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Quiet lakes and burbling brooks are your stomping grounds.

Spend a quiet morning paddling in the Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak, watching ripples move through the reflections as flocks of geese soar above the glassy water. Or, if that docile scene causes you to snore, have your paddling pal slap you awake for some choppy fun on a wind-blown lake or river. Versatile, stable,  and comfortable, the Aspire merges the body of a recreational touring boat with the mentality of a whitewater boat for equally pleasurable flat-water leisure paddling and river running, within reason. Take this boat down a Class V drop and you'll be in a Level I trauma center within minutes.

Polyethylene takes a trouncing from novice paddlers, and keeps bouncing along. Even experienced 'yakkers sometimes sneak into a rock garden, and this rugged hull forgives all but the most egregious bumps. On the bottom, the shallow, slightly arched hull makes maneuvering magical when you're trying to creep around the broadside of a large, protruding appliance in the middle of the river. Friendly chines blend into the side wall so you can get an edge if you know what you're doing, and beginners won't be a wobbling wreck in the middle of the lake.

An up-swept, high-volume bow lets you break through small surf without getting tanked. The Phase 3 AirPro outfitting cushions your tush and lifts your legs. The spring-loaded TruTrak skeg lets you beat a straight line to the shore if that morning mouthful of river water starts talking back. Playing charades on the water and you need to communicate a top? Flick your finger, lift the skeg, and start spinning. The stern bulkhead stows lunch and windbreaker safely, secured with the Orbix hatch cover. Fore and aft on-deck rigging puts essentials at your fingertips, so you're never far from, um, a cookie or a beer.

  • Polyethylene hull
  • Shallow arched hull, strong chines
  • High-volume, up-swept bow
  • Phase 3 AirPro seating system
  • Drop-down TRuTrak skeg
  • Stern bulkhead storage, Orbix hatch cover
  • Fore and aft on-deck rigging storage
  • Cup holder, adjustable
  • Grab handle, replaceable skid plate