secure closure
  • Quick-Installation hardware easily attaches to any roof bars and most factory racks
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces drag and wind noise
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Great product

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I've had my Skybox for about four months and we've used it on a few road trips. It has plenty of room to carry our skate and touring skis, or a stroller and a week's worth of clothes. It cuts down a bit on our gas mileage, but that's to be expected for any cargo box. It fits well on our 2006 Outback, leaving plenty of room to open the tailgate door. Now that I've done it a few times, I can install it on our car in under ten minutes and remove it in about two.

Great product

Skybox 16s

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Just bought my yakima skybox 16s the "s" Stands for short and is truly the only difference between this box and the SkyBox 18.

I fit 5 snowboards in this box with room to spare.

Installed in 10 minutes in the parking lot of's warehouse here in SLC and couldnt be happier with the look and space this box provides.

Its practically silent on top of my 06 Pathfinder and I haven't noticed and MPG loss.

This box has been great!

    I love that it opens from both sides, making my gear easy to reach. I purchased it with the intention to us it primarily for snowboards. I decided on this instead of something snowboard specific because it is versatile and can be used year round for various things. I?m also very impressed with how dry it keeps its contents, I even took it though the car wash and was thoroughly impressed. Great job Yakima! Worth your peso!

    Loved it!

      This was my first big camping trip, the box accommodated gear for two adults and two big dogs with separate tents. It was easy to secure to my Nissan Rogue's factory roof rack with cross bars. It did touch the spoiler but no biggie. The ease of use and added cargo room was worth it.

      Short Base, Awesome Cargo Box

        I bought this to replace an old Rocket Box that was forcibly removed from the top of my car. Perfect for me. Wider and taller than the Rocket Box which I thought was a bad use of space, but shorter so It doesn't hang over the front or back of the car. I can fit everything for my family and I in the box, leaving room in the back of the Outback for the dog. Very easy to take on and off if you desire. I can do it by myself with no problem. The new levers used to tighten the clamps on the factory bars are a blessing. Less sound and wind resistance. No more rattling, and just a small amount of wind noise when no music is playing. Overall perfect and exactly what I need.

        Time to Relax

          I've been looking to get a roof box for my 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon for some time now and my two requirements were that it fit my skis and that it fit my crashpad (not at the same time). It turns out this was the perfect box. It will fit any of my skis up to 186cm without any tweaking and it will fit my crashpad, an Organic Full Pad (36in x24in x8in. folded) without any problem. There is little to no windnoise when driving at highway speeds and so far I haven't noticed a major drop in gas mileage at all. It was very easy to install (with the help of a friend) and goes on and off easily for when I am not using it on my factory crossbars.. The latch mechanism and the general "hand feel" of the plastic is also very reassuring and certainly stiffer than older models I have used on friends' cars.


            I just returned my Yakima Sky Box 16 after it popped open for the second time in a few years. Coincidently, this occurred while crossing bridges both times and we lost lots of gear both times. Also, the lid popped off the hinges after while packing it during a blizzard at Alpine Meadows. Yakima has not even given me the courtesy of a response from so-called customer service.
            On to Thule.


              I bought this about a month ago (originally purchased the new version, as shown in the picture, then ended up returning it and getting an older version used for several hundred $ less) and have been very pleased with it. My first trip was skiing with 3 friends: it held my skis plus 3 boards, 4 pairs of boots, and my poles. The second trip was back-country skiing with a group of 13: I fit 7 pairs of skis, 7 pairs of poles, 3 pairs of boots, and 3 sleeping pads. Skis that are 185cm+ don't fit very well, but they can be squeezed in diagonally if necessary. The next trip was snowshoeing with a group of 13: I fit ALL 13 PAIRS OF SNOWSHOES PLUS FLOTATION TAILS! AND POLES! It was pretty amazing. Finally, it holds car-camping gear for 4 people. As you can see from the picture, I drive a subcompact hatchback. This box allows me to carry gear for 4 upstairs so that I actually have room for 4 inside, plus I can still open my rear door fully. I have not noticed any wind noise up to 75 mph and the mileage reduction is about 4 mpg (but is partially just from the extra weight of people and gear, it would probably be less on a bigger car. I go from 39-40 highway to 34-35).

              My only complaint about the box is its weight, since the box alone is nearly half the weight I can carry on my roof- but I guess if it were lighter it wouldn't feel as stiff and secure. Also, because of the weight I need a friend to help put it on. With 2 people it takes about 30 seconds to place it on the rack and tighten down the clamps. The first fitting took maybe 15 minutes.

              I lucked out finding this box used, but it is worth full price. It basically turned my subcompact car into a small SUV in terms of storage, for far less than buying a SUV!


              Skybox - Just outstanding

                Bought the Yakima Skybox 16 for our trip to Yellowstone last month and it performed flawlessly. Mounted on our 2008 Xterra, it fit perfectly both to the roof rack but also cosmetically to the eye, it looked like it belonged up there.

                Results of our 16 day/4500mile adventure.
                1) Very easy to Install. 2 people - 10 minutes to get all aligned. Never had to retighten or realign.
                2) 13 days it rained, sometimes a deluge - Zero water or wetness. completely dry - wow.
                3) No wind noise, no rattling - even at 85mph. I was most amazed at that.
                4) Did not really effect mileage or performance, it felt very aerodynamic.
                5) having the dual opening (either side) was a big bonus if the car was parked tilted. Easy to load and un load. The looking mechanism is very secure postitve.

                as reference we had 3 sleeping bags (synthetic - zero degree - big) 5 person tent, 2 camp chairs, bbq, tent pad, air mattress and another duffle all up there.

                Not many items I can say this about but Yakima absolutely got this one right. It was a great purchase that I would highly recommend.

                Lots more room even with less length

                  PROS: Very roomy, easily fits six or eight pairs of skis. High quality lock/latch system. Handy that it opens on both sides. Shorter length makes it perfect for smaller vehicles, while still holding a lot of stuff.
                  CONS: Pricey. Would be nice to have pads on the bottom of the clamps so they don't ding down onto the vehicle's roof when installing.
                  Don't know if this is really a con, but it's so big that there's no way one person can put it on or take it off alone.
                  We replaced our smaller-but-longer Thule with this Yakima when we bought a different vehicle and would definitely recommend it.

                  Nice Box, Crummy Locks

                    Very pleased with this box. Didn't even notice it was up there while driving other than the extra room we had in the truck. No noise, no rattles and mounts easily with just 1 person. It opens from either side which is very handy. The only negative is the locks, they can be opened with just a twist of the tumbler without even inserting the key. I found this out by accidentally turning the lock while trying to insert the key and it unlocked before I even got the key in.

                    Nice Box, Crummy Locks

                    What more could you ask for?

                      Sturdy, stable, and secure. This box stores enough for my family of four to go camping, visit family during Christmas (extra toys to bring home), and keep our skis if needed. Easy handling does take two people, but I have installed it alone. If you do not have a fairing and are concerned about wind noise, don't be. I have driving a several thousand miles with the just the box and never heard anything. I recommend getting the wall mount for storage while not on the car, it frees up a lot of room and looks killer, too.

                      Unanswered Question

                      Will this fit on a Mini Clubman? If so, do I need anything additional to mount it on Mini-installed crossbars? (Huge thanks in advance for any information you can give me.)

                      Do you know the internal dimensions? Ski...

                      Do you know the internal dimensions?

                      Ski of any length up to much does packable?

                      Can accommodate Renegade 186?

                      Do you ship to Canada (Nova Scotia)? If...

                      Do you ship to Canada (Nova Scotia)?

                      If yes What would shipping charges be?

                      How long would shipping take?

                      Do you know if any duty is required for shipping across border?


                      Curious in Canada

                      Best Answer

                      Hi Robert, thank you for your question.

                      We can ship to Canada, but unfortunately not all brands. Here is a complete list of our restrictions:


                      I have a 2008 Subaru Outback with factory...

                      I have a 2008 Subaru Outback with factory side rails, without crossrails. What do I need to get to be able to use the Sky Box 16?

                      This is the box that I have on my 2000 outback. I think the side rails are slightly different on the newer generations, but for my setup I have 4 RailGrab Towers (, and a set of round Yakima crossbars, I think they might be ~48" but not positive. The size of those that you'll need will depend on if you plan to put anything else on your roof (I also have a bike rack up there, so I needed some wider bars). Also, you'll probably want a 4-pack of SKS cores to secure the bars to your vehicle.

                      will this fit a 2012 honda pilot without...

                      will this fit a 2012 honda pilot without blocking the rear hatch and moon roof?

                      Best Answer

                      It'll sit over the moon roof, but it'll still be able to open. As to the back, there's usually quite a bit of leeway in how far forward you can mount it to let the hatch open. I have a friend with a slightly older Pilot and a box (not sure which model) and he doesn't seem to have any issues with it.

                      Is this too heavy for the roof rails on...

                      Is this too heavy for the roof rails on my 2008 coleman saratoga folding tent trailer?

                      Is this too heavy for the roof rails on...
                      Unanswered Question

                      Will the Yakima skybox 16 work on a 2007...

                      Will the Yakima skybox 16 work on a 2007 Camry? Is there enough room for a couple bike racks? I have the bike racks , could this be attached to the bike rack bars, or would that be to much weight and width for the top? Thanks Ron

                      Write your question here...Will this sky...

                      Write your question here...Will this sky box fit my 2007 tahoe z71 with factory crossbars? with out rail grab towers?

                      Will this fit a 2002 4runner (3rd generation)...

                      Will this fit a 2002 4runner (3rd generation) without interfering with the rear hatch?

                      Will this fit a 2002 4runner (3rd generation)...

                      Does the 2008 Town & Country & 2008 Honda...

                      Does the 2008 Town & Country & 2008 Honda Odyssey use the same clips?

                      I have a 2011 Honda Pilot Touring with...

                      I have a 2011 Honda Pilot Touring with factory rack and crossbars. Will the Skybox 16 fit without interfering with the hatch? I want full access to the cargo area of the vehicle.

                      Hi Derek,

                      Yes, the SkyBox 16 will fit to your factor crossbars and will not interfere with the rear hatch. If you would like to check out the other roof cargo recommendations from Yakima, you can scroll to the top of this page and click on the Yakima configurator.

                      I have a 2010 4runner with factory side...

                      I have a 2010 4runner with factory side rails and cross rails. Anyone know if this box works well with the factory rails? Do I need yakima rails or other parts?

                      I am looking at the Skybox 16 or 18. I...

                      I am looking at the Skybox 16 or 18. I have a 2002 Subaru Forester. Which is best between the two? I don't want it to impede the trunk door because I need to get to the dogs. In terms of aerodynamics and overhang I know the 16 will fit the roof line the best, but I would also like the added cargo room of the 18. Anyone have a Skybox 18 on a Forester? Was there to much overhang? Was there a lot of noise when it was moved forward to allow for the trunk to open?

                      You'll save a ton of bucks long term if you get the 16 versus the 18. the extra 2 feet is not that much but the shorter box yield way better gas mileage. I had an 18 on a volvo wagon and lost 3-4 mpg and when I switched to a 16 I only lost 1 mpg. I have a friend with a passat wagon who says her 16 shows no decline in mileage.

                      I have read on other places that this will...

                      I have read on other places that this will just barely fit a 06' outback wagon, anyone have experience with this? I want to make sure it wont hit the back door when its open. Thanks

                      Best Answer

                      Dear Will It Fit..
                      The Skybox 16 was designed to work perfectly with your vehicle, that is part of why you see so many happy Subaru owners running around with this great box on top of their cars. You have about 1" between the hatchback and the box when you open it with the box in the forward position when you install it. Join the group of smiling Subaru owners with their great Skybox 16's on top of their cars. Oh and you get the added perk of being able to pen the box on either side, so it does not matter which side you install the box on. Give your friends rack envy with your Yakima Skybox.