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To the guy who wraps XLR every night, the dude who flashes explosions of color (precisely to the changes of every song) into the ocular balls of fans for two straight hours, or the chick who picked up a guitar when someone told her 'chicks do really play lead' ... we salute you. To the kid who hopes to someday 'make it,' the girl who dreams of her own DJ booth at a big city club, and the commuter who just can't make it through another day of work without an updated playlist ... we support you. All of the activists support you and introduce you to the tool for success—the WeSC Bongo Headphones.

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5 5

There's no doubt that these are one hell of a deal.

I've seen a lot of debate over this whole Skullcandy vs WeSC thing and I'm definitely going with the WeSCs.
I say this because over the summer I had a lot of extra money to blow so I figured I'd get myself a nice pair of headphones. I went into a Zumies and picked up the most expensive pair of Skullcandies they had, figuring I'd get more bang for my buck. (I can't remember the name of the headphones but they were about 80 bucks.) I played a few songs off my Zune and wasn't impressed at all. The sound wasn't shit or anything, but it was obvious that I'd payed 80 bucks for a pair of mediocre headphones with some extra bass... Luckily, before I bought them I asked the chick working there if I could return them if I didn't like em and she said yes. Seriously, I'm not trying to diss Skullcandies or anything, its just a little ridiculous that they charge that much for what they're giving you.
I love to produce music and I've been at it for about 4 years now; I know a bit about good balance in sound and all-in-all, I'm very impressed with the balance in these headphones. Nice and even mids/highs and clean, deep bass. These are truly an above average pair of headphones at an average price. Don't pass 'em up!

Are these headphones on ear or over ear?

Are these headphones on ear or over ear?

5 5


what can i say i used to swear by "skull candy" but i got these for a birth day gift and the first song i listened to with them was "To All My Friends" by Atmosphere and they are amazing great sounding super clear and nice and LOUD!!!!!!!!!

1 5

waste of money.

for the same price you can get a decent set of sennheiser phones that will kick the audible crap out of these dinky, overpriced hacks.

seriously, all flash, zero substance. i've tried almost every wesc headphone model out there and was constantly surprised by: a) how much they all suck, b) how ridiculously overpriced they are, and c) how many fools are wearing them. if those people only knew what they were missing.

Responded on

i totally agree with you here. i kept these phones for about an hour, then sent them back. terribly uncomfortable, no sound stage whatsoever, it was like listening to those old school headphones that came with portable radios (yes, portable radios). wesc is pure crap. buy their clothes, go somewhere else for your beats. with regards to all the positive reviews... i can only assume they are people who work for wesc or dogfunk.

Responded on

lol, stop complaining, these phones are dope

5 5

my go-to headphones

These aren't the highest end headphones that money can buy.. but for the money the are everything I wanted. They have nice range, you can turn up your music without distortion and have nice crisp highs, and pretty good lows (bass). I listen to music with them, they're rad with my apple shuffle, cause the cord is short (I don't have to stuff 5' of cord into my jacket), and they have a cord extension for when I'm using it for anything else. The style is really nice, they don't stick out obnoxiously big like a lot of headphones do (nixon, sony, bose, dre beats etc.) I like my music and this is the best for my money both in style, performance, and ergonomics. go with WESC.

3 5

Broke too fast!

These are good headphones, but I've had them for only about 3 months and they just broke on me! No sound or anything. This wasn't worth it and it dissapoints me. Sorry.

5 5

Great Headphones!!

These headphones sound great and look great! I just found out about them recently and I was in the market for new headphones. I definitely like the style of these better than Skull Candy's. From what I've heard, they're more durable than Skull Candy's too. For the guy who said that the sound sounds far away, he probably only had them on for a couple minutes. But you kind of have to adapt to the sound. After a few more minutes of listening, all the music sounded loud and clear. I got the Brown/Orange ones, and I love the look of them, and the looks that I get when they're around my neck or on my head. I'm always getting compliments on they style, and my friends who have worn them love the sound as well. Definitely recommend these for anyone in the price range for great headphones! Plus DogFunk ships them out so fast! They said minimum of 7-10 days, and I got them in 4 or 5 I think.

Not too sure whether toget the skullcandy...

Not too sure whether toget the skullcandy skullcrushers or these wesc bongos. The wesc lookbetter and will probably last longer but I am not sure if they sound as good, do they?

Best Answer Responded on

From a person who has used both products i highly suggest the WeSC Bongos. They last way longer, easier to ride with, way more durible, and the sound quality is fairly great for the price. The only thing that skullcandy has going for them at all is their return policy. They have a life time warrenty and are free to replace (besides postage stamp) if it is a techniqual issue. 50% off it you broke them. That really beats anything for me because i listen to music for a least 5 hrs a day through headphones and i blow out speakers everyother day it feels like. BUT unless you really want your warrent, like calling them up and giving them detailed instructions (cause they don't respond to emails anymore unless its your first time using the warrenty) then the warrenty isn't worth it. To much time and effort for me (I have better things to do then listen to skullcandy over the phone instead listening to their headphones)
MY point is, Bongos out of the two unless dealing with warrenty people isnt an issue for you.

4 5

Nice for the Price Range

Let me give an honest review- I consider myself an audiophile (I produce, record, write and arrange music, as well as listen to a wide variety of genres)- but I also consider myself a realist. I didn't buy these for superior sound- I bought these because my pair of Dr. Dre Studio's never leave the comfort of my studio, and I wanted some MODERATELY good headphones that look nice. If you're looking for ridiculously good sound, you're going to need to invest significantly more money (like $220 more, to be precise- get Dr. Dre's if you're gonna go there... some people say Bose, but they have their head up their ass).

That being said, if you want something that has a DECENT low end and DECENT clarity, these will do nicely and look way steezy wherever you go. I got exactly what I wanted, so I give it 4 stars. I will say though, that if you wear these for a long period of time, your ears will bother you.

do your research kids! Mapa out.

1 5


I'm really confused at the other reviews on this site.I would definitely disagree. These are absolute garbage. I bought them for the style, wore them for about 30 minutes and sent them back right away. I'm pretty picky with sound, I use/have used Bose, Skullcandy, and Sony. The sound is terrible, very hollow, like you're listening from very far away... probably similar to a $30 pair at walmart. What's more, while they look like over-ears they are actually on-ears and super uncomfortable. Consider yourself warned.

Responded on

agreed, obviously the rest of the reviewers have never heard what good headphones sound like.

When are you guys gonna get the white...

When are you guys gonna get the white WeSC's back in stock?

Best Answer Responded on

Check the 'select options' dropdown, we got 'em.

5 5

Good pair of headphones

I picked up a pair of white bongos with some teal lettering on the sides a little over a month ago. I must say I am one who loves the WeSC style, so obviously that is a big plus and reason for getting them. I managed to get lucky and get them on sale here at dogfunk for 45$ so just keep on the lookout-dogfunk has some rad deals. The sound quality isn't extraordinary but it is very good. Good level of bass and nice treble. The only thing I wish was improved a bit was hearing the vocals in some songs, but it can be adjusted some through equalizers anyway.

My only problem with them is that they make your head/ears a bit sore after maybe 30-45 minutes of listening, but if you take a little break and put them on they will feel fine again. I suppose that it's the same way for a lot of headphones anyway. Overall, they look awesome and have nice sound quality. A good buy for WeSC lovers, or someone looking for a stylish pair of headphones.

5 5

Very Sick.

I picked up the Blue Iris and love them. The colors are fresh with the navy blue and the orangeish red. I do a lot of video editing and listen to tons of music and these things let me hear everything that I need to hear, from the highs to the bumpin' lows. I won't dare to use them on the hill 'cause I know if I take a nice fall off a rail or a kicker there is a very good potential of breaking them. Love the sound, would recommend them for sure.

Responded on

I wear these everyday I ride. I fell 23 feet (barely airing out of a 20 ft pipe) into the tranny, triied to press it out but ended up slipping out and smacking my right speaker straight into the ice. Nore worried about my headphones then any concussion I could be suffering i prayed that when i put them back on it would still be working, and what do you know? didn't phase them at all. So i do recommend riding with these.

i noticed that hot orange and blue iris...

i noticed that hot orange and blue iris headphones are more expensive than the chocolate brown and the white headphones. is there something better about the more expensive one's or are they just newer?

Responded on

they are just two different years, 2009-2010 aand 2008-2009. There may be a few difference but probably not enough to spend the extra money.

5 5


I have always wanted a cool looking pair of headphones that sounded good too. After some serious aggravation over the poor sound and build quality of skullcandys, I've finally come to the solution.

First, these look great. They are pretty sleek and look cool if you are going for an urban look.

Second, sound quality is excellent. With most street style headphones, sound quality is sacrificed for looks. These however make no sacrifice. Sound changes notably when you alter the EQ on an iPod. Bass is good but not too boomy. Excellent voice harmonization also.

Lastly, build quality is great. The headband is reinforced with metal making it very durable. The ear pads are very comfortable and they can be worn for a long period of time without discomfort. Also the size adapters are made of metal, adding to the durability.

Overall I was really happy with this purchase. Finally, a pair of fresh looking headphones that are more than just an accessory. This is a good product, and I recommend them for anyone who appreciates their music and wants to look fresh.

Which would be the best buy some skull...

Which would be the best buy some skull candy skull crushers or a pair of these they are around the same price so im not entirely sure?

Best Answer Responded on

Skullcrushers are garbage. The bass is too boomy. I want to listen to my music, not have my head vibrate. The bongos have a much better balance of sound. I would definately go with WeSC here.

Responded on

Everything I've listened to from skullcandy, including the $20 ink'd, kill the bongos. Although Skullcandy tend to have lots of bass anyway, I would probably go with the hesh or t.i. over the skullcrusher.

5 5


I'm kind of a headphone freak - I love big headphones that sound good. I've had multiple pairs of skullcandy's - ti's,gi's, double agents, and an assortment of their buds..i also bought the nixon master blasters..and i have a pair of these..

I can honestly say that for the money these sound the best by far..they're not MASSIVE like the blasters and not everyone has them like skullcandy's..they're super comfy too..BUY WESC!!

what is the difference in sound quality/design...

what is the difference in sound quality/design between the wesc bongo and oboe headphones?

Best Answer Responded on

bongo's sound WAY better..also the fit is a bit different and the bongo's have the metal band which makes them fit a bit tighter then the oboe's..for the money the bongo's are the best headphones you can buy for under a hundred..