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From hip-hop to indie, or even the occasional foray into classical (whatever helps you do work, son) the WeSC Oboe Headphones are with you all the way producing sonic superiority. 40mm drivers produce deep bass and controlled, accurate highs, while a low 32-ohm resistance makes it easy to power these cans with a portable player or laptop.

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my ears hurt(a lot)

    the sound quality to these headphones is good but the fit is HORRIBLE. they fit way too tightly. i had them on for an hour yesterday and my ears still hurt from being clamped down to the sides of my head. then the padding on the ear cushions melted and stuck to my ears after i left them on my head all night. they are supremely UNCOMFORTABLE!

    Hack Your Headphones

      These are good moderate headphones, not for serious audiophiles but a good sounding set of casual headphones for the money.

      Mine (all black /w chrome) came with an extra set of white pads to swap out with the black ones. Almost threw them away with the box, make sure you look threw all packing really well.

      The mesh fabric covered cord is a nice stylistic feature, the headphones have a small extension, then you add an extension cord (provided), serves well as a breakaway point so you don't damage your headphones with snags.

      The one bad thing I noticed right away or I should say my wife noticed is she could hear everything across the living room clearly.

      If you don't mind putting together a five minute simple hack you can fix this. I had some egg crate style foam packing material which I cut into circles the size of the ear pads. Remove the earpads, remove the three screws, pack the foam behind the speakers and put it back together. Problem solved. Sound great.


      Aint worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on

        Way too tight. I've already got a narrow head and these things pinch my ears so tight they were starting to go numb. The orange color is actually candy red. Also when you're using them and you turn the volume up past halfway, people sitting next to you can clearly here what you're listening to. These suck hard man.

        Nice headphones but didn't last

          I love these headphones, the sound quality works for me and they look way legit..but i've been rockin them only this season riding and they broke on me. The headphone cable came partially unattached from the headphones, and I can no longer rock em. Really sick phones but if you are hard on your gear, just a warning these didn't last for me.

          So Sick It Hurts

            These were my first ever real head phones and I have no regrets. I rock these EVERY day walkin around school and downtown. They put out good amount of base, and can still here the lyrics perfect. I recommend these to any one, in fact I bought them for my girl and friend. There are just 2 issues with them, 1 they begin to hurt my ears after prolonged use, about 1 hour to 2 hours, and 2nd, the screws that hold them together rattled loose so many times, I ended up replacing them. My girl hasn't had any issues with them and she has had them for almost a year now.


              For god sakes, don't buy these. I thought they were over ear phones, because they're styled that way, but they are on ear and absolutely the most uncomfortable headphones I've ever worn. They also sound completely terrible... I bet you could get a better $10 pair from Walmart. No shit. I took them out of the box, wore them for close to an hour, and sent them back. Other headphones I've owned are the Nixon wires, Monster Beats, Skullcandy Smokin' Buds and Titans; aside from that I usually listen to my Bose sounddock. Anyway, if you don't care about sound or comfort, then I guess go ahed and purchase.

              Awesome Headphones!

                These headphones are great. The sound quality is great and they block out all outside noise. They are comfortable and look awesome on. They're not big and bulky like other headphones can be. Perfect!

                Great for Price

                  Sound and noise canceling features are not bad. I flew JetBlue during the holidays and these came in very handy on the plane because they have the universal headphone jack for Direct TV. Anyway... as mentioned by the other reviews after about an hour or so you can really feel the pressure on your ears. Not horrible but I have a smaller head than most. Plenty of cushion, comes with a long extension cord. They also are very snug and don't move around.

                  if you get em for cheap...

                    Hey so i picked these up on whiskey for like...12? yeah i think it was 12 and for that price, you get a screamin' package! The audio quality is pretty good, not stellar, i think, personally, they are better than the Skullcandy DoubleAgents I have. but thats me. They are an on ear fit and with that comes the pressure on your ear, its not unbearable however.
                    If you can pick em' up for cheap, go for it!

                    well they look pretty cool

                      i've read reviews elsewhere that the eq on these is weird. i find them to sound blah... sort of like a fart in your ear. sometimes it sounds good, depends on what you're listening to and how you want it to sound. however the padding is pretty thin and weak and they clamp right on your ear's cartilage... which is insanely uncomfortable after 20 minutes. i stretched the head band wider which helped a little, but they still stay on your head by CLAMPING DOWN ON IT!!! I will always go with over the ear headphones from now on.

                      i just ordered the wrong headphones. can...

                      i just ordered the wrong headphones. can i cancel this order so i can order the right ones

                      Considering price and quality, how would...

                      Considering price and quality, how would you guys rate these? They look awesome but I don' t know if I want to pay that much.