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  • XSories - Silicone Cover HD3+* Compatible with GoPro 4 and 3+ Cameras - Green

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  • XSories - Silicone Cover HD3+* Compatible with GoPro 4 and 3+ Cameras - Green

XSories Silicone Cover HD3+* Compatible with GoPro 4 and 3+ Cameras

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    Pimp your Pro.

    Xsories made the Silicone GoPro HD Hero 3+/4 Cover to protect your camera from shocks, slams, and crashes, blend in to a particular background, and provide a little insulation to increase the battery life in cold conditions.

    • Silicone cover
    • Item #XSR0004

    Tech Specs

    GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 4
    Recommended Use
    action sports
    Manufacturer Warranty
    30 days

    Tech Specs

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    Case VS Case

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Huge thanks and shout out to XSories and Backcountry for sending this Silicone Cover for me to test for the backcountry community.

    The Silicone Cover is super grippy and fits very tight over my GoPro 3. I will say that it is surprisingly difficult to get on, almost felt like I was going to rip it. Once you get it on, the case does a great job of allowing you to access all the mounting points and buttons. I think for most people though, this case is redundant to the original case because it doesn't add much functionality or protection. If you were going scuba diving or needed to find your GoPro in low light settings, or plan on dropping it, then a vibrant color case would make finding it a whole lot easier. The silicone case works great, nothing wrong with it, but I think it has limited uses for most people.

    Cases on cases

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Thanks so much to XSories and Backcountry for sending this to me this to sample for the backcountry community.

    I too have the old Gopro hero2 so this didn't fit over the case regardless of how hard I tried. Its very stretchy!

    Personally I think the gopro community needed something like this for a long time. Being able to personalize your camera with a touch of style.

    I love the idea of a case to protect the hard plastic case, scratches and hitting rocks can damage the hard plastic but not silicone.

    I got the camo green which would be perfect for Mt bikers that don't want to advertise they're "goingPro"

    I'm bummed that the case isn't universal for all gopro models.

    Stealth on the cheap

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Thank you to and XSories for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community.

    The Xsories Silicone cover is a pretty specialized bit of Gopro kit.

    As other reviewers have noted, it's a great way to protect the casing itself, especially if it's getting jostled in a pack with other pieces and parts. It can also help with battery life in the cold, but when it's super chilly out there (10 F), I haven't noticed a significant amount of battery life difference.

    However, the main benefit to this sort of case, to my mind, is that it offers a simple stealth mode. Gopros are everywhere, and it's gotten to the point that they've picked up a gaperish reputation on the ski hills I frequent. With the cover on, things are more low profile, which makes for less of those glances. The I could also see utility for activities like hunting, given that the Xsories rubber case is $30 cheaper than the Blackout housing. One other thing: the lights are still visible on the sides of the button casings, but not nearly at the intensity that they have when uncovered.

    My main gripe, and this has been echoed elsewhere: putting the camera in and out of this casing takes a minute, and if it's cold, forget warm hands.

    Love the colors, nice and stretchy!

      Thanks so much to XSories and Backcountry for sending this to me to take for a test drive so I can report back to the community!

      To preface this review, I have an old GoPro, so this didn't fit on it. That said, I did play around with it just to see what I thought about the quality. First off, the color is AWESOME. I got it in magenta, which is a very true hot pink. Super cute plus I won't be losing sight of it anytime soon. I tried to get it onto my Hero2 just for fun and though it didn't fit, I discovered that you can stretch the bejesus out of this thing and it won't break :) I can't say from using it, but I expect it would be nice to have in super cold weather when your battery gets whomped from the cold. I just need to score myself a new GoPro so I can find out!

      Love the colors, nice and stretchy!

      Check your corners

      Have only had this happen a few times, but the casing can show up in the edge of the your video if it's not on perfectly. It's shown up for me twice out of a handful of times filming with the case on, now that I'm aware of the issue it shouldn't be a problem, and it's also an easy fix while editing (depending on your software). You can see the edge of the yellow case on the bottom right corner of this shot.

      Check your corners

      Keepin it Covered

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Thank you to and XSories for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community.

      Brilliant little beings that we are, we buy cases for those devices that we want to protect, like our phones. With the Silicone Cover HD from XSories, you can now add more protection (and color pop) to your precious GoPro.

      The case fits snug around the existing GoPro housing, providing a thin layer of protection without adding too much bulk or heft. There are cut-outs for the buttons, front-facing screen, and bottom mount attachment, to retain normal function. It is proving to be durable after more than a few drops and even tossing it into a boulder garden didn't result in any damage to the casing. Along with adding protection, the silicone casing also provides some insulation to assist with battery life in colder temps. I use my GoPro a lot during winter activities, so this was a feature I was excited to check out. We've been getting some good snow storms lately and the temps are into the 20's during the day and I do feel like the battery in my GoPro is lasting a bit longer when I'm putting it through normal use.

      Even though it does help with battery life, your battery will die at some point during use and if you're like me, you have a pocket full of spares to not miss a moment. Taking the casing off to change the battery is more work than I'm looking to do and when I'm using a GoPro, I like to be on the go. Fast. Efficient. This is not a fast process and it was a little annoying at times.

      This $20 silicone case is a no brainer for adding some protection. I think this is a great product for the user who is focused on recreational use. Maybe not for someone who is using their GoPro as a videography tool and burning up batteries all day. A two-piece re-design with a snap seam for easier access to the battery would be a great update to see in the future.

      I would pick this up in a heartbeat if it had easier access to the battery on the bottom of the GoPro 4. It's a pain enough to have to take the camera out of the housing and replace the battery when it dies, much less trying to wrangle with a silicon cover. Especially if I'm on a chairlift or it's snowing!


      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Shout-outs to and XSories for hand-selecting me to review the XSories Silicone Cover HD 3+ for the benefit of the community.

      I am all about rugged-proofing my stuff as much as possible, so when I got my hands on the XSories Silicone Cover for the GoPro, I knew I was going to be a happy camper. So let's see here, my phone has a case, my tablet has a case, and now my GoPro has one as well. Shoot howdy, yeah! It's not that I am prone to dropping things per se, it's just that outside elements usually cause my devices to slip and fall out of my meat-hooks with no rhyme or reason. It's all boils down to physics, right?!

      So once I got this thing outta the package, I was thinking there was some kinda trap door on the thing to get it on over my cam. Yeah, afraid not, it's just good ol' fashion brute strength to get this thing on. I recommend you get your digits warmed up with some basic finger calisthenics (invisible ball squeezes, finger lock'n pulls for ten reps or so, should do the trick) and you'll be good to go to get this thing on. Like others have stated, if you're power draining your batteries like there's no tomorrow, then this case might cause you a little grief. But seriously, if you take it on and off a few times, it gets easier every time.

      At this time, I cannot comment on how truly rugged and shock absorbing this case is. Since this thing is riding shotgun on my helmet, I don't know how it's going to fair until the time comes. All I can say is, hopefully it does its job awesomely!

      Cheap Insurance

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      First off, a big thanks goes out to and Xsories for selecting me to review XSories Silicone Cover for the GoPro Hero 3+/4 for the benefit of the community!

      I am stoked to have this piece, and look forward to using it more.

      I've dropped my GoPro a time or two. I've been lucky, my 3+ housing has a few nicks on the edge around the lens, but no major damage to form or function.

      I just wish I would have had this baby a bit sooner.

      I have the silicone cover in orange- and it’s a good solid orange- not neon, and not too light, making it super easy to spot in the snow, on the ground, or underwater.

      The cover is tricky to get on, but once it’s on, it is nice and secure. Around the lens it fits just over the edge, adding a thin slice of protection (the only bumps and scratches on my housing are right around the lens), but stays back so that it does not obscure the view. Each piece of the GoPro is outlined perfectly and fits nice and snug within the cover. Each of the buttons, along with the lens and screen, are placed impeccably for optimum, unbarred function and use. The silicone is thick enough to add quite a bit of padding and protection to the housing. The cover will definitely add some bounce during the occasional accidental drop.

      One more big advantage to the silicone cover is it adds a bit of insulation. If you’re a person who keeps your batteries in your chest pocket during cold weather activities, you know that the warmer a battery is, the happier and longer lasting it will be. I have yet to be able to really get a feel on how much life of the batter the cover preserves, but there is no doubt in my mind it will be advantageous.

      I definitely recommend this piece. Not only does it add some flash to your GoPro, but it also has several functional and performance increasing aspects to it. For twenty bucks, it’s definitely worth improving and protecting your $400 camera.

      For those that are rough on their GoPro

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      First off thank you to and Xsories for selecting me to review the Silicone Cover for Hero 3+/4 for the benefit of the community!

      When I first took a look at this product I wasn't really sold on it.. why should I need a protective case for my GoPro's protective case? It's true that it's not a necessity for most filming needs, but for $20 it's not a bad insurance plan to take out for you're $400 or $500 camera.

      The case fits perfectly, really couldn't be any snugger. While its sleek fit keeps a slim profile it's still thick enough that it feels like it adds a decent layer of shock protection, making it useful in pretty much any action sport. It covers the blinking red light on the GoPro, but the materials transparent enough that the light still shines through clearly. A bright colored case can also help in recovering your camera after a crash (although hopefully you're tethering you're GoPro if this is a risk). Button access and functionality are not diminished in any way by the case. Come ski season I'll be curious to see if it does anything to extend battery life in cold weather.

      The only con I've noticed so far is taking it on and off. You have to stretch the case to fit the GoPro through the square lens opening. It's not overly difficult, but as mentioned below by Cat if you're constantly replacing batteries or accessing the memory card it will quickly become an annoyance. If I notice a problem with durability over time I will tweak this review, but I haven't used it enough yet to comment.

      This case only seems practical to me for filming action sports and activities where there is legitimate chance of damaging your GoPro. The standard GoPro housing is pretty rugged, but as a hard case it doesn't provide much shock absorption and can chip or crack easily. For me that is the selling point for this case, but it does provide an aesthetic appeal that others might be more interested in. Either way, for just $20 its a solid value that I recommend.

      Added Protection without Bulk

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Thanks and XSories for giving me a chance to review the XSories Silicone Cover HD Hero 3+/4 for the #Goatworthy Community!


      As a person who drops their phone, laptop, DSLR, and about a dish a week—this is a great product. GoPros are small and have a lot of pieces, which always makes it seem like we are juggling the camera and are apt to drop it. I haven't ever had problems with the waterproof case, but I like the added protection that the Silicone Cover gives it. I received the Cool Grey version, which is subtle and doesn't make the camera stand out (which could be helpful to camouflage the camera during a shoot if it need to be in a different shot of another camera). I also think the design is smart, to leaving the buttons and mount exposed. This allows the camera to have the exact functionality as before the cover is put on.


      I see two cons with the cover. One is that it was difficult to put the cover on the GoPro. Now, I have a brand new cover, so perhaps as I take it on and off, it will become more pliable. However, if this is the case, I worry about it staying true to the camera's form. I haven't experienced this yet, but might be a future issue. Also, because of it being difficult to take on and off, changing cards and batteries also becomes more of a challenge. I have about 10 batteries that I usually take with me on a shoot or on a trip, and I am constantly having to change them out. Taking the cover on and off would get old quickly.

      I think I would recommend this product to someone who is using a GoPro as a lifestyle camera, versus a professional video crew. It protects the camera, and if you aren't using it for full days or weeks, changing the battery and cards easily may not be such a big issue. I love the added security it affords and can't wait to see what catastrophes it may save my GoPro from!

      Added Protection without Bulk

      Is this case waterproof?

      Best Answer

      Hey Lauren,

      Water will not hurt the silicone cover. However this just goes over your existing GoPro case. As long as the case you have for your camera is waterproof then you have nothing to worry about.

      This does insulate your camera from cold and hot temperatures as well as provides some impact resistance.